Did you miss Kangana Ranaut's sly dig at Hrithik Roshan in her The Bollywood Diva song?

Kangana Ranaut takes a sly dig at Hrithik Roshan yet again.

Amidst several controversies, Kangana Ranaut is promoting her upcoming film Simran. The actor who collaborated with a popular stand-up comedy team for The Bollywood Diva song did not leave any chance to take a sly dig at Hrithik Roshan yet again. 

While the song is calling out the sexism in the industry in a hilarious

way, they have cleverly incorporated the Hrithik controversy without making it much apparent. 

Among many things, Kangana says, “Papa ne tujhko launch kia ve, main boli too tune taunt kiya ve, tu marti victim play.” 

Well, it is no secret that it was Rakesh Roshan who gave his son Hrithik the big break in Bollywood.  Earlier when Kangana who had rightly pointed that out was accused of playing the victim card. Given this, we couldn’t help but notice the mild sarcasm in the lyrics. 

Kangana had levelled many allegations against Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan on a talk-show. Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne Khan had come out in support of Hrithik and had posted on social media, “There is no allegation or a sad evil plot that can have the weight to triumph over a good soul. #mafamilia#powerofthetruth #pureheart ”. 

When asked about this, Kangana said to a news agency, “I don't want to comment on it as it is none of my business." It seems that Kangana is refraining from making any further comments on the matter. 

Simran releases on September 15, 2017. 



Credits: YouTube

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The industry is full of nepo-kids launched directly by their dads or through their dad's friends. It can refer to just anyone.

Ugh! Is there someone else too, who's absolutely fed up of this shit thats been going on since the past week and would now want it to stop?

LOL KRK ne kya expose kiya isse! Do watch it!

Can someone ask Rakhi Sawant what her views are on this issue? I am dying for her comments.

Too much of talk talk feminism this and what not. Meanwhile simran is lost like a needle in haystack. Totally forgot about the movie.

How can it be lost when you and all are talking about it.

Her family stayed at his house. Wow.

I read Aditya interview. He says she is product of nepotism. Hahah.

I think she's developing some psychological problem.Sad that she isn't making the best use of her immense talent and throwing it all away by cheap behavior.she and her sister too.finally after years Bollywood had an actress who could really perform and she is wasting it all.

Pancholi silly ex...

Isn't she herself proving all Hrithik claims right?

What is this balls or vagina. Now all transgenders should come in support..Are they not capable of anything..is this not sexism...hypocrites.....

Kangana Ranaut = Arvind Kejriwal of Bollywood

Including Kangana's own. She used Buddha Aditya for four years relationship to get in bollywood. Likes wearing short clothes in movies or otherwise..wrote in open letter she would like to launch her own kids..main karu toh raas leela dusre kare to character dheela....

Shreeya Khanolkar Including Kangana's own. She used Buddha Aditya for four years relationship to get in bollywood. Likes wearing short clothes in movies or otherwise..wrote in open letter she would like to launch her own kids..main karu toh raas leela dusre kare to character dheela....

She is a hypocrite. She has done it all with craving and desire all that objectification etc. Now that she is done with bollywood, she is only being bitter. She knows she doesn't need them anymore but is making tough for other outsiders by leaving ungrateful jealous image. y u guys dont realize????? Also she wrote in the open letter to Saif that she would launch her own kids...such a hypocrite....would take potshots shamelessly then say maine nahi likha..par kisi ne force toh nahi kia karne ko...mm

This is all bullsh*t....Madhuri got more money than salman during hum apke hain koun and in name credits..plus she herself likes to wear short dresses in movies or otherwise so do normal girls on instagram but if actresses do it, its objectification. You girls are jealous of actresses. You have to pull other successful woman down to feel yourself better..

madhuri never got more money than salman for hahk. It was just a joke made by salman.

Thats just 1 movie you fool. Ok lets say there are few more such instances where an actress is treated well. But still there are thousands of movies where main lead actresses are not paid well/ treated like a dumb b*tch /used to titillate audience.

This is all bullshit....Madhuri got more money than salman during hum apke hain koun and in name credits..plus she herself likes to wear short dresses in movies or otherwise so do normal girls on instagram but if actresses do it, its objectification. You girls are jealous of actresses. You have to pull other successful woman down to feel yourself better..

