Divya Khosla Kumar on Bhushan Kumar’s sexual misconduct allegations: People even stood against Lord Krishna

Divya Khosla Kumar stands by her husband Bhushan Kumar. Here is what she has to say on Bhushan Kumar’s sexual misconduct allegation.
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India's Me Too movement is now the burning topic everywhere as many celebs are being called out as a part on the Me Too. Many women are taking to their social media to name and shame their sexual offenders. Celebs such as Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Rajat Kapoor, Subhash Ghai, Luv Ranjan, and Sajid Khan and many others have been accused of sexual harassment, rape or misconduct. Recently an anonymous account on Twitter accused T-series head honcho Bhushan Kumar of sexual misconduct. Soon Bhushan refuted all the allegations and issued a statement. 

In the same, he wrote how he is appalled to know that his name is dragged in the Me Too. He also said how he has an impeccable reputation and how he has always been professional. He also said that the tweet has been used to defame and malign his reputation. He has even lodged a complaint with the cyber cell of the Mumbai Police to track the mysterious people(s) who got disappeared within seconds of uploading the tweet.  His wife Divya Kumar Khosla now took to Twitter to give out her opinion and thoughts on the same. Here is the tweet:


Meanwhile, In the wake of Me Too Movement, Aamir Khan walked out from Gulshan Kumar biopic (Bhushan Kumar’s late father)  as Subhash Kapoor the director is also alleged sexual offender. Bhushan too took the stand and dropped Subhash Kapoor as director of the movie. What are your views on the same? let us know in the comments below.

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Time to stop the husband from doing the Ras Leela with aspiring Gopikas .

i always suspected this woman had an intellectual disability, just on the basis of her crazy eyes and expression, but this goes and proves it. and how deluded she had to be to even say or think that her husband go ttseries to where it is when he actually INHERITED. this is what happens when people with no education try to give gyaan

Lord Krishna is an Indian mythology and that means it can be anything none has witnessed it but your husband is reality what about that ?? and in his real life he has “misbehaved” with girls.. that’s highly unacceptable..

I meant family has a subjective view.

Trying to prove your husband is faithful and not involved with other women by comparing him to Krishna of all the gods. She doesnt have any common sense

she is comparing her husband to lord krishna.....thats funny

Sri Krishna wasn’t an ideal husband. He had a sound mind for politics and diplomacy. That’s pretty much it. Hindu Gods are not considered perfect anyway.
I am a Hindu so you can publish this PV.

Krishna had lots of gopis .

This is the most dumbest remark I have ever heard!!! Hahaha...!

Yeah...that is why you seek peace in Brahamkumari's...who does that at this young age...maybe you don't have a marriage at all.

Divya do you also have a daughter...named Ruhani...I read it on wikipedia...and she is disabled. You keep her confined to your house or maybe I am wrong...no idea. But a woman who can hide a daughter if there is one...she can any day put up with her husband's infidelity.

The only reason you are in Bhushan household is because of your son Ruhaan...your ticket to high life...other wise Bhushan would have discarded you.

Auradha Paudwal was his father's keep...whole family is like that...maybe the son thought one should have wife at home and side chick at work.

Modern day version of Rukmani and Krishna...while Krishna doe s his ras leela... this new age Rukmani gets botox and surgeries...rukmani kaise na jale!

hahhahahahh...........damn u !

but sorry to say that your husband is not a god

Please grow a spine woman !!!

oh please, don't even dare to put Shri Lord Krishna and your husband in the same line

Bhushan is filthy rich and she went to a government school. She comes from a poor family. You expect her to stand up with women on #metoo issues...lol

Even Aloknath's wife supports him...what stuff these women are made from...shameless.

Strangely , Divya in her interviews has said when reporters have questioned her about her love story...she said I didn't want to get involved with a man who has reputation for cars and fast with women. Check her video interviews...while she was promoting her debut movie.

Maybe that is the reason you keep having plastic surgeries...to keep your husband in your bed but he is not interested.

He gives you money to direct shitty movies, designer clothes, takes you to parties, you live in a lavish place and you get to have an office at T-Series. Of course, he is your Lord Krishna...we were talking about general women who come to work for your sleazy husband.

I wouldn’t give him the credit for t series it’s his father literally became rags to riches.. his father made it what it is.

My comments never go through, but let me try again. ANyways now this woman has tseries team writing tweets of how Godly the two are and just retweets all their statements. Hope the real truth comes out.

Madam ji you are in illusion. Your husband is not Krishna.. He's duryodhan

This lady divya is so funny..haha she can't even defend properly what the hell is she thinking?? Are we all fool? Idiots?..madam ji aap bade funny ho

Another wife comes to defend her rich husband. These women don't care about anything except their pocket money

What a doormat wife...these women deserve too be cheated upon.

Please look up Divya's interview in which she herself has sadi that her husband comes home very late and the only time they get together is on holidays. She also said that he is always angry with her...short tempered and then she complains to her mother in law. Just to wear designer clothes these women fall so low.

Divya is a nobody and she is so rich because of her husband. If he falls...she also goes down. Industry wives are like Harvey weinstein's wives...you scratch my back I will scratch yours. They enjoy too much money and status...won't give it up for women empowerment. Look at that sleazeball Vikas Bahl's wife...

Sri Krishna ws not a one woman man. Even Mandodari's pati vrata nature didnt do any good for Ravan. So ths industry wives must sec once before supporting their creep husbands.

Nice way of using wife to clean up the image... A creep is always a creep...

I heard in 2014....bhushan Kumar asked for sexual favors to a model for a music video

Hahahahahaha.. Ok so like Krishna even her husband has many leelas?

I was unsure initially about Bhushan's accusation but with this statement, now I'm starting to believe it. Utterly dumb, wanna be ultra pious, and soooooo defensive. Why? If the dude is innocent, why does he need his wife to "clean up" his image in the media? Give me a break. And dear lady, open your eyes!! Your husband ain't no bhagwan!

thats why he doesn't even come home divya....

What a ridiculous statement!!! Kuch bhi. So he’s lord Krishna?!?!? No he’s not divya. He’s sleazeball Bhushan

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