Disha Salian’s father rubbishes reports of daughter’s rape and pregnancy: Police showed whole case evidences

As Disha Salian’s demise has been making the headlines once again, her father has dismissed all the reports about her alleged rape and pregnancy.
Disha Salian’s father rubbishes reports of daughter’s rape and pregnancy: Police showed whole case evidencesDisha Salian’s father rubbishes reports of daughter’s rape and pregnancy: Police showed whole case evidences
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As Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case has got the tinselvile on their toes, his former manager Disha Salian’s death has also been making the headlines once again. There have been several speculations being made about the young celebrity manager and her unfortunate demise. In fact, several media reports also suggested rape and murder theories in the case along with claims about Disha about being pregnant. However, Disha’s father Satish Salian has rubbished all the claimed and has stated that his daughter was never pregnant.

In his conversation with India Today, Satish asserted that the police have shown him all the evidence. Besides, Disha’s mother also emphasised that she has faith in Mumbai police and believes that they are doing their job properly. Furthermore, Disha’s father asserted that the media should not infringe upon their right to privacy. “As media has freedom of speech, we also have right of privacy, do not interfere in our life please. I request you all please. Police have explained me. They showed whole case evidences, post mortem report. My daughter was never pregnant, she never got pregnant. Rape never happened, organs are clear,” Disha’s father was quote saying.

He further urged politicians, media and others not play with daughter’s name and defame her. “Please I request don't believe in such rumours do not spread such rumours. For your benefit, do not use my daughter and defame her. From politicians, media and people I request please don't do this to our daughter. Do not play with her,” he added.

(Trigger Warning)

For the uninitiated, Disha had reportedly committed suicide by jumping off a building in Mumbai’s Malad area on Jun 8 which was a week before Sushant’s demise.

If you need support or know someone who is struggling, please reach out to your nearest mental health specialist or speak to someone about it. There are several helplines available for the same.

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Anonymous 3 months ago

For God sake, Disha Salian was NUDE. Why would she undress and commit suicide?Her parents must be threatened.Monsters who killed her, we must ensure justice is served for her too.

Anonymous 3 months ago

May be he was depressed/bipolar/schizophrenic/mental/mad since birth to till he died, still IT'S NOT A SUICIDE!!! Bolo jo bhi bolna hai....

Anonymous 3 months ago

An old man has to beg the Indian masses to stop spreading rumors about his dead daughter? How shameful. I have read sooo many jazbaati theories about Disha and Sushant in the past month that are more jazbati than Ekta Kapoor's dramas and Karan Johar's movies. I'm reading stupid comments like "Sushant Sir could never be depressed." ...or...."Disha attended a party, she can't be depressed." What kind of logic is this? Actors are not God. They are human beings that are prone to weakness, they can get depressed. And yes, a depressed person can manage to attend a party. In my depression I took a plane to attend the out of state wedding of a person I didn't even care about. It's like people's minds are so narrow that they cannot imagine that multiple possibilities can exist. NONE OF YOU lived with Disha or Sushant 24 hours a day that you can say with such confidence k "yeh nahi ho sakta." But Indians are always jazbaati about the stars who don't give a damn about them. So many times you read emotional comments like "Aishwarya is best mother"......Array she's rich and can afford a team of nannies and chefs. Just because you saw a few pictures of her holding her daughter's hand in the airport does not give you full and complete insight into her mothering skills. "XYZ actress is not fake, she is the best human being." How do you know? You live with her? You're related to her? And now it's...."Sushant could not have been depressed." Relax people. He died. Two ADULT peop

Anonymous 3 months ago

She was found without clothes when she fell. Her parents are obviously under enormous pressure! Every psychic is saying she was pushed because she refused to give them the documents & CDs Sushant gave to her. Thankfully he has distributed these copies to other friends as well. This case is way more complex than anyone can imagine. Her soul wants justice & we have to keep fighting for her!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Only god and she knows what happened. Damn everything is getting more and more confusing by the hour. What would someone without any signs of depression awaiting marriage suddenly jump off a building ? Will we ever find out or are we going to be left with question marks like with Divya, Jia and Sri Devi ji. How helpless are we and how how powerful are some.

Anonymous 3 months ago

Statement of Narayan Rane?

Anonymous 3 months ago

These parents may not have known she was dating Sooraj. But also I don't think she was how is it that they were never spotted?

Anonymous 3 months ago

I am good

Anonymous 3 months ago

Parents lie ! She don’t commit suicide !

Anonymous 3 months ago



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