Aise budhon ko use kar kar ke hi kangana ranaut ko fame mili hai.....so ungrateful...abhi bhi hrithik ke liye mar rahi hai..nahi mil raha hrithik then she is gaurav of Fan....

Omg So Kangana Ranaut first earned hell lot of money from bollywood..lived the life she wanted to even if by copying others (kjo and other biggies) ..and now when she knows her time is up..and that she can quit bollywood now or no one is interested in her..she is taking digs at everything..if she is against objectification y did she wear all those deep cut dresses not in her movies but in her personal life, her airport looks etc....( when girls put dresses in bikini on instagram along with beauty quotes, its called modernity but when actresses do it, its called objectification, maybe it reminds guys like tanmay their aukat) and was recently talking about deep neck dresses on Ap ki Adalat and talking in support of them..y did she do tacky item number in shootout at wadala..she totally wanted to do all that stuff..she craved to do that stuff..go read her 2006 interviews post gangster and her desperateness on dus ka dum..kangana kare toh raas leela dusre karen toh character dheela..how badly jealous she is..tomorrow if she has to do this..she would love it but would play with her words..she is not brave..she is diplomatic and plays wily games..calls hrithik her ex .then says maine kahan kaha ..does such a song and then says maine nahi likha..plays victim..dont call me victim..call me brave...she has become voice of all those jealous losers who would have loved to be hrithik but now take potshots at him for relief..she is queen of jealous losers..after earning money and fame from same place..she could be so bitter and jealous of them..how does she has self respect....and what sort of bravery it is to take potshots at other actresses sensitivity...with that cleavage remark, she was taking dig on deepika padukone and by choosing chitiyan kalaiyan song, she was questioning jaqueline fernandes on what basis though..she would have loved to do same movies just bcs she could not or was sore thumb in them, she is bitter..

Kangana needs a medical attention asap.

Have anyone seen the video of this song? I don't think she is taking digs at Hrithik . she is actually taking potshot at Karan johar. Kangana went to his show and blame him for Nepotism which didn't go well with him so he taunt her and said she plays a Victim card. in video its clearly seen she even uses K3G scene and music like srk entry etc. She didn't taunt Hrithik neither he said this. Media is just making it all about Hrithik.

Sarcasm is not lost, it's very clearly expresses the views that exists about BW .. It's really is smoke and mirrors... Nothing real, or ever lasting... Enjoy the show for what it is worth... Go on with you're life... See you in the movies... Next!

no other bollywood actress has ever dared to do what she did..kangana has f****balls&the men cannot digest it

You can count the no of hits Kangana has given on one hand.

And combined grosses of her films would likely be equal to Hrithik's 3 biggest films.
In terms of advertisements too Kangana is no where near Hrithik.

This isn't a fight among equals,Hrithik is a superstar and Kangana is a fading actress trying to give herself a boost by keeping her claws clutched onto him.

I am so sick of this drama queen.

Where did she mention HR? Seriously Stop this drama now.

no matter what you say or do, you will never get Hrithik. no, never. keep imagining his love for you.loool

who cares he is a one shot actor except with his dad no hit movies , loser .


Are you that blind by hate? He has given hits without his dad like Jodha Akbar, D3, K3g, BB, Agneepath , . Znmd. In his flop movies his acting got praised. loser kangana don't deny the facts. Google it. Kangana do care :P . Stalker.
Facts should be posted Pinkvilla.

Move on kangana. why desperate for a man who doesn't give two hoots about you?

Somebody shud tell this retard that NO means NO and shoo her away!


Go and read Aditya pancholi interview. He bares it all and speak the truth . He exposes kangana and its all truth.

Read it. I don't know whether he is speaking the truth or not but he speak highly of kangana and remember her in good words. He didn't get abusive in his interview. That make me feel he is telling the truth. People do change when they get money and success.

No we did not missed it and paid attention to every single line as they screamed truth. AIB raised the standard bar with this video yet again.

Truth lol ok. I know you are a kat fan. So beleive what kangana said about hrithik and kat too. This means kat is a cheater who two time rk with hrithik after two timing salman with rk. Pv post it dare not to ignore.

"I am a KAT fan". Bummer, you already lost this one LOL...

Yes are a kat fan. I have seen your comments on her posts and bad mouthing her rivals. Come on don't LIE.

Kat has only 18 fans..rest are paid!

