Bachchan Diwali 2018: Amitabh, Jaya, Aishwarya, Abhishek & Aaradhya celebrate together; View Photos

On the occasion of Diwali, the entire Bachchan family posed for photos while they celebrated the festival of lights together. Take a look.
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The Bachchans are known to be one of the most elite families in Bollywood and they tend to celebrate every festival with a lot of fervour and happiness. Every year, they tend to celebrate Diwali with a bang and throw a party where the who’s who of Bollywood makes an appearance. However, this year, it was a quiet and simple celebration for the entire Bachchan family due to the demise of Shweta Bachchan Nanda’s father-in-law. However, the Bachchan family still did the Diwali puja together and their photos are a proof that they are the perfect family.

After the Puja, Amitabh Bachchan took to social media to share photos with Jaya Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan. Earlier Aishwarya had shared a photo of Abhishek and Aaradhya on her social media accounts. But now, it was the full family in one frame and they looked absolutely perfect. As they posed for photos, the entire Bachchan family ended up giving us family goals. In one of the photos, they all can be seen trying their hand at crackers while in one we can see them pose together after the Diwali Puja. 

Take a look:



Deepavali JI anek anek shubhkamanayein .. आप सब की दीपावली शुभ हो

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Happy Diwali

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Diwali brightness ever ..

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Aren’t they truly the picture perfect family? Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan together will be seen in a movie titled Gulab Jamun that is going to go on the floors in January 2019. On the other hand, Amitabh Bachchan will be seen next in Vijay Krishna Acharya’s Thugs of Hindostan starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh. The movie is one of the most awaited releases of 2018, and is all set to hit the theatres on November 8, 2018. 

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All the women on this post sympathizing with Aishwarya for living with her in-laws are misinformed. Aishwarya has never lived with her in-laws. When Abhishek got married, Amitabh and Jaya constructed a new bungalow on their property for Abhi-Ash. This bungalow is on the opposite side of the main bungalow where Amitabh and Jaya live. Aishwarya has always stayed independently and separately. Abhishek visits his parents sometimes but Aishwarya does not meet her in-laws and doesn't let Aaradhya spend time with her grandparents. Aishwarya is an independent woman who has enjoyed her freedom during the entire time she has been married. If you think she's a "poor miserable" woman who has to take permission from her in-laws for every breath, then you are wrong. Aishwarya doesn't even bother to tell Abhishek about her plans. Abhishek finds out once all the arrangements have been done, flights booked, and bags packed (Abhishek said this in an interview last month). Jaya is busy in her political work and Amitabh is busy with his films. Both of them have neither time nor interest in interfering in Aishwarya's life. She should stop "acting" as a traditional innocent daughter in law and stop portraying her in-laws as evil.

The poster above is savage but not wrong. Aishwarya has sold her beauty her whole career. They even sold Aaradhya's 'light eyes' when she was born. Its poetic justice that Aaradhya is more Bachan, none of whom are celebrated lookers.

Aaradhya has inherited her looks from Aishwarya's side of the family. She strongly resembles Aishwarya's father Krishnaraj Rai. Bachchans are much better looking than Rai family. Amitabh is very handsome, Jaya is pretty, Abhishek is good looking, Shweta is average but her son Agastya is very handsome and daughter Navya is a beauty. Go and check out Aishwarya's family. All of them are below average looking people with brown skin and brown eyes. Aishwarya should stop covering her brown skin with layers of white foundation and brown eyes with green/grey/blue contact lenses. She looks just like Aaradhya beneath that caked up face.

Look in abhi's eyes like pls save me from me from this "family". he derserved beetet

What kind of Diwali pooja is this? I don’t see any sweets, fruits or dry fruits , diyae? One of the richest person on this earth celebrates Diwali like this ?????..

A very "dignified" Aishwarya had affairs with Rajeev Mulchandani, Subhash Ghai, Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi...God knows who else she was with. Her "dignified" parents supported her in all these endeavors. Then she used Abhishek to get closer to Amitabh. Sanskari sati savitri dignified traditional girl Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Weird that Amitabh and Aish are sitting in front of each other like a couple while jaya seems to have been drag in the shot and abhi is posing too.

You are sick..totally sick. God forgive you for saying such awful things..

A few days ago I was looking at her old pictures with Amitabh. You know back in the day when she used to latch herself to Amitabh. Those pictures and videos with her Paa are really 'ikohnic'.

