‘Don't think you are Sunil Dutt's son’: Sanjay Dutt says working with his father in Rocky ‘was a hard task’

Updated on Sep 26, 2021 03:48 AM IST  |  77.7K
sanjay dutt with father sunil dutt
‘Don't think you are Sunil Dutt's son’: Sanjay Dutt says working with his father in Rocky ‘was a hard task’ (Pic Credits: Sanjay Dutt Instagram)

Sanjay Dutt stepped into Bollywood with the 1981 film Rocky which was directed by his father Sunil Dutt. The film went on to establish Sanjay as a new star on the