Diljit Dosanjh reveals why he says ‘Punjabi aa gaye oyee’ and not Indian; recalls how Rhea Kapoor pushed him to create Crew’s Naina song

Diljit Dosanjh has finally addressed why he always goes around saying ‘Punjabi aa gaye oyee’ and not Indian. He also revealed how Rhea Kapoor pushed him to create Crew’s Naina song.

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Diljit on why he says ‘Pubjabi aa gaye oye’ and not Indian; recalls how he made Crew song (Instagram/@diljitdosanjh)
Diljit on why he says ‘Pubjabi aa gaye oye’ and not Indian; recalls how he made Crew song (Instagram/@diljitdosanjh)

Diljit Dosanjh is at the peak of his career with back-to-back international concerts, superhit albums, and movies that are gaining massive praise. Those who are an ardent follower of his must have noticed that the singer goes around saying his popular phrase ‘Punjabi aa gaye oyee’. But why does he say this and not something else?

Diljit Dosanjh addresses his motive of echoing ‘Punjabi aa gaye oyee’ everywhere he goes

Recently while appearing on Raj Shamani’s podcast, the Amar Singh Chamkila actor was asked why he promotes Punjab specifically and not India as a whole. In his answer, Diljit detailed how Punjab is a small part of India and it is also the same place he hails from that makes regional music.

According to him, regional music was not that grand, but now that it is global, the feeling of coming from a small town is different. “On the Indian level, there are very big artists. I cannot sing as well as Sonu Nigam. Regional music reached Coachella from India, which is why I have that vibe that I came from a small place to a big one today,” Diljit Dosanjh shared.

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He recalled when he was making his Coachella debut, one of his friends told him ‘You are not realizing that it was the first time Punjabi was spoken on the world stage.’ That thought got ingrained in Diljit’s mind and it automatically came out on stage. “I didn’t say it (Punjabi aa gaye oyee) consciously,” the singer added.


Diljit Dosanjh on how Rhea Kapoor pushed him to create a Crew song

The Jodi actor shared that he is primarily a Punjabi speaker but due to Hindi films, he has started speaking Hindi. “I cannot make Hindi songs by myself,” Diljit said adding even his song Naina in Crew happened because producer Rhea Kapoor pushed him through.

“I told her I could not make songs for Bollywood, I didn’t know how to do it, but she pursued me for a year. That time I was working on an album, she would ask me every 10 days where the song was. It was she who made that song through me,” Diljit revealed.

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