Did Kangana Ranaut refuse to sign Deepika Bachao petition due to both Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar?

Kangana Ranaut earlier revealed the real reason why she did not sign Shabana Azmi's petition to protect Deepika Padukone.
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Recently, Shabana Azmi started a petition of Deepika Bachao after serious threats over Deepika Padukone's portrayal as Rani Padmini in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati. The actress had been threatened to have her nose cut off for the bounty of INR 5 crore. An insider revealed to a leading daily, "Everyone has been approached. We are awaiting the signatures of A-listers like Kangana Ranaut, Katrina Kaif, and two more actresses. Once they sign, we will be taking the matter forward."
There were rumours going rife that Kangana Ranaut refused to sign Azmi's petition, which came as a shock to many. Kangana cleared her stand about it by saying that she has no qualms with Deepika. Her issue, however, is with Shabana Azmi who is spearheading this particular petition.
She earlier said, "I was filming Manikarnika in Jodhpur when I got a call from dear friend Anushka Sharma to sign the petition written by Ms. Shabana Azmi. I explained to her that Deepika Padukone has all my support but I am a bit wary of Shabana Azmi's investment in left-wing Vs right-wing politics. I have my own set of ideas and opinions about the current situation in our country. I am on the fence about many things and being a part of a feminist movement called Deepika Bachao led by someone who character assassinated me when I was bullied by influential men, seems to be one of them. Anushka understood but I am glad they reached out to me like I said Deepika has all my support I am an individual perfectly capable of supporting who I like without anyone's support."
Well, now as per reports in a leading daily, Kangana seemed to be annoyed with Shabana's husband Javed Akhtar. Talking about it, a source said to the daily, "Kangana not supporting Shabana Azmi’s petition for Deepika has its roots in a phone call that she received from Javed Akhtar when she was in the midst of her rant against the Roshans during the promotion of her film Simran. Javed saab called up Kangana to counsel her against her non-stop tirade. He told her that she should not antagonise such influential people as it would take a toll on her career and that there are more private and legal ways of sorting out her differences with the Roshans."


Why so many articles on the same topic ? If Kangana does not want to sign the blasted thing , don't sign it for heaven's sake . What's there to go on & on about it every day as usual blaming everybody else for her issues ? It's like the obsession for Hrithik has been replaced with the Akhtars .

If the UK hospital try to cover up there error by deleting emails. In India anything is possible by rich and famous Roshans!!

As per the two sisters, Kangana is Superstar and has 500 Crores. So, that much money does not make her any less rich.

Even Mails can be recovered by Cyber crime. This is as per her Rangoli first mail.

Why is media making this about Kangana? She refused to sign it and its her choice. End of story. We don't need a dozen articles over it!

Kangana didn't sign it coz she is jealous and insecure of superstar Dp. Its clear from her PR stories and actions. She is just making an excuse to defame javed and shabana. What if this petition was initiated by someone else ? What pretext she would have made for not signing it? This woman needs immediate help. Pinkvilla kindly publish it.

WE get it! It’s done now. Leave it alone PV.

I love her!! She could have been like everyone else but she said what she felt!! Good on her hate 2 faced people!!

Coward Kangana can only abuse others n lie. While Deepika took on Karni Sena Goons. That is Courage n Spine. For all her bravado, Kangana sat on the fence when a woman was threatened with beheading calls by a violent mob. Bcoz cunning woman has her film releasing next year. She is the one playing dirty politics. All Noise. No Substance.

Every single person from Javed to Deepika is more than capable of hitting back this filthy mouth lady. But they are not bcoz she is just not worth it. Like they say: Pagalon k muh laga nahi karte.

Hope Karma hits this woman big time. She is repulsive n manipulative to the core.

Lol first all comments are not from Hrithik or Dp fans. KR is hated by every fandom be it HR, Dp, Kat, Kapoors, Rk, Farhan, Sonam, KJO, Salman, Yami, Akshay, Prabas or Aamir. Secondly, fans comments doesnt shows hoe shallow HR or DP are as they are not the one who are commenting. For them, this woman doesnt exist. But yes KR fans comments on DP/HR/KAT others posts , KR and her sister tweets prove how obsessed and shallow these people are.
pinkvilla i humbly request to post this comment. Hope you do. Its a fact Please. be neutral

Nawaz faced huge backlash for talking about his past affairs to sell his films. It was so distasteful. And here, she was talking about her imaginary one sided stalking just to sell her film. She even rubbed salt of old wounds of Zarina n her kids. Anybody who supports her nonsense but abused Nawaz is a Hypocrite. PV, dont be biased,pls post

It's HER CHOICE. DP will understand!

