Diljit Dosanjh REACTS to people trolling farmers’ pizza langar: Farmers consuming poison was never a concern

Updated on Dec 15, 2020 06:32 PM IST  |  906K
Diljit Dosanjh REACTS to people trolling farmers’ pizza langar: Farmers consuming poison was never a concern

Actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh has been quite vocal about the ongoing farmers’ protests. The Udta Punjab actor also appeared at the protest site and silently donated Rs. 1 crore to the farmers to buy war clothes. This isn’t all. Diljit has also been asking the government to solve the farmers’ problems at the earliest and has been sharing regular updates about the protest along with extending support to the farmers. Keeping up with this trajectory, recently, the Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari actor took to his Twitter handle to share a post about how the farmers are being criticized for arranging ‘pizza langar’ at their protests. ‘

To note, while several pics from the farmers protest has been doing the round on social media, a pic of farmers having pizza langar grabbed a lot of attention and even invited trolls. Reacting to the same, in his tweet, Diljit mentioned the irony of how farmers eating pizzas are making more headlines than them committing suicides. The singer-actor shared a post on Twitter that read as, ‘Farmers consuming poison was never a concern but farmers eating pizza is news’. He shared the same and wrote, “Very good. It must pain your heart so much, right?” 

Take a look at Diljit Dosanjh’s tweet here:

Recently, he indulged himself in a Twitter spat with actor Kangana Ranaut. Diljit slammed the Queen actress for her controversial remark about a female protester. Later, Kangana deleted her tweet but their Twitter war continued for long. The Good Newwz actor kept tweeting in Punjabi and asked Kangana to apologise from the old woman. 

Last week, Kangana once again launched a fresh attack at Diljit and Priyanka Chopra and wrote, “Problem is not just them but each and every individual who supports them and opposes #FarmersBill_2020 they are all aware how important this bill is for farmers still they provoke innocent farmers to incite violence, hatred and Bharat Band for their petty gains.”

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Anonymous : pv has selective posting
REPLY 2 9 months ago
Anonymous : Well Said. It is harsh reality , Politicians care about Power, they don't care abt farmers. They came defame farmers who feed nation if they oppose anything against Govt. Shame on those who are calling farmers anti nationals
REPLY 10 9 months ago
Anonymous : #ISupportFarmers
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : Chup be
REPLY 8 9 months ago
Anonymous : Chup ta sare karte modi de bhagat punjaban ne
REPLY 12 9 months ago
Anonymous : We are not beggars or murderers like ambani and modi. We are feeders who fed modi's india. This pizza was for everybody unlike modi's administration that is putting everybody's life at risk to please two people
REPLY 19 9 months ago
Anonymous : explain the key points of the farm bil using proper language, not your amreekan or kanadian pidgin.
REPLY 7 9 months ago
Anonymous : Don't drag ambani in all this. They are good ppl. But BJP is disaster.
REPLY 4 9 months ago
Anonymous : Only punjabis have big heart in India!
REPLY 16 9 months ago
Anonymous : U mean no farmers in rest of india.....feeders only exist in one place
REPLY 4 9 months ago
Anonymous : Sadaa sher!!!!! Modi collected donations on the name of Covid and gave it to his beggar friends ambani and adani (ambani and adani are beggars because they are begging for our land). Punjabis didn't collect any donations but feeding modi's india. Dekho jatta de taur! We are doing what nobody can do in india. We are feeding poor people when it's government job but they are slaves to ambani so we are doing their job and bringing smiles on poor people's faces. India is nothing without punjabis! Bollywood needs our culture, our language, our people, our singers to promote their movies. Bhindranwala was a saint and modi is a murderer, ambani is a beggar and kangana is half mrs modi and half mrs ambani.
REPLY 13 9 months ago
Anonymous : your misogynistic culture has dumbed down hindi cinema, music and that along with aunty KJO's made for amreekan, kanadian and londonistan crap has made it bullywood the mediocre that has to punjabify south indian hits. PV post.
REPLY 11 9 months ago
Anonymous : Don't drag ambani here. Plzz they are good ppl.
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : Its misogynistic everywhere in the whole of India, not just Punjab. Agree Bollywood is dumb but its for dumb audience. If they make a smart film it flops how do you blame the producer, they are here to make money not knowingly make flop films for charity. If you are that concerned, why dont you produce an intelligent film from your own pocket.
REPLY 1 9 months ago
Anonymous : try to make some sense, oh, khali-brain :)
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : Totally agree with you Diljit
REPLY 20 9 months ago