Do you think Rhea Chakraborty's interrogation will unravel new details in Sushant Singh Rajput's case? COMMENT

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Do you think Rhea Chakraborty's interrogation will unravel new details in Sushant Singh Rajput's case? COMMENT

Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic demise on 14th June 2020 shook the entire nation. Meanwhile, further developments in connection with the late actor’s case have further baffled everyone. His father, KK Singh, filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and five other people a few weeks back. They were accused of abetment to suicide, siphoning of money, and other related allegations. Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea has been among the prime suspects in the case since then.

The Mumbai Police has already recorded her statements in connection with the case. Moreover, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has also interrogated her twice. So far, we have learned that CBI has already summoned her and her father for questioning. Meanwhile, they have also quizzed her brother Showik. The investigating agency has completed its fourth day of the probe, and there is little doubt that the next person to face them is none other than Rhea herself. She was last seen by spectators and shutterbugs while arriving at the ED office a few days back.

The CBI has extracted information from many people in connection with Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. However, now all eyes are on Rhea for all the obvious reasons. The fact that she was the late actor’s girlfriend makes many of us think that she might have more information about him as compared to others. What are your opinions about the same? Do let us know in the comments section if you think Rhea Chakraborty’s interrogation will unravel some new details in the late actor’s case.

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Anonymous : I think CBI, ED and Narcotics are now all involved so some truth will come out. I wonder what are these powerful forces, I feel there is someone even at the top of AU that's involved with international links. Maybe not everyone will be punished but some will be. Since its a public interest matter now. 50-100 people involved in a conspiracy against one guy..goes to show that he was not weak, they needed so many people to bring him down...We have to be united, trust in God Almighty, have some patience and respect our central agencies and hope for best and keep voicing our demand for justice. He is a martyr because he was about to expose the child abuse. Yes, child abuse happens everywhere in isolated incidents that we need to be wary of but if it's happening at a large scale level like we are hearing of, that's something to fight for till the end...
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Anonymous : Yes, I think the child abuse and drug peddling angle will come out if the political party at the centre wants it to..but if there's a political deal, then I can't say for sure
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Anonymous : this is a suicide as much as people want to prove otherwise. He was bipolar and wanted to hide from everyone and keep his diagnosis a secret from his family that is why he distanced himself. This shows how little Indians know (and care) about Mental disorders. Unfortunately the career he was in added to his struggles. It's common for bipolar person to evade and conceal their symptoms until the worst happens or symptoms go out of control. In his case, that is what happened which his g/f did not expect. Having intelligence and good looks doesn't mean they can be immune to mental disorders! I see comments like 'he was so intelligent how can he have bipolar!' This is suicide unfortunately. Also, when he was alive and even though he distanced himself, there was extreme negligence on families' part bcoz they failed to (and still do or are purposely denying/covering up as mental disorders are taboo and there is lot of stigma in society) see the symptoms of his disorders/changes in him.
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Anonymous : She needs a "thorough investigation " for sure. I would love to see her and her gang behind the bars and getting treatments on daily basis from the fellow prisoners. Can't wait..
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Anonymous : Too many people involved I'm praying that somebody will talk or maybe something recorded the events.... There a mighty force above and he will guide and give light into the people investigating the case
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Anonymous : No doubt she was a planted in Ssr life so when the day arrives to take him out She will be there to tell the world he was depressed hence he comments suicide but wht I like to know wht was the reason for his depression if at all it was natural and not induced depression He had a few projects he had money he was and also money did not matert to him someone who lived in the present do I can't understand the depression angle and also rhea and her who gang were the only ppl who knew he was depressed Had he been depressed his co stars directors and the team would have some inclination of his depression Yet he still gave a block buster movie in 2019 Makes u wonder
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Anonymous : There no life for this woman in Indian even if she gets away from the law due to all the polices cover-up we the fans of Ssr will never believe its suicide.. There is too much pointing to murder One can botch up one time we humans but not at every turn. Evidence is definitely tampered with
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Anonymous : I follow the media trial and out off curiosity with the station bringing so much factual evidence to the nation what I don't get though is a group of people so desperately defending rhea and also the police and the doctors for the botch up its almost they don't want the truth to come out Someone lost his life shouldn't everybody work together to find the murder
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Anonymous : Really want to say yes but I don’t think so, it is too little too late, ample time to get stories straight, evidence tampered
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Anonymous : She needs 3rd degree.The truth will come out.
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : Lalchi b will get it weather the investigation is successful or not. She and her family are finished. No sympathy for pawns. PV post this.
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : What about the diary pages torn off
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sniffer dogs needed ....
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Anonymous : There has been too long a delay by the time CBI could take over, meanwhile all crucial evidences have been wiped out and sanitised. This woman may get lucky and escape criminal punishment. But, one can be sure karma will get her surely. She can use her stolen money and bigwig connections to leave India forever, because the people will NEVER forget or forgive what she has done, she has no future left in India anymore. Bhaag jayegi, like the chor that she is.
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Anonymous : I personally counted 184 people who claim to have some personal connection, knowledge , suspicion , allegations in the SSR case, i suspect it will take at least 6 months to question them all, make sense of what they say , connect the dots and then make case for murder, this is getting complicated , nothing before 2022 , unfortunately
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Anonymous : Yes. If it is fair investigation
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