Warrior Queen Kangana gave them the royal smackdown.

Take ur medicines, Rangoli

There is no harm or shame in admitting to a mental disorder. Hrithik did, Deepika did n so did so many others. Don't make it a ego issue. U are only destroying ur own mind by not getting help n it is eating ur brain up. Unfortunately even ur family lacks control over you. Go, find a good psychiatrist. The therapy will make your life better.

Simran did average business....it recovered it's budget and some. It was a movie with a very unlikable main character but Kangana gave it her 100 % and she deserves a National award for it. Rangoon was also one of VB's weakest movie...the climax was laughable but again Kangana rose above it and acted her heart out. The two movies didn't deserve to be hits but Kangana deserves a national award for her tremendous work. She could have taken it easy and signed Sultan but she decided to do arty films with independent directors because she's an artiste.

and why is anushka so indecisive? cant she think for herself? either you think the attacks have been hooliganism and an attack on free speech or you condone them, what is there to consider? are your petty rivalries more important than creative freedom and sisterhood towards your colleague? i really dont get bollywood. Pinkvilla, pls show both sides of the debate

god, i cant believe i fell for Kangana's liberated woman act..her reluctance at calling out the current regime has told me everything i need to know. what does she mean she is "on the fence" about a lot of things? heil, modiji! pv pls post

Kangana using everything to her advantage.....never seen such a scorned woman like her. I hope she is dragged to the court and hrithik gets justice

Lol. The irony when the cheater Hrithik asks for justice.

Lol can you proof Hrithik cheating? dont accuse him like ur idol.

Prove the affair. Stalker.

Javed shouldn't have mentioned the word (legal way) the big liar is allergic to it.

Can't stand this arrogant flop actress. Without anything, she is doing such much nautanki. Imagine if she was Big star like Deepika, wat all she wud hv done.

Stupid woman was busy fighting over some fish biryani incident with Pancholi that took place 10 years back when she had a movie releasing in few days. And there are some people who still think she is Sane.

I love Kangana's open pro-right wing stance. Watch it will definitely help her film Manikarnika and fetch her another National award. Very smart move Kangana! KEEP IT UP!!!

Thanks for confirming that she got national awards due to political allegiance n not talent.

The whole world knows Kangana deserved all three National awards for her tremendous talent, which is hardly seen in Bollywood today.

Thanks for confirming u have no knowledge about acting.

Milking every opportunity for publicity KR. You don’t want to sign it’s ok do not make issue out of it .. It was u who took their name in aap ki adalat they never spoke against you. She is from small town that very nice but her heart is even small very tiny and insecure.

Hope Javed/Shabana/Anushka expose this woman. She cannot neither gets herself cured nor shuts her foul mouthed lies.

Well hv to agree with him. Her tirade during Simran promotions were uncouth n sick. We are dealing with a person who has been vomitting lies about verifiable facts n media is coward to even call her bluff out. Karma will hit her n media too.

Most irritating woman ever. How do her family handle her. Always keeps fighting, plays victim n turns the environment so negative.

Someone please get this woman cognitive therapy! Javed was giving her good advice. She should have stopped speaking about Hrithik for the sake of everyone - Kangana, Hrithik, Hrithik’s boys and parents, Simran cast and crew, etc - involved. She is not smart (or sane) enough to understand good advice when she hears it. She thinks everyone is out to get her when really she is the one constantly attacking. Stop KR. Find a therapist, seriously! There is no shame in talking to someone who can help you see more clearly when you are overwhelmed.

She should have listened to Javed. Of course her version is he was intimidating her. The truth is he was probably advising her to stop lying for the good of everyone (including Kangana and her filmmakers). Where was he wrong? Only that he tried to speak sense to a nonsense person.

He was stopping her from exposing Hrithik's lies.

Hrithik lies? lol rangoli aunty , Hrithik exposed KR lies with solid proofs. Wait, even Aamir, Zarina, Aditya, Adhyan, Wc, Anand. Apurva, Dp exposed KR lies. Hrithik didnt lie but KR did.
truth should be posted.

Jaldi se apna ilaaj kar lo warna puri pagal ho jaayegi ek din.

Prove it.

