Dhadak's Janhvi Kapoor on Sridevi: I'm the one that needs to be babied and my mom shared that equation with me

Janhvi Kapoor got candid about her family's support and how they have stood by her through everything. The actress also revealed that while her sister Khushi Kapoor is the independent one, Janhvi is the baby of the family.
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Janhvi Kapoor suffered an irreplaceable loss at the start of 2018 when her mother and legendary actress Sridevi breathed her last due to accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub. Janhvi was in the midst of shooting for her Bollywood debut movie, Dhadak, but pulled through and finished the shoot on time.
Along the way, Janhvi had a solid support system in her family including dad and producer Boney Kapoor, sisters Khushi Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor as well as brother and actor Arjun Kapoor.
When Janhvi was asked about the support by her family towards her, the actress gushed to the Times of India, "Touchwood! My family gives me strength and courage. (Pauses)… I get emotional when I talk about them. Khushi and I are very different. I am the kid in our family, and everyone treats her as the more responsible and independent one. I am the one that needs to be babied, and my mom shared that equation with me. She liked to baby me, as she knew that Khushi was too independent. I would tell her… mamma khana chahiye, mamma ni-ni nahin aa rahi hai. I am still like that, and now Khushi and papa have stepped into that role. My whole family has supported me so much; I want to really make them proud."
Given that Dhadak is her first film, when Janhvi was asked who was the most anxious for her debut, she revealed, "Mom was very anxious, but papa is very chilled out and so is Arjun bhaiyya. Anshula didi and Khushi are the two people that I go to if I need a reality check or if I need to calm down. They are very honest and blunt, and they tell me things as they are."
Sridevi has earlier spoken about how she was worried that her daughter would be compared to her constantly and on this Janhvi shared with TOI, "Earlier I didn’t think much about it, but now, I am being constantly asked about it. I am fully aware that whatever mom has achieved is untouchable. Well, 300 films isn’t a joke. I think each film is a lifetime of experience, so imagine how many lifetimes that is. She has got so much love and given so much back, so I really want to make all her fans happy. I want to make my parents proud and I am also absolutely in love with what I am doing. Acting is not a selfish profession, you can love it as much as you want, but eventually, other people need to love your acting. I just hope that they do. The only thing that I can promise to do is, work honestly and give it all that I have."

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this pic of jahnvi's after nose job but before lip fillers..

I watched Mr India for the first time and was amazed at how incredibly versatile Sridevi was. Having only seen English vinglish I was very impressed. I will watch her backlog of work.

I strongly relate to Janhvi. My personality and relationship with family seems very similar to hers and we are same age. HOWEVER, I fell into that pattern of wanting to be babied due to childhood cancer. I feel like my little sister resents me in the back of her head for making her have to be the "older" one often. Janhvi is the baby because idk, that's just how she is? Sridevi spoiled her kids rotten, and Khushi just so happened to be a little more mature?

Arrey yar bhot ho gaya iska personal promotion! Plz spare us your personal family drama. Stop trying to look cute it doesn't suit your age. The other co star is sadly without any focus or attention... She's only hogging all the limelight that too apni family ke Naam pe.. Hum kya karen if you are /were the baby of the family!! Nache?

My Cutie Pie, Tum aise hi pyari si rehna, My sweet little sister :) :)

bolte hain, mother ke saamne sab bache ban jaate hain :) :)

apparently lot of them
I had a room mate and she was 29 .. I was pissed everytime time she did the baby talk .. I see that sonam kapoor does it too !!

Mama ni ni nahi aa rahi? Seriously? Who talks like that at 21?

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