Dilip Kumar's bungalow to now turn into a multi-storeyed building; a museum to be dedicated to the veteran actor

Dilip Kumar's bungalow will be redeveloped into a multi-storeyed building.
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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar's Pali Hill bungalow will now be rebuilt into a multi-storeyed building, which will have his apartment along with a museum dedicated to his glorious Bollywood career.

It was only last month that the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of the veteran actor in a dispute between him and Prajita Developers Pvt. Ltd. The property will now be developed by M/s Black Rock which is run by restaurateur Kishor Bajaj and his brother-in-law Ajay Ashar.

Abiding the SC's ruling, Black Rock has paid Prajita Developers Rs 20 crore. According to the new deal, Dilip Kumar will own 50 percent of the building after the redevelopment.

Confirming the news to a leading tabloid, Banu said: "Dilip Sahab is the owner of the property and of course the developers will have their share in the redeveloped property, be it their residences or anything else they wish for."

An ecstatic Ashar said, "This agreement is more an exercise aimed at reducing the pain and agony that Dilip Kumar Sahab and Sairajee have been through over this property."

The property was under dispute after the developers failed to construct what they had promised for several years. 


Are people suggesting Saira Banu should lock up Dilip Kumar in his house and never take him out in public or be photographed. Dilip Kumar is a legendary actor, people want to see him and he should be given that respect.

I can see other peoples concern for Dilip Saab but I don't think he's been paraded or anything. I think periodically we're all given a update about his health and well being. Plus it must be nice for Dilip Saab to come out too and have a change of scenery.

I hope you're right and that's all there is. But if you see pics on his twitter account and other posts on PV, it doesn't come across as authentic. Like they are trying too hard to project how well he is doing (he's always propped up by pillows, he's drooling on bibs etc) or how much he is taken care of. Something's off. I feel this strongly.

Poor thing... he can barely sit up but is brought out and paraded in front of the media periodically. Never thought so before but Sairu Banu seems really attention seeking and fake. Wonder what she is like behind closed doors. Hope she treats him well.

i had posted this similar comment but PV never ever posted i dont know what was offensive in this view infact its quite rational ... he can barely keep his eyes open ... what she does with him all the time .. bithrday celebration is abslty fine ... but all the time rather than forcefully dressing him n all the time glued to twitter ... she shud recite holy book and pray next to him ...i feel all religion teaches you same ...

God I just feel so sorry for him

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