You guys criticize Aishwarya clinging to Aradhya. But what about Senior and his public partner Jaya? They still coddle their 40 plus son as if he is a toddler. Like I mentioned previously , Junior cannot even wipe his A$$ on his own. At least the child has the excuse that she is only 7 not in mid-40's.

Sad but true.. all her millions are not good enough for her inner peace .. she is little disturbed coz she doesn’t have a peaceful’s showing big time with her girl.. in all this I must say.. abhi is very balanced person ... still maintaining vibes in public ... no matter how much loving your in laws have.. if you share your living space and husband’s time ... you miss the “us” time .. I am a mother myself and I would never want my son to live with us after marriage... no way.. she has no idea what she was getting into .. she missed this part in her calculations and focused on only $..
infact shilpa Shetty has a better life then her... sometimes u just miss few things in calculations;) and for next 15-20 years Jaya / Amitabh will stick around then she will be 60 -64 herself

The article mentioned:
"However, the Bachchan family still did the Diwali puja together and their photos are a proof that they are the perfect family."

So funny! Not the part about doing Diwali puja together. The part about the proof that they are a perfect family.. Hahaha.

Two most important members of the family are missing from the picture.
1) Shweta Bachchan Nanda
2) Super-woman's nanny

Abhishek and Aishwarya lives in their own separate bunlow just behind the bachchan’s bungalow Jalsa. Both the bungalows are in the same compound. They don’t live under the same roof as some people think. Bachchan family has five bungalows in juhu area. Aishwarya enjoys her freedom and independent life in her own bungalow.

Then why are Aishwarya fans hating on Shweta by saying "why is she always with her parents" and saying "she's ruining her brother's marriage". Abhishek and Aishwarya live in their own house. Shweta stays with Amitabh and Jaya in their house. They all live separate lives.

Yes. Thanks for posting. I have been saying for a long time on Pinkvilla that Abhishek and Aishwarya have their own house in Jalsa. The house is separate from the main house but it's on the same compound. This new house was built for Abhi-Ash before they got married. I have always said that Aishwarya doesn't live with her in-laws under the same roof. Not sure why people think she's a sanskari daughter in law who has molded her life according to Jaya and Amitabh. Her in-laws don't interfere in her life and have never put any restrictions on her. She does whatever she wants. She doesn't get along with them and doesn't meet them. People are really deluded as they think sati savitri Aishwarya is a traditional daughter in law who lives with her in-laws and spends her days and nights serving them.

Beautiful family. Happy Diwali!

jaya bachan looks disinterested in all these pics..its on her face&no one can deny it.

Jaya looks like she just woke up (in the first picture where everyone is sitting and posing).

She does. But so does everyone else. I think Jaya doesn't know how to fake. She's quite stupid and not clever like Amitabh. Jaya doesn't know how to tell lies...she says whatever she feels like. She doesn't sugar coat things. That's why she comes across as sour, grumpy. The rest of the family is quite good at faking.

We used to think Abhishek cannot fake but he has proved us wrong!

Jaya & Rishi Kapoor both are fabulous actors. Faking emotions is what they do all the time!
Its just that both of them don't care to fake in real life. They think they are beyond all these. LOL

for once all of them are wearing nice clothes. Maybe they need to ditch their designer abu khosla's clothese and wearing something from their own personal wardrobe. In the movie Silsila all of Sr.Bachchan's clothes were from his personal closet and they all looked great. Wish Ash had another kid. 1. Aradhya will be benefit from a sibling 2. Her mom will be so busy managing two of them she will stop obsessing about Aradhya and let that kid live a little.

Do they get free clothes from Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla? Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla have been their friends for a long time. In an old interview, Amitabh mentioned that Shweta, her husband Nikhil, Karan Johar, Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla, and a few other names..they went to the same school. They've been friends for long But the entire Bachchan family started their obsession with AJSK clothes about 10 years ago. Maybe they can't refuse AJSK for the fear of hurting their feelings? AJSK outfits are tacky, loud, and blingy.

is sr bachchan and aish affair rumour true? can anyone reply

Not its not true lol. People likes to rumor-monger though. The dirtier the better, as long as they can rag on bwood stars.

yes yes it is true,i saw it with my own eyes,and jaya is having an affair with varun dhavan

Jaya isn't having an affair with Varun Dhawan. Aishwarya had an intense affair with Amitabh. There are pictures and videos all over the internet. So many pictures have captured "dignified" Aishwarya sitting next to Amitabh holding his hands, whispering in his ears, hugging him. "Dignified" Aishwarya used to hangout with her Paa and wore revealing dresses showing her bare legs and blouses showing her cleavage. Who can forget half naked "dignified" Aishwarya dancing with Paa on Kajra Re. Aishwarya kissed Amitabh in public during FilmFare Awards 2016. Amitabh was moving away while this low class woman kept clinging onto him. Go and see the pictures of everything I have mentioned to see from your own "dignified" Aishwarya is.