She has exposed nothing till date. Even a Monkey can accuse, u need to back the same with proof. It was she n her sister who exposed themselves big time thru their uncouth behavior

She has exposed nothing till date. Even a Monkey can accuse, u need to back the same with proof.

Is there any living thing she does not hv a issue with? Har roz drama. Har roz nauntanki. All this despite being the offender. Bcoz a section of media dancing to her tunes n has no balls to question her lies, she keeps abusing everyone. Praying that all her films are washout n she is thrown out of civilized society.

Source aka Kangana over active PR do u have any evidence of it?what if Javed comes up with a proof that you are lying just like HR nailed your lies with proofs?

Javed doesn’t need to prove anything. He was giving her good advice. She should have stopped speaking about Hrithik for everyone - poor Simran filmmakers:( - involved. She is not smart (or sane) enough to understand good advice when she hears it. She thinks everyone is out to get her when really she is the one constantly attacking.

KR is suffering forms serious issues. She always makes a big deal of everything. Wasnt her PR said this 3 days ago? she is just using it for self-promotion and defaming Shabna ji. I challenge her to provide a single proof of her allegations.

Extremely Petty minded woman who cannot look beyond her own self interests and seems to be perennially playing the victim act. Tired of her n her tantrums

I love Hritik and DP fans. Just goes to show how shallow these people are.

And people wonder why Hrithik didnot call her up or meet her to resolve the issue. U hv ur answer here. Look how she has twisted that phone call. Look how she twisted Deepika friendly gesture of 2014. Who knows wat lies she wud hv cooked up? Plus if i had a Crazy person who i was not interested obsessively lusting after me, i wud not be comfortable talking to that person directly. Its scary.

If she wants to know what Bullying is, she shud read her own tweets to Hrithik when he was going to speak on this issue. She tried to silence him by Uncle taunts, asking him to "Go, take care of ur wife n kids", made derogatory allegations against Suzzane, asked him to "shut up as Kangana had moved on". She even tried to silence him by bringing up his kids into the debate. I really hope Media stop glorifying this woman. She is not a feminist or strong. She is a maniac on loose. Her tyranny is not bravery but result of a diseased mind. This is how Amanda Bynes was behaving. PV, post this

I seriously think this woman suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia n has serious comprehension problem. Deepika praised her onstage and she made her life hell. Kjo gave her Ungli film, went out of the way to invite her to his show n she insulted him. Now, Javedji gave a wise advise to handle the issue maturely for her own good. And she calls it character assassination. Something is terribly wrong with her,

She is female Kejriwal of Bollywood. Shoot n Scoot.

oh please. kejriwal at least has managed to reach the CM position- whether you like him or hate him- coming from nowhere it is admirable. what has KR done that is so commendable? there were many successful and outspoken actresses before her in every age like manisha, vidya, shabana, smita and even as far back as nargisji who broke rules and were intelligent without being petty and bitter. i am no hrithik fan but her PR needs to calm down. PV pls post.

Sorry Aaptard :P

Who cares whether she signs or not. But by bringing up her petty personal fights, she has diluted the cause of that petition. One actress is getting beheading calls and she cud not even support it without mudslinging. PV, pls post.

Nobody shud waste time advising her or showing her direction. Let the untreated Bipolar train wreck like her derail itself on its own.

He shoudn't have mentioned t

PV approved 2 comments both of who are Anti Deepika. How much did u sell ur soul to the Sex obsessed Male Predator n Lusty old Aunt like Kangana?

Had she followed his advice, maybe her film wud hv opened better, she n her foul mouthed sister wud hv not been thoroughly exposed n she wud not hv to deal with one more legal case.

Hope entire Bollywood boycotts not just Evil sisters but also SHITVILLA who post only comments from her PR. But don't post comments countering her or exposing her hypocrisy.

very very anti feminist move. the world is bigger than your stupid spat with hrithik.

y repeat article??

Her PR is trying to make her refusal look more reasonable. It is a failure because he was giving her good advice, not threatening or intimidating her. She should have stopped speaking about Hrithik for the sake of everyone - Kangana, Hrithik, Hrithik’s boys and parents, Simran cast and crew, etc - involved. She is not smart (or sane) enough to understand good advice when she hears it. She thinks everyone is out to get her when really she is the one constantly attacking. Stop KR. Find a therapist, seriously! There is no shame in talking to someone who can help you see more clearly when you are overwhelmed.

Ok,Hrithik's PR.

Vin vin vin vin

Nice girl like dp should not be trusted

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