Dil Dhadakne Do: Here’re 5 reasons why fearless dancer Farah Ali played by Anushka Sharma deserves a spin off

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Dil Dhadakne Do: Here’re 5 reasons why fearless dancer Farah Ali played by Anushka Sharma deserves a spin off

Dil Dhadakne Do is a movie about a rich and luxurious dysfunctional family that does not seem to have tangled the web of their interpersonal relationships. A habit comes home, most of the characters in the film live under the garb and influence of the society around them. And the same politically correct guardedness is often brought home, leading to creating an emotional barrier amongst the family. In the diamond umbrella of characters that seem to care about everything, comes Anushka Sharma's character of a cruise dance performer, who is truly free in life. Comparisons can be made between Katrina Kaif in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ and Anushka’s Farah Ali. 

Here are 5 reasons why the fascinating character of Farah Ali deserves her narrative.

‘F’ in Farah Ali is for ‘fearless’

During an interaction, when Ranveer Singh’s Kabir Mehra and Farah fall in love on the cruise, Kabir shares some of the things he wants in life but has restricted himself for. Farah shares a past story with him, where she came from a conservative family household and had escaped from her home to an unknown city, where she knew no one. She wanted to dance in life and somehow arranged money one penny at a time for it and went to the dance school. Just like Kabir, all of us were inspired by fearless Farah and the story of her triumph. 

‘Girls like to swing’

Anushka Sharma performed on the ‘girls like to swing’ song in the film as she is an employee at the cruise line. She works with a dance troop and is a fantastic dancer. She performs excellently and looks utterly beautiful. At some point in the song, Priyanka also joins her in performing and it becomes a celebration.

Farah Ali knows nothing above her work

At one point in the film, Kabir and Farah have started to almost date each other and they are finding it hard to conserve time for each other. Kabir, a millionaire, asks Farah not to practice for one day and he will deal with her pay cut. She tells him straight that she enjoys her work and would rather be there. 

Farah Ali is confident and interesting

On their first meet outside of the ship, Farah sits opposite Kabir and they get to know each other. Kabir tells her that he can fly a plane but Farah asks him if he can ride a bicycle. Both of them compete at bicycle riding traveling across the city.

Farah Ali has tremendous self-respect

When Farah realizes that Kabir is supposed to marry Noori, she gives him a piece of her mind for lying to her. When she is thrown off the ship for being engaged with a customer, she does not utter a word and simply goes her way in the climax till Kabir and his entire family chase her with a speedboat. Perhaps a sequel with Kabir and Farah would be great.

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