Did Ileana D'Cruz indirectly dismiss her pregnancy rumours?

Ileana D'Cruz has been surrounded by pregnancy rumours recently and while the actor has neither confirmed nor denied them, her boyfriend Andrew Kneebone shared a cryptic photo of Ileana which could be tied to the rumoured reports.
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Ileana D'Cruz is in a serious relationship with boyfriend Andrew Kneebone and the couple's Instagram PDA speaks of their adorable romance. 

While the pair was surrounded by marriage rumours initially with Ileana referring to Andrew as her 'husband', rumours went rife recently that Ileana was pregnant with her first child, though the actor has neither confirmed nor denied it. 

The speculation grew further when Andrew shared a picture of Ileana inside a bathtub with the caption, "@ileana_official having time some sweet time alone, kind of."

This made us all think if Ileana was indeed pregnant, but Andrew's latest Instagram post may indirectly dismiss these reports.

In the photo, shared by Andrew of Ileana's in a black sweatshirt, the actor's face is covered with a hot sauce bottle and she is seen giving the middle finger which could be a response to the pregnancy reports.



A post shared by Andrew Kneebone Photography (@andrewkneebonephotography) on

Andrew captioned the picture as, "Art" TM.

Meanwhile, during an interview recently, when asked about the rumors of her wedding, Ileana stated, "It’s exactly what you see. What’s great about the social media is that I can let people in to an extent but I don’t like talking about my past… How the relationship started and where… in interviews. It’s too personal. I won’t hide it and I won’t deny it. Everything is out there for everyone to see, don’t ask me too many questions about it. I’ll tell you what I want to tell you. Period."

"It is very sacred to me. I do not want it to be served on a platter in a gossip column. I don't want it to be part of this gossip section in the newspaper. It's a very important, sacred part of my life -- and it means a lot to me. It is what it is, and you get to see a little snippet of it on social media," Ileana reasoned.

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She looked very pregnant during Raid promotions

God i became a fan of hers when I watched Barfi... she looked so elegant and gorgeous... but her real personality screams too much fake and she is so annoying... if u dont want to talk about her personal life esp about your husband, just dont post pic of him or ask him to stop posting pic of you mentioning "wife" and then demanding for privacy.. what double standards and hypocrites there people are.

‘No one cares’ yeah right, you cared enough to read the article and comment on it.

Who do these celebs think they are doing such disgusting gestures ? Without people being interested in them, they would be NOWHERE ! I am officially boycotting all her movies now...(Not that I saw any, in the first place)

I can't stand her anymore....Posting suggestive pics on social media and then going I can't comment and scream she is private private. WTH man, either don't start rumors or shut it !

If she will deny her marriage she will deny this too if it's true.

Why has she become such an attention seeker? Literally no one cares, so give it a break.

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