Did Sanjay Leela Bhansali CONTRADICT Aishwarya Rai's claim of being offered Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan says that Sanjay Leela Bhansali wanted her to play Padmaavati and Mastani but could not find Khilji and Bajirao for me. Read on!
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There have been a lot of things said and reported on ‘Did Aishwarya Rai Bachchan chose Anurag Kashyap over Sanjay Leela Bhansali or not’. While Ms Bachchan has given her clarification of these reports being untrue as she has immense love for her Hum Dil De Chuke director, Bhansali too didn’t leave a chance to clarify regarding the whole reportage being done over the choices Aishwarya made. Bhansali today issued a statement saying these reports are baseless and completely false. 

According to a source close to SLB, the filmmaker reportedly never approached Aishwarya for either Bajirao Mastani or Padmaavat. The source said, "It was also reported that Aishwarya was offered Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat, both of which are untrue. When Bajirao Mastani was first announced over a decade ago, it was with Kareena Kapoor Khan. Padmaavat too was offered only to Deepika Padukone, who was the first choice. Aishwarya has not been offered any Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed film after Guzaarish. The filmmaker is wondering where these rumours are stemming from, however, the fact that the two share a great rapport and are friends could be a reason for people and the media alike to jump to conclusions."

While we did carry Bhansali’s clarification, it just got us thinking that it completely contradicts what Aishwarya had openly said about both Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat while promoting Fanney Khan. The actress revealed that although the films (Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat) were offered to her, the director failed to cast a suitable male actor opposite her. Aishwarya said, “Bajirao Mastani also we were supposed to do together. He didn’t get the Bajirao for me. He didn’t get the Khilji for me; He wanted me to do Padmaavat, but could not get the Khilji for me, at the casting time. So, that’s how it didn’t happen. I would love to work together.” she told Spotboye. Aishwarya added, "The person he saw to play Khilji with me playing Padmaavati did not happen. So, at the end of the day, you need to see the casting. If the casting is not happening, then sometimes, it doesn’t come together. The intention is always there to work together, but it didn’t happen. We both loved working with each other, so let’s see, whenever it is meant to be.”

This video definitely contradicts what Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s statement claims. While we know that both Bhansali and Aishwarya have been very open and forthcoming in front of the Media when it comes to talking about their projects, Bhansali’s clarification and Aishwarya’s revelation during Fanney Khan interviews has just left us wondering where the confusion lies. 

Both Aishwarya Raj Bachchan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali are good friends and have made Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, one of the most beautiful films of Bollywood. We just hope we get to see this Jodi together again on a film set! 


Ash made a fool of herself, and we can’t stop laughing at it!!

SLB is lier and all the evidences are on youtube

Bhansali was under Aishwarya's trap and manipulation in 2004. That is why he must have said something about BM with Aishwarya. The movie was made with Kareena in mind, just like HDDCS.

Aishwary has been taking all the credit for Devdas unfairly. Every year she goes to Cannes and lies that she is the one who brought Bollywood to the world. She presents Devdas in Cannes every year. Devdas was Bhansali's effort which became famous because of Shahrukh Khan who was the face of Bollywood overseas. Most people went to see the movie to see Madhuri. Many people I know went to see Kiron Kher's acting. People went to see the dance and songs. No one cared about Aishwarya. She became famous after Devdas. But she has been snatching Devdas's fame from Bhansali, Shahrukh, Madhuri, Kiron Kher, and all others. Bhansali should have dealt with this liar woman a long time ago. She knows how to use people.

I rewatched Devdas after 15 years and Diixit is still the best thing about the movie. Her scenes ring true emotionally and the dance numbers are out of this world. And Shroff is so good in it, too.

It’s about time Ash had a reality check, good that SLB took that step..

I still remember Salman was so nice to invite Ranveer during the promotions of Bajirao and also talked highly of the movie - even though he was the constant voice for the movie with several heroines. Salman was the first choice for many movies - he doesn’t keep talking about it. I still remember he was the first choice for chak de India, baazigar and many other movies he turned down. He is so humble even after being the biggest movie star for a decade.

Check coffee with Karan with Aishwarya and SLB to know the truth. Pinkvilla Aishwarya does not need to lie. Post it take action or face consequence. You have one day time. Post that interview too if you are unbiased.

Pinkvilla just check coffee with Karan with Aishwarya and sanjay Leela Bhansali or see you in court for tarnishing Aishwarya’s image

I am sure there are tons of folks that will take her to court for lying about films that were offered to her. KJO should do it first. She has been claiming dominion on every single good film ever made since last many decades.