Yes. I am surprised you didn't know. I heard it back in 2008 but didn't believe it. Then I saw some pictures and was quite shocked. In the pictures, Aishwarya and Amitabh are going somewhere together (it's not in India)...Aishwarya is wearing a low-cut dress. Abhishek and Jaya are not with them. There were even rumors that Aaradhya is Amitabh's daughter with Aishwarya. ...but that seems really far fetched. Go search and you'll find much more information!


Mr Bachchan had himself said in a n interview that he wanted to romance Aishwarya but he was cast as her father in Mohabbatein. Aishwarya always seemed more into Amitabh than Abhishek. Everyone knows how crazy she is for successful men. Nobody likes her...feels orry for Abhishek.

A few days ago, I was looking at her 'ikohnic' pictures and videos with her Paa. She used to latch herself to Amitabh. Her behavior looked really weird because Amitabh is her father in law and the same age as her father. Her outfits were really revealing in some of the pictures. Old lady Jaya was tossed aside and no one remembered she existed. Bachchan Jr. was either out of the frame or sitting next to his wife who sat next to his father. Thankfully, we have pictures and videos so we can relive and enjoy those wonderful memories.

It's weird that senior Bachchans who are constantly seen having fun with Abhishek & Shweta seem to have no relationship with their granddaughter. They never talk about her & rarely seen with her. In 7 yrs I've seen only one pic of her with her grandmother. It's like Ash retreated into her own private princess fairyland with her daughter and the rest of them have simply given up the idea of having a normal relationship with either of them.

Amitabh did speak a lot about Aaradya when she was born . For that matter he used to praise Aishwariya to the skies in the early days . Jaya too made that unkind comment about Karisma unfavorably comparing her to Ash. It's only after Jazbaa (or maybe around Shweta's arrival ) that the equation has changed in that house. True ,Aishwariya is extremely possessive and focused on Aaradhya , I don't think there's ever been a snap where she's not clutching the child.

Yes I remember when they all used to be so into each other praising each other to the skies, holding hands., gazing into each other's eyes and laughing 'we're Bachchans for all seasons'. When Aradhya was born they gave a press conference and Jaya was proudly talking about her and how she nick-named her 'strawberry'. The excitement seemingly dried up with Ash's crazy possessive behavior. Now they don't even look at each other and can barely manage some constipated smiles for a few seconds for a photograph. guess Ash's happiness in the early years was just an act and now she has an excuse to ditch everyone and be in her own world. That kid is her security blanket.

I think its really hurt amitabh after loving and supporting aish for years she publicly said she won't join the social media out of respect for the family...aish was so arrogant to believeshe can suppresses amitabh popularity... even jaya,shweeta and abhi wont be happy about this statement...

Bachchans went really overboard in supporting Aishwarya from 2007-2015. Aishwarya was everywhere...even in places and events she had no connection with. Bachchans were already arrogant and they got a daughter in law who is more arrogant than them. Maybe they realized that they were being used. They didn't get anything besides disrespect in return. How is Shweta living in her parent's house changing the equation? She divides her time between Mumbai and Delhi.

They tried to develop a relationship with Aaradhya but Aishwarya didn't let them. I think they have given up now as Aishwarya is too controlling and stubborn. I have seen a Durga Puja video from 2016 where Aishwarya is carrying Aaradhya and Amitabh comes to greet Aaradhya. He stands right in front of her, waves his hands, says hello but Aaradhya doesn't respond at all. Many people who saw the video wondered whether Aaradhya is too dumb to react or maybe she doesn't recognize her grandfather. In the same video, Shweta goes to Aishwarya to say hello and tries talking to Aaradhya but Aishwarya rudely ignored her. You can watch the video if you don't believe me. I think Jaya isn't allowed near Aaradhya. Aishwarya never lets anyone come closer to her daughter (Abhishek included). The only people allowed near Aaradhya are Aishwarya's parents, her aunts (mother's sisters), and Aishwarya's cousins. What's more weird is that Aaradhya stays in Jalsa but doesn't hang out with her grandparents. She is always spending time with grandma Vrinda who lives in a different apartment. Weird.


