Did Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif throw tantrums during an ad shoot?

Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif has been signed on as the face of a leading beauty brand. However, there are reports that she was seen throwing tantrums during an ad shoot.
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Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif, who is now the face of a popular beauty, was apparently seen throwing major tantrums while shooting. 

A source told a leading daily, ‘’She had an issue with the lights around and wasted close to an hour complaining. She didn’t want to shoot in normal lights due to which there was a long delay.’’

An insider told the daily that Isabelle had also strictly instructed her team to not let the media ask her any questions on Bollywood.

However,  the 31-year-old, who decided to get done with the video interviews first, left the venue without finishing the remaining print interviews citing she had to leave.

Strange, isn’t it?

Recently, Isabelle spoke to a magazine and shared her thoughts about being the face of a leading brand. She said, “I was here in Mumbai just visiting and happened to be doing some shoots when I heard (the brand) was looking for a new face. We invited them to come see me shoot and it just evolved from there.”

She also spoke about other ambassadors, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shraddha Kapoor. “I’m very excited, I love Kareena Kapoor, I thinks she is an amazing star; Shraddha is also phenomenal, so to be included with them, it’s just fabulous,” said Isabelle.

Isabelle also revealed that she always wanted to be a performing artiste."I started dancing as a kid, so I always wanted to be a performing artiste. I always had that creative side. Acting came little later and it actually came when I saw dancing in the films. That's when I knew that I always want to do this," she told a leading news agency.


Highly unlikely. Angrez usually don't have tantrums.

Disagree. Angrez do have tantrums. don't forget she is kat sister.Kat is known as tantrums queen
post pv

First have BW actresses like Kajol, PC,deepi,Suri Devi,babaisha, and some male artists,should be denounced for promoting fair skin,by changing their skin color in real time! Sad! West has stopped using filter, and love people with their natural skin!

Boycott the label will be the best answer.


Forget isabelle having a tantrum. I AM having a tantrum right now on why this girl is even around!!!!

Nepotism rocks!!

When did Isabelle become a Kaif? Even that is not Kat's name? What's her real surname? How many more members from their family are planning to come to bollywood or to model for ads? Get those in India who are really deserving and don't get it easily. Another example of nepotism. How long is Kat planning to be in bollywood?

Brace yourself! Looks like salman promoting another golddigger!

i love kat but i dont like her sister

Why am i even reading about this no one Kaif?

Actually Katrina is the queen of tantrums.. Isabelle is much more mellow

Then throw her out and tell her off. Just because she is Kat's sister doesn't mean she should throw a tantrum. And I am betting this is either fake from Kat's PR to garner attention for her sis. OR her sister is actually rude and arrogant like Katrina herself. BW does not need these woman, as they will leech onto others and make no contribution to cinema.

Kat is trying hard to make her sis happen.

Both the sisters should be thrown out from Bollywood.

Why isabelle acting as if she is a superstar? Is this how newcomer behaves?
She has no identity of her own and will never make big in BW.

What can you expect from katrina sister? Both sisters are alike. Katrina too throw tantrums on sets , flights and meeting fans specially when she was with Salman and rk. Now her sister jumping and doing all this due to Salman.

Who the hell isabelle is ?

Nobody, who thinks she's Somebody!!!!

We are sick of kat and her PR attention seeking tactics and now het sister started following her. Sick

Why people bear her tantrums? She is just a newcomer and should act like one.

After all she is the sister of arrogant and tantrum queen Kat.

Who is she? Brand should kick this unprofessional newcomer out.

Godddd !! Another one !! Nepotism ki hadddd

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