Does Kareena Kapoor Khan cringe while changing Taimur Ali Khan's diapers?

Kareena Kapoor Khan gets candid about her son Taimur Ali Khan.

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan welcomed a baby Boy Taimur Ali Khan on December 26, 2016, and since then, their entire life revolves around the tiny munchkin. Just like his famous parents, Taimur too has a fan following of his own, owing to his chubby cheeks and curious eyes. 
In an interview with a leading entertainment magazine, when Bebo was asked if she ever cringed while changing Taimur's diapers, the actress exclaimed, "Cringe? No, I can't cringe. He's my son. Never." 
Spoken like a true mother, indeed!
On Taimur being paparazzi's favourite, Kareena had earlier stated to the magazine, "I do understand that. But I just don't want him to be looked upon as a star kid. I want him to grow up as normally as possible. I want to let him be just the way he is." 
Kareena continued, "In today's times, everyone is seen and is out there. You post pictures on Instagram, on Facebook... because you want to share your life with people. Everyone is posting pictures of themselves at different events, in different outfits, tagging people..."
"I guess nobody can say this is private and this is not anymore. Because everything is pretty much out there," the actress added. 
Meanwhile, on the work front, Kareena is currently in Delhi as she is shooting for Veere Di Wedding. Directed by Shashanka Ghosh and produced by Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor, Veere Di Wedding also stars Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhasker Shikha Talsania and Sumeet Vyas as the leads.  

Credits: Filmfare

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this little ball of cuteness.. just wanna give him a million kisses.. chubby little munchkin

how she have time to change diaper when she always at gym airport salon party???!

Yea right Nanny is the one who does it!

ya right she changes diapers with those long artificial nails and after her busy pouting, restaurant and gymming schedule. Pls credit us with some intelligence. Also, give credit to the nanny who is more like a mommy and am sure the only one who changes all those dirty diapers.

What a stupid question to ask a mother!

She is changing into motor-mouth Sonam! Sad!

Lol....cringing or no cringing...then teething then god knows kya kya....veere ki wedding then Kahi aesa na ho ki taimur ki hi wedding aa jaye....

Bebo is a wonderful actor,mother and most importantly a wonderful person .
She's my favourite.

Okay bebo

Flop actress


Wow such haters ... neither was this anyway about Mira nor is her name mentioned but god knows why her name is always dragged into anything about Kareena. Kareena fans really need to calm down!

Just coz he wakes up to hearing his nanny sing the aarti to him and being photographed a few times with her doesn't mean bebo doesn't spend time with her son or changes his diaper. Her and Saif have mentioned in their interview how they have a nanny who help them raise their son. Karisma is not as ambitious as bebo is otherwise she would have continued with her career as well as raise her children just the way bebo is now and don't say that being ambitious fulfilling your dreams while raising a child is a crime and about leaving her child in the hands of a caring loving nanny does not mean she doesn't love her child and this is something that we have no right to comment on its her child and she knows best for him

no big deal in changing diaper. He is her baby and that what mothers do. Very stupid question.

And fathers!

Nannies change Taimurs diapers. There is no way that Kareena bathes or cleans Taimur with such long nails.

I agree. I agree. I agree....totally...hahahah

Mira you should seriously stop using your daughter to gain publicity it's clearly not working for you and about bebo She's not using her son to gain publicity like you. Today all the publicity she gets is because of her hard work unlike you who married an actor and behaving as if you've done something great to be compared to her no matter how much you try you won't ever reach bebo level. Her time is not up and she is going to prove this soon and about posting pics of her son daily she can do what she wants and post as many photos of her son as she wants her fans love taimur and are always eager to see the cute little boy photos everyday and if you and your husband can post your daughters photo so can she

She's not using her son to gain publicity like you mira unlike you she is a working women been working since age of 18 and all the attention publicity and fame she is getting today is because of her hard work so mira she doesn't have to use cheap tricks like you to gain more publicity.

I dont think anyone would not cringe while changing a diaper..

I doubt she changes his diaper. Saif confirmed that Taimur wakes up listening to aarti with his nanny. The nanny is as famous as any other actor because she is ALWAYS photographed with Taimur. Red arrow me all you want but he is clearly being raised by her. I wouldn't leave that adorable little baby out of my sight if he was mine. Such a cute munchkin! Karishma is clearly a hands on mom while Kareena isn't.

Kareena please stop using your baby in order to gain publicity in hope that it would translate in to more movie offers. Face it Kareena your time as a leading lady ended the day you got married. Sit at home and take care of your baby and stop boring everyone by posting daily pictures of your baby.

No need to worry about taimur she knows how to take care of her son with or without those nails.

I hope she doesn't change with such long nails...

Soo cute bebo

I completely agree with her . I don't cringe while changing my kids nappies

What a stupid question!

Hahaaha why would media ask such a question? I'm a mother and I sometimes can't stand the smell of my baby's nappy. I do go 'yuck' and cringe. Isn't it normal?
It doesn't mean I love her less!

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