Don't worry soon you will see pictures of the child with grandmother.

Hahaha. You're right!

Does that BABY knows how to sit and walk by herself????
How old is the baby 2-3 yrs old ? Sitting in lap ???
And one would think grandmother would want to hold the baby ?
I have never seen baby held by Jaya, Sheweta or even Abhi ( that much )

All you people are reading way too much into this pic. If so much analysis you put elsewhere, maybe you all could have invented something..who knows.

Is Jaya annoyed because Shweta isnt in the photo? She looks really annoyed here.

They all look so miserable. I feel so bad for ash.

Saw same kind photo 2-3 years ago

Aishwarya is waiting for Amitabh to die so she can kick Jaya out of Jalsa and become it's Queen! Imagine having such a big, beautiful, lavish, fancy house all to yourself! Unless, Amitabh and Jaya made a will that divides the property some other way...

please dont make such nasty is so bad....please dont....

Frankly that house looks fugly- expensive no doubt- but still fugly.

Have you seen it from inside? It's beautiful. It's one of the best celebrity houses in Mumbai.

Nita Ambani lived with her in-laws all her married life and still continues to do so. Rani Mukherjee lives with her in-laws. Gauri has always lived with her in-laws (which include Shahrukh's sister only as his parents passed away prior to his marriage).

Then I pity all of them. If I had to live with parents, I will live with mine not my husbands even though they are dear.

They had a similar photo last year on Diwali. Same location, same pose, same fake smiles, different clothes.

If Amitabh is creepy, then Aishwarya is no saint either. Immediately after getting married, Aishwarya used to attend all events holding Amitabh's hands. She used to wear really revealing clothes and sit next to Amitabh everywhere. She has danced half naked with Amitabh on Kajra Re song and also on stage during performances. She used to shamelessly latch herself to Amitabh. She has kissed Amitabh on multiple occasions in public (there are pictures on Internet if anyone wants to see them). It's cheap and creepy to behave like that with your father in law. Amitabh is her father's age...yet she behaved so cheaply.

Oh yes both are no doubt creepy. I remember those adoring glances but they barely look at each other. But no one is creepier than Senior who openly flaunted his mistresses to his wife.

Senior is creepy no doubt. But Bahu Rani is no less. She was involved with both Paa and husband. It takes a different level of cheapness to be with both husband and father in-law. But yeah, both Big B and Bachchan Bahu can compete in the shameless category and both will emerge as winners.

If Amitabh is creepy, then Aishwarya is no saint either. Immediately after getting married, Aishwarya used to attend all events holding Amitabh's hands. She used to wear really revealing clothes and sit next to Amitabh everywhere. She has danced half naked with Amitabh on Kajra Re song and also on stage during performances. She used to shamelessly latch herself to Amitabh. She has kissed Amitabh on multiple occasions in public (there are pictures on Internet if anyone wants to see them). It's cheap and creepy to behave like that with your father in law. Amitabh is her father's age...yet she behaved so cheaply.

Beautiful family, stay blessed. There are many miserable people on pinkvilla who write nasty comments about young children. I request the moderators to filter such mean and jealous haters comments

Jaya and Amitabh look like they were being forced to take that photo, feels like they will rather be shot or stabbed than being in aishwarya, gosh, let that girl go and sit on her own...we all love our children, but nothing good comes out of anything too extreme, even if that is true almost feels like she is psychologically narrowed down somewhere deep down and finds comfort in that little girl by gushing and hugging and always inclining on her for no reason...i hope the little girl always loves her when she grows up.

True children need to lead normal lives and Ashwaria is sensible and a devoted mother ,soon she will realise I'll ffects of media exposure

Aishwarya in this modern age lives with her in-laws? She is looking so happy even after that! How?!

Jalsa has a living area of 10,125 sq ft. Abhishek and Aishwarya have their own portion in Jalsa that is connected to the main house through a room. She doesn't live in Jalsa because she loves Amitabh and Jaya... She lives in Jalsa so can continue to take advantage of the luxuries that come with the house.... a BIG luxury house, luxury cars, drivers, household help, servants... industry connections....and a big lawn to organize Aaradhya's birthday parties.