Lol Hrithik and his pr , everything does not revolved around him He's not the only one who got launched by his dad, they should calm down.

kangana and her PR they don't know what to say thus copying Hrithik fans comments.

Haha kangana fans copy paste hrithik fans comments. Lol. . Everything doesn't revolves around hrithik but for kangana and her PR world revolves around hrithik. This is kangana and her PR so they can link her to him. Hrithik and PR is not obsessed with her. Calm down. Pinkvilla post it please pv don't ignore this and biased.

Hi rangoli

Loved it...I thought it smelt of Hrithik...great going AIB

I hope Simran does well. Hansal and the others didn't sign up for this shit. AIB, come back with better stuff. Nice song but wrong poster girl.

Angoor Katte hai

smart / bold people dont just talk about problems, they develop solutions... instead of continuous ranting about sexism, nepotism and chauvinism in the industry, kangana should actually try to offer a solution because she has the power...she is megastar, comes from a rich zamindar family, has 3 national awards that talk about her worth..why not start a production house and make films, give opportunities to budding artists - screen writers, story writers, actors, camera men, directors and make nice sensible films...Every one who has a mouth can talk about problems, but only those who have balls (Read VAGINA) can act on them

the real problem is that her Ego is hurt. Sadly all this mess is distracting the audience from her outstanding ability as an actor and her passion for cinema

after seeing what kangana is doing, i have this new found respect for priyanka and anushka...at least they are making effort to make films which they believe in, despite the fact that their paychecks are not as fat as the khans or megstars..hit or flop, they are at least attempting to take the risk..this woman on the other hand is going on ranting without doing anything about it..what is so great in that?????????

She never respects her own father, how can u expect her to respect others. This Snake shud be kicked out of industry n from civilized society.

Putting down others wont make her big. She will still be remembered as a Despo

Putting down others wont make her big. She will still be Sadakchap

Oh Gawd, is this drama not going to end any time soon. I'm so tired of Kangana and her desperate gimmicks to be in news. Enough of stalking, lying and being a hypocrite. The best products that came out of nepotism are Hrithik and Aamir. Hrithik would become a superb actor and star even if his dad did not launch him, he has everything that a hero needs. He has good looks to die for, superb acting talent, ability to take risk and play versatile roles, amazing dancing skills, dialogue delivery and everything else. Kangana, her PR and her so called fans need to take a seat. Simran must be so bad that she used Hrithik to promote her film. I want that film to release soon, flop and get done with this saga. Aditya Pancholi's silly ex Kangana should stop this SOAP, it is very boring now. Every time her film is about to release she will start pushing some colleague under the bus, and still Rangoon, Revolver Rani and so many of her films were disasters.

Even her Nude pictures didnot get a response from the man and she thinks all this digs will get his attention. The only way she will get his attention is by a Legal suit

The only way she will get his attention is when he wants to send her a legal notice*

You know her last 2 movies were flops i.e. Katti batti where she used DP to garner attention and then Rangoon where she started all nepotism drama. I don't know who her advisors are but she should know whatever she does it turns people off.

if there is any good that came out of nepotism (launching star kids), hrithik is one the finest outcomes of it... from a specially-abled child to a paraplegic to an emperor to a thief to a superhero, he did very well in most of his roles...so there is no point to this dig of "PAPA NE TUJHKO LAUNCH KIYA VE", he deserved the launch..i remember KNPH was a sensation back then, the distributor in my town made hell lot of money on the film...the rant applies more to the likes of uday chopra, harman baweja, jacky bhagnani, girish taurani,...but even then, they have a right to try their luck, don't they??? she is literally attacking him on every platform , if a male star did this to a female actor, these feminists would have ripped him apart for sharing his opinions which apparently only they are entitled to

Kabir Khan recently said the kid in Tubelight has replaced Madhuri Dixit as Salman's costar. Who ripped him apart? In fact most actors and directors don't even acknowledge female actor's contribution in films and it seems okay with everyone. Also what happened to Salman for that raped woman remark? Didn't Sultan do well? You can degrade women all the time and nobody cares but if you show the mirror to these bollywood men, then all breaks loose

HRT does not know how to act end, the scripts good but if the actor was another would have been much better

Sour grapes ?? Kangana

Well! do not try to create controversy, the song is written by AIB not Kangana. and papa ne launch kiya hai can apply to many other starkids, so chill..

please see the song again...when she says that, the actor exactly does the step which hrithik did in KKKG "bole chudiya". ...nobody is so dumb here..

