Did Divya Bharti CRY because of Aamir Khan? WHO came to her rescue then? Find out

Aamir Khan was upset with Divya Bharti for making mistakes during a show in London and refused to perform with her. Divya Bharti was very upset about the whole scenario. Later, THIS actor agreed to perform with her. Read on to know who it was.
Did Divya Bharti CRY because of Aamir Khan? WHO came to her rescue then? Find out Did Divya Bharti CRY because of Aamir Khan? WHO came to her rescue then? Find out
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Divya Bharti was sailing on the boat of stardom at a very young age. Her debut was a successful Telugu drama Bobbili Raja (1990). But Bollywood suffered a great loss when Bharti died on 5 April 1993 at 19 years of age. She wanted to be an air hostess, but started getting offers at a very young age. She was also compared to late actress Sridevi in terms of her beauty and people pointed out how she resembled her. Divya was encircled with controversies throughout her life whether it be the 'Radha Ka Sangam' controversy with Kirti Kumar or the revelation by Bharti's mother that Aamir Khan was the reason that she was replaced by Juhi Chawla in 'Darr'.
Reportedly, Aamir Khan was upset with Divya for her behaviour during a show in London. When asked about it, Divya denied the reports and said that Aamir should have actually apologised to her. Divya mentioned that during the show, she made a mistake but was quick enough to cover it up. But Aamir Khan discovered her mistake and reported the organizer that he would perform with Juhi Chawla instead of her. He even disagreed to perform a medley with Bharti saying that he was too tired. Then, Salman Khan came to her rescue and performed the medley with her. She also said, "Believe me, I was so upset that I sat in the bathroom and cried for hours. I was very hurt. But I had to be brave and go out there and perform. As we were all paid to do so. I'm still very quite upset with Aamir's starry attitude. Thank god for Salman and his genuine niceness." 
Divya Bharti was very appreciative of this gesture of Salman Khan after her episode with Aamir Khan. Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


Bhai PR on a roll.

Oh shut up you liar, stop tarnishing a dead woman's name

Amir was and is a d bag. He is highly overrated.

see, if Divya had made a big scene about it it she would have been called names just like Kangana

I'm a medium, I got contact with Divya, she told me she was murdered and she told me who did too, once she saw a picture of the person she pointed out it was her who did it. I was shock to know who it was.

What am I thinking right now?

please take your medicine. its very important.

Can you tell
Can you tell us more about this?

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