Are you Sweaty swetha? How else do you know about the interiors of someone else house ?

The information about the house is available on the internet.

Never underestimate the power of make-believe. Jaya and Senior have carried the charade for decades now. Comes natural to them. Aishwarya's best work in in real life.

Aaradhya has a really sad smile. Aishwarya has a fake forced smile like someone put Fevicol on her lips. Abhishek is moderately smiling. Jaya has no smile. Amitabh looks like he's not sure whether to smile for this fake family photo or not.

PV, where is Kartik Aaryan? He is nowhere to be seen this Diwali. Happy Diwali Sonu.

Does Jaya ever smile or is she perpetually grumpy?

Does Jaya ever smile or is she perpetually grumpy?

There is so smile on Jaya's face...while Ash and Abhibreally do look happy

I have something Aishwarya never had or will have- a accomplished handsome husband and my own home. I don't have to toe line to other people especially people like creepy Senior or grumpy Jaya.

Aishwarya has 4 apartments in Mumbai alone (an apartment where she grew up, an apartment she bought after winning Miss World, an apartment she bought around 2000, and another apartment she bought three years ago). She earns a LOT of money. She can easily move out and live in any of HER 4 apartments. She's not the "innocent" daughter in law she's projecting herself to be. She has made Jaya's life hell by her tantrums. Jalsa is in Jaya's name. It's Jaya's house and Jaya sacrificed her career to support her husband, focus on her children's education, and support her in-laws. Bachchans have never interfered in Aishwarya's life or put any restrictions on her. She comes and goes as she pleases. She does whatever she wants to do. I'm sure Bachchans will be extremely happy when she decides to move out so she can take her drama along with her and they can live in peace.

She can have a 100 houses or "apartments" but has no home. In a decade of marriage, she never had a home. No wonder the marriage crumpled. A loser like Junior and regressive in-laws- this marriage is Aishwarya's one (and fatal) miscalculation in otherwise well planned life. Sadly the one time she needed to make a well thought out decision, she choose to chase the shiny object (aka Bachchan name).

In a decade of marriage, she has "ruled" Jalsa and lived according to her own terms. Marriages are nurtured by love, trust, friendship, care, and compromise. The size of the house, location of the house, joint vs nuclear family, rental vs. own house....these things don't matter. Traditionally, women in India used to live in extended families after marriage and marriages lasted longer. So many people live in one room houses with 5-6 people, and marriages last. Houses don't decide the fate of a marriage... people (husband and wife) do.

If that is the case why live with the man's parents? Why does Junior not move in with Vrinda? As a modern woman, I love the intimacy of creating a home (not house) with my partner - and with it the responsibilities- brings a couple together. It must be suffocating to live with the regressive Bachchans who made her marry a tree. Living with his parents must have worked in the last century where women had fewer choices but which woman in her right mind willingly wants it? I know men dont want to live with their in-laws.

Being a modern woman or a modern man is not living off by yourself and shrugging off responsibility. If you are so modern and western, it will interest you to know that people in the US are living with their parents nowadays. If you in laws or parents treat you well and you have enogh space, why wouldn't you stay under the same roof. The more people to love and cherish you, the better..

Aishwarya's "regressive" parents made her marry a tree because she was a manglik (it was reported in news that she was manglik). What's stopping her to stay with her mother? She can move out anytime and happily live at her mother's place ...she spends more time with her mother anyways. Going by that logic, Aishwarya's brother should also move to America to live with his wife's parents. Why did her sister in law Shrima move to India after marriage?

"Poor" independent Aishwarya makes crores every year and owns multiple apartments throughout the city (which are furnished but no one lives there). This "poor" woman lives in a lavish house Jalsa. However, she has "failed" to find a "home" for herself because why? What's the reason? I think you want Amitabh and Jaya to move out of Jalsa into an old age home so "poor" Aishwarya can occupy Jalsa completely and finally find a "home" for herself.

Really? In a city where most people are either homeless or live in slums, this "poor" Aishwarya owns multiple apartments yet has failed to create a "home" for herself for no reason.