Aish is a liar. Glad that she didn't do BM and Padmavat, going by her choice of films and performance at the box office . BM and padmavat were saved. Stop being so boastful aish. You are one of the most overrated actresses in the industry. Your films have bombed yet you keep on praising yourself.

But when did Bhansali say this , it is only so called “source” which can be anyone not even remotely connected to Bhansali. PV please post this comment for sake of fair play.

I remember SLB talking about Mastani with Aishwariya on KWK’s 1st season. What is he even talking about?

OMG shut up Aish!

Deepika is the only actress who couldn’t make a Sanjay leela leading lady iconic. She is such a miscast

Sanjay Leela Bhansali knows better than you and hence he took Deepika for three of his iconic films. DP did a splendid job in all those films

Whatever makes you feel happy Kat

Love Deepika in Padmavati and bajjirao and ram Leela. She is so humble and nice

She may say a lot of things, but the truth is someone else did these films and they did a fine job! So she should just shut up already.

As if it's not disrespectful to talk about work that you didn't do, she even goes on without mentioning any kind word about actors who actually did it. How full is she of herself?

FLOP actress

All we can say is thank God Aishwarya did NOT do these films. Every one of her films post marriage has been a FLOP. She should just pack up her bags and go home and STAY home.

Aishwarya is an amazing liar. Her entire career is based on lies. From her fake fair complexion to those fake colored contacts, her wig and fake eyelashes...her smile, accent, public persona... everything is fake. She lies that all Bollywood and Hollywood movies are offered to her and then makes excuses why she didn't end up starring in them. She lied to ruin Salman's reputation. She lied about not kissing on screen, she lied about not endorsing fairness creams, she lied about everything.

We have decade old newspaper cutting to prove that SLB is lying. SLB always does that. He told Aishwarya was only choice for Hum Dil dechuke Sanam but truth is it was offered to Kareena Kapoor first. Kareena was supposed make her debut with that film.According to SLB ,Aishwarya was first choice for devdas but Kareena Kapoor was offered first. Only film those were offered first to Aishwarya were Bajirao Mastani with Salman Khan and Guzarish with Hrithik.

You saved decade old newspaper cutting to prove SLB wrong someday?!

The source of confusion is Aishwariya- itcomes straight from her imagination and out of her mouth. She’s not in contention with the current heroines for anything.

Aish is a terrible actress she would have ruined Mastani and Padmavati just picture her screaming hysterically like she did in sarabjit and devdas

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is lying...Bajirao was first offered to Aiswarya Rai and no one else... BM has been in the making for over 15 years...I have magazine articles about this...I don’t know why Sanjay would lie

If it is in a magazine, it must be true :). The truth is both are full of themselves and need to get over it. Overrated- both of them.

I think he would know better if he had approached her; which he didn't. It was always Salman, Rani and Kareena.

what she is saying is that she was too old for Ranveer's khilji or Ranveer's bajirao...haha

Slb is big liar he denied everything even when he himself said all this things Decades old interview.

Ash is a well known Liar. She hypes herself like this.

aish wanted to tag along Salman, that's why she keeps talking about his movies.

He was running around using Ash and Salman for noise marketing during padmavat & now this?

What is slb on? It's common knowledge that he almost did bm with her. Did they fight lol

Seems like they will really never work together again after this. What a pity i liked guzarish and hddcs and devdas.

Aish is the one who talks about SLB and Salman for her movie promotions. Finally, SLB pissed off.

Aish is jhoothi No.1 and a fake person in real life

You don't know Aish, so you dont have any right to comment on her. East or west Aish is the best and definitely not a jhoothi. Aish would have beeen much better as Mastani than DP ever was

Is this article written by DP?!

SLB shut her up nicely. I'm glad she got her karma. She was constantly putting herself up on a pedestal while looking down on her female colleagues who have achieved so much but are humble.

Finally! This should shut her up. For good.

SLB definitely did make some generic offer to Aishwariya about BRM & Padmavati with Salman. After the fracas with Salman (& Vivek Oberoi jumping in) , Kareena did a costume test & was made a concrete offer as Mastani along with Salman & Rani Mukherjee . SRK & Ajay Devgan were also linked to the Bajirao role . SLB did the opera 'Padmavati' at the Theatre du Chatelet , Paris after the debacle of Saawariya & there were talks of Ash doing the role in a movie . He illogically removed Kareena from RL bcos he couldn't visualize a married actress playing Leela ( when Kareena was already living with Saif like a wife without the paper). I really don't see such a man currently offering a married mother like Aishwariya (or any actress in her same situation) love stories .

