Divya Khosla Kumar gets trolled on social media for slamming Sonu Nigam

T-Series chairman and MD Bhushan Kumar's wife Divya Khosla Kumar is facing flak from netizens after she posted a video slamming Sonu Nigam.
Divya Khosla Kumar gets trolled on social media for slamming Sonu Nigam Divya Khosla Kumar gets trolled on social media for slamming Sonu Nigam
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Divya had shared a video on Instagram where she replied to the allegations levelled by Sonu Nigam against her husband Bhushan Kumar. She claimed in the video how T-Series gives a break to so many newcomer artistes while Sonu Nigam never does that. She also accused Sonu Nigam of not standing by T-Series after Gulshan Kumar's demise, when Bhushan Kumar was just 18 years old. Divya had also alleged that Sonu Nigam had a link with Abu Salem, which is why Bhushan approached him for help.

However, netizens do not seem to be very convinced with the Divya's assertion. Rather, they continue extending support to the singer. Memes and trolls targeting Divya Khosla Kumar flooded Twitter throughout Thursday as the hashtag #DivyaKhoslaKumar kept trending.

"I thought @sonamakapoor & #sonakshisinha were worst actress ever but this woman #DivyaKhoslaKumar not only takes the cherry but she takes away entire cake," tweeted a user.

"Best Supporting Actor Of The Year #Sheru The Cook," wrote another user making fun of how Divya Khosla Kumar featured their house's old cook Sheru working since 1988 to speak against Sonu Nigam in her video.

Best Supporting Actor Of The Year #Sheru The Cook #DivyaKhoslaKumar #SonuNigam pic.twitter.com/SGZoSCTQVA

Netizens also expressed anger over how old songs are recreated by the label, including the popular Falguni Pathak number "Yaad piya ki aane lagi" -- the remix of which featured Divya Khosla Kumar in the video.

"This is what you morons have done to Indian music industry!! No originals, only spreading your body over a chair playing remixes in the background #DivyaKhoslaKumar and #BhushanKumar need to be removed for real talent to get its due!," retorted a user.

"Citing Bhagvad Gita doesn't makes you correct. Also You owe an apology to all your viewers for "yaad piya ki aane lagi". Original version by falgunii pathak ji was way more melodious and sensible. @TSeries #divyakhoslakumar," tweeted another user.

While Divya Khosla Kumar has turned off the comments section of her video on Instagram, Sonu Nigam reposted her video on his Instagram account inviting people to comment on the same! "l think she forgot to open her comments. Let's help her in that," wrote Sonu Nigam, appearing to be in his sarcastic best.

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Anonymous 10 months ago

Pink flowers, pink dress . Nice try.

Anonymous 10 months ago

One thing she is good at is being 'trophy wife'!!! Get lost woman!!!!

Anonymous 10 months ago

lol. Divya closed her comment section and is commenting here instead.

Anonymous 10 months ago

She won't side with Sonu Nigam of course! Have people lost their minds. Anyways, Gulshan Kumar only bought him and paid 7 rupees instead of the 5 rupees he was earning at Ramleela. We all know how stingy he was. No wonder Sonu is still a struggling singer. And, why did Gulshan Kumar die so mercilessly? Because he had something to to with the underworld? Probably, kept delaying their paycheque? Will they answer all these questions at T series? To be honest, I am on no one's side. And nobody cares.

Anonymous 10 months ago

What baffles me is people won't stop commenting rubbish without knowing the complete truth on one day and the same set of people would comment about mental health and being nice to others on the other day.

Anonymous 10 months ago

Divya's right. Stop trolling her.