You really think a woman as shrewd and manipulative as Aishwarya made a "mistake" marrying into Bachchan family? Back in the day, Abhishek was considered the most eligible bachelor in Bollywood. Aishwarya outsmarted every girl in Bollywood by marrying Abhishek. People were shocked at how Amitabh and Jaya brought a girl with no significant family background and a very "colorful" past filled with affairs and relationships with multiple men. She's older than Abhishek. She has ruined their legacy just for her greed to become Bahu Rani.

So Aishwarya decided everything? Did the silly boy have any say? What legacy? Who in that family has a more colorful past (and present) than Senior and his daughter? Aishwarya is no saint - but bachchans are really trashy.

Aishwarya the "dignified" woman had relationship with Rajeev Mulchandani during modeling days, offered her "services" to Subhash Ghai to get Taal, a 4-year relationship with Salman, 2 year relationship with Vivek, affair with Amitabh, marriage with Abhishek, and now affair with that Dr. from SoBo. Who knows how many more men she had in her life. Oh, and those cheap scenes in which she's wearing negligee and kissing and licking Ranbir in ADHM (all in the name of real vs. reel life). Her lip kisses with Vivek and Hrithik were quite "dignified" too.

Aishwarya has danced half naked with her father in law.....held hands, hugged, kissed. How many daughter in laws have done that? Thank God there are photos and videos as proof of Bahu Rani and her antics.

What do you want? Jaya should leave Jalsa and move somewhere else so Aishwarya can finally make it as a "home" for herself?

Rich people problems. If she can't create a home for herself despite having multiple houses/apartments, then fault lies with her. Her "regressive" in-laws have never interfered in her career or the types of clothes she wears, the types of movies she does (vulgar scenes in ADHM), the people she hangs out with (mostly men).
She didn't marry into "Bachchans" by mistake. She's an extremely cunning woman who cleverly crafted a plan to trap Bachchans at a time when she had no respect in Bollywood. She's 3 years older than Abhishek. The marriage brought her back into Bollywood and gave her immense status uplift as well as political connections. Amitabh Bachchan even gave her Kalyan Jewelers contract worth crores. They made movies for her (Umrao Jaan, Sarkar Raj, Raavan). They supported her in every aspect...what did she do for them in return? Nothing.

What is the big deal if she is older? I believe Aishwarya who is successful herself married a loser. More tan just a loser, he is a man baby. Bet you jaya wipes his A$$

Aaradhya is one of the most ugliest child I have ever seen. Even children in slums look cuter than her. This is the child born to "the most beautiful woman".... hahaha. My maid's daughter is prettier than Aaradhya...and my maid doesn't call herself beautiful.

Your comment proves what a miserable life you lead and what a sad upbringing you must have had. Aaradhya looks very pretty and so do all kids. What makes you think kids in slums or maids kids are not beautiful? Even your looks will fade with age. Looks are not everything, if not Princess Diana, Marlyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor would not havevhas sad lives. Come out of your sickness and stop judging kids based on looks. Go enroll yourself for counseling and medical help as you are abnormal and weird

I truly hope this is what one day someone says about your child. Then you will understand how vile and disgusting you are. This child is beautiful and honestly it is not her physical beauty that will define her. Her mother and father are doing a fantastic job raising her and one day she will leave a mark in this world while no one will ever care to know who you are. You my friend will forever remain non existant and anonymous so...grow up!

My my how the tables have turned. You do realize Aishwarya has been barking for decade about how beautiful she is.....God took special time to create her.....her extraordinary beauty is exceptional. Aishwarya gets really frustrated when someone doesn't call her beautiful and goes every length to yell she's the only "natural beauty" in the history of this world. Aishwarya thinks she has the right to say that every woman, every girl, every child is less beautiful than her. Why does she get so mad when someone points out how ugly Aaradhya is. It isn't a lie. Aaradhya i's really below average and one of the ugliest child ever.
Regarding her upbringing, her mother is raising her to skip school and attend red carpet events. The only mark Aaradhya will make is to sell makeup like her mother. To do that, she first needs to do skin whitening like her mom and start using green contact lenses.

I truly hope this is what one day someone says about your child. Then you will understand how vile and disgusting you are. This child is beautiful and honestly it is not her physical beauty that will define her. Her mother and father are doing a fantastic job raising her and one day she will leave a mark in this world while no one will ever care to know who you are. You my friend will forever remain non existant and anonymous so...grow up!

CCCold vibes

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