You could be right about it all but I am just wondering why he cast Madhuri in Devdas then (who was very married and rumoured to be pregnant)? This article says ‘a source’ denied these roles were offered to Ash, it doesn’t claim this statement came straight from Bhansali himself. Bajirao, I believe was a thought in SLB’s mind to be made with Ash but then circumstances lead it to be offered to Kareena and Salman. Then after RL’s success SLB changed his mind and realized that RS and DP were a better option (plus Salman wasn’t willing to work with him at the time). I don’t see SLB making a direct contradictory statement to upset Ash as they are friends.

Devdas is shown from his perspective as a young man in love with the teen Paro . Chandramukhi , in this case Madhuri , is not the main actress . Her role starts much later in the movie & is a supporting role . Chandramukhi is a courtesan or nautch girl , not a young innocent so Madhuri being married /pregnant would not matter . Bhansali may well have considered the young Ash but he would not take her at her current age for the "young girl in love" roles .This statement has deliberately been put out by Bhansali himself (& he has taken care not to go on an impolite rampage) because he is irked by all this dragging up of what-might-have-been ! This is a man who's extremely touchy about his own movies .

Because madhuri was playing a supporting role in devdas and not the main lead.slb clearly wanted kareena to hold off on her wedding which she wasn't ready to do.

aishwarya wouldve done them better. deepika was laughable. at least sonam was pretty even tho she couldnt act either

I totally agree with you that aishwarya wouldve done them better. deepika was laughable. at least sonam was pretty even tho she couldnt act either

Not sure about Padmaavat but Aish-Salman were considered for Bajirao Mastani since more than a decade ago but of course after what transpired, it fell through.

Well Ms.Shakuntela!! If Sanjay thought DP was weak in BM, he would not have offered her padmavat! U can say all you want but that's not going to make DP any less than "overacting" PC!

Bajirao Mastani was offered originally to Aish first see Koffee with karan with Aish and Sanjay dated 2004?.

Are you sure the clarification came from a confirmed source from SLB and not from DP?

Well, Miss Padukone is at it again. Deepika and Aish have cray cray PR agencies and I am so ready for this petty drama. Fact remains, Aishwarya was the first choice for Bajirao. Padmaavat I don't know about, but Sanjay had planned to make these movies years ago and at that time he had promised Aish these movies I believe. Deepika abviously was a little bit taken a back when Aishwarya said she was the first choice for these movies, especially since Deepika failed to give a decent performance in these movies. Bajirao resulted in her being sidelined by both Ranveer and Priyanka. She won zero awards on top of that for Bajirao, while Ranveer and Priyanka won respectively for their great performances. The same happened with Padmaavat (Padmavati). Deepika was very weak in all the scenes and just performed well in the final Pyre scene. I can imagine Deepika lacks confidence, because she was given sich opportunities and still wasn't able to utilize her talent (or she just lacks the type of talent needed for these magnum opus movies. All in all, Aish was not lying I feel and I feel this is silly of Deepika on so many levels.

Hello Priyanka,got some free time I see.

Agree Deepika is an average actress ,but she has nothing to do with this.

Everything is not by deepika. You paid PC bot. Didn't u blamed deepika when the news of pc leaving Bharat came? You bashed deepika and her PR but it was true and wasn't by deepika. Will u apologize?

Um She didn’t win the awards for bajirao because she won for her even more impressive performance in Piku!

The source is close to bhansali, I.e most probably bhansalis inner circle.So don't drag deepika into it.
Slb takes the final call on all his films. He chose deepika for his last 3 films. And he most probably is going to work with deepika again in Inshallah. And deepika already signed anathor 3 film deal with slb production so deal with it.

Why don't you worry about Priyanka who went to the extent of staging a affair with Jonas boy for publicity. I mean Pc's career is almost done in Bollywood, Hollywood doesn't hold much for her. Pls enjoy pc's last few years in films. Kindly lavish your attention on pc who's craving for attention with all the drama she's doing.

She’s beautiful but a bad actress. Glad that Deepika has done those movies.

deepika is a bad actress but is not even beautiful

I totally agree with you that
deepika is a bad actress but is not even beautiful


It is true Kareena was the first choice for BM. Then SLB never approached her for Padmavat because they had a fallout.

Haha looks like he got fed up with Ash claiming to be his one and only muse.

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