Did Selena Gomez reveal the reason for her breakup with Justin Bieber in her new song Anxiety?

Updated on Mar 20, 2019 03:00 AM IST  |  5M
Selena Gomez made her return to music with her Julia Michaels' collaborative track, Anxiety.

Selena Gomez' 2018 has been a roller-coaster ride for the singer and actress. The year began with her reconciliation with Justin Bieber and subsequently within months, the two called it splits, yet again. Justin moved on extremely quick as just a month after dating Hailey Baldwin, the two got engaged. On September 13, 2018, the couple officially became a married couple, and as of now, are planning a beach wedding at a tropical destination. On the other hand, Selena had to go to rehab for mental health treatment. 

Selena had to be hospitalised twice due to low white blood cell count and during her second visit, she had multiple bouts of mental breakdowns. Since getting out of rehab, the Taki Taki singer has been working on leading a happy and healthier lifestyle surrounded by her loved ones. She is also getting back into the music scene with a potential album release. Before that, Selena collaborated for a track with Julia Michaels titled Anxiety. Anxiety is a part of Michaels' EP Inner Monologues Part 1 was released today. In the lyrics of the song which focuses on dealing with depression and anxiety, Selena is seen referencing to her exes.



March 1, 1994 someone I know that happens to be super cool was born. Boom.

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However, there is a paticular ex who we think was a major inspiration of the song and that is Justin Bieber. There is a paticular lyric which may have revealed the reason for Jelena's breakup. "Feel like I'm always apologizing for feeling. Like I'm out of my mind when I'm doing just fine. And my exes all say that I'm hard to deal with. And I admit it, it's true," Selena croons meaningfully.

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Anonymous : Anxiety is about Selena. And its her being strong and facing herself... The flaws. She is simply amazing and you go girl. You dont need no dude to make you who you are. Love you Selena ♥️
REPLY 2 2 years ago
Anonymous : Hnmm i dont care but i do wish both of them happiness and Gods perfect peace! Boom
REPLY 1 2 years ago
Anonymous : I think every one who has such a strong opinion of her and her past relationships just needs to understand that we do not know what happened in her relationships. Yes, she is saying her anxiety made it hard for ex’s to “deal” with her. But having anxiety or having depression isn’t just a choice it’s a mental health disease. How everyone handles there anxiety/depression and how bad it is we can’t gage on what we see online. I’m happy she went to rehab and I hope anyone suffering from anxiety and depression knows there is always help. In regards to the song, she’s allowed to sing music about her personal experiences. Many artists do. So just listen and enjoy!
REPLY 4 2 years ago
Anonymous : The songs about about Anxiety not an ex boyfriend and its Julia's Song
REPLY 3 2 years ago
Anonymous : Between her trying to love him with doubt, an her mom riding her tail is what happen! She needs to take her part of the blame...sorry selenors But now they could never make it so dont fret
REPLY 5 2 years ago
Anonymous : I feel for Selena, however her team had done her any favors over they years, including her mother. They made excuses fore her behavior, actions, choices she has made by deflecting the blame on her friends a bad influence or her ex boyfriends did like she didn't have any choice but to follow. Instead of taking action until she was so far gone that she was partying, depressed, hating, blaming and excusing everything she has done. Love is telling it like it is get help you choose drugs, you choose alcohol, you choose games, you choose hate, you choose to get help so own your choices stop placing blame for your life on others get help. You went to rehab because you were on drug and alcohol, you were like depressed and sick too but if you can even tell the truth then she will never get help. She not a. Victem of her ex’s and the choice she depressed and now letting the truth in so let her get well by living with it and seek medical attention and hopefully she chooses wiser to keep her self well
REPLY 5 2 years ago
Anonymous : Definitely the song is a hint of the reason for break up. Sad that he wasn’t man enough to stand by her side. But instead chose to get into a relationship and get married to even break Selena’s heart once again. Selena deserves to find true happiness.
REPLY 10 2 years ago
Anonymous : Awesome song...selena its so unique..ur voice made me love u
REPLY 3 2 years ago