This was a dig at Karan and his movies. thali, waiting for hero, reverence for SRK

PV you're going too far with this! Breaking up the lyrics to have connotations towards specific people to suit your needs and get more hits on individual articles. It's a bit ridiculous. Come on!

This woman dont have identity of her own people remember hrithik as a great actor ,dancer and superstar he is known by his work and kangana will be known as attention seeker hungry for publicity and most important anywhere related to hrithik thats what is difference between them one is a star and other is a stalker(obsessed fan).

The video was like SLN, sarcastic, with humor! It shows kangana's point and frustrations, of educated,talented actresses of BW, but it's relates to women frustration in every fields,that still exist in India ! Men's point of views needs to change,women do deserve respect! Married superstars, needs to understand that their power over young starlets, will not be the norm,any more!

Kash is kagana mein koi talent hota , x factor hota toh isko dosrosn ko zaleel ni karna partha. magr afosoos b grade actress hai i jisn mein koi talent ni hai

Desperation at its peak.

Honestly , that video was more like it's about SRK (perhaps KJO too) with the mannerisms & dialogues .

Why you even bring SRK and Karan Johar? To take all attention off Silly Ex ??

How old are u - 3 years ? Use the brain God gave u .

Well hrithik got involved with a psycho now he needs to deal with it

Hrithik k itne bure din nahi aaye ki iss classless aurat k muh lage. She has neither looks, nor body, nor character, nor class, nor manners.

More like he did NOT get involved or respond, so she started takign revenge by planting lies all over town. She is heading for big big trouble in the coming days

Hrithik was never involved with kangana. It her own imagination . Deal with the truth.

She's getting free publicity by using hrithik's name more than the film, but that won't help the film!

Please release her movie , let it be a flop and kick her out.

Go away kangna

AIB got slammed and got sued now everyone is appreciating them. Hypocrites.

Haha she eats, live, breathe Hrithik. Her day starts and ends on him.

Kudos hrithik for ignoring the stalker!

She's not able to digest hrithik's golden silence!
Desperate women!!

that silence is anything but golden..... weheheheheheheheheee...Delusional Greek God....He would give Complex to Ken Doll....

She's taking this bullying to far he's quite maybe because of his son's starting to really dislike her

Why everything is dig, its just a funny video mixes with universal truth.

Roshan's might be regretting to have cast this women in their films.

They just cast her because she is talented. But she is so ungrateful to them . Now kangana has make really hard for outsiders to get a chance. No one will help and promote talented outsiders.

Now stop this lady, too much of nonsense

Hey PV its not just Hrithik..all those star kids launched by parents..come on..

ExactlyEven Aamir was launched by his family and he then launched Moran!

She desperatively wanted hrithik, after failing she wants to be at least tagged as hrithik's EX..!!! Hence all these noises!
But she'll remain Aditya pancholi's EX...!!!

Just wonder how bad the movie is that kangana has to drag superstar Hrithik and use her personal life to promote it.

Her whole career is made up of stalking married men and taking digs at others. she has no identity of her own. I pity her.


Kangana whole world revolves around Hrithik. I know he is so hot and handsome and a humble guy that its very hard for kangana to forget him.

Iska papa iski marzi tu kyun jaal rhi hai. tera baap is kaabil ni toh hrithik kia kare.

Kangana and her PR can do anything to link her with superstar Hrithik. Despo.

When you dont have any stardom , identity of your own neither any talent you have to stoop low to take digs at other successful people to bring yourself up. Same is the case with kangana.

If sirman becomes a hit all credit goes to HRITHIK.

AIB wrote the lyrics tho

Kangana is so jealous of Hrithik launching. Ofcourse no actor has and will have a launch like Hrithik in BW. The stardom and mania which hrithik gets no one has till date.

simran should have been called HRITHIK not simran :p

Oops......I thought the song was dedicated to Karan johar,Shahrukh and Ashwariya.....the boy looked more like SRK...

Not at all about Aishwarya

Oh just stop, enough already!

This song is Epic!

Are you saying that Kangana wrote the lyrics? As that'd the only way it would be her having a dig at Hrithik.

Are you saying that Kangana wrote the lyrics to that song?

Even all this will not save her film from sinking.

Fox and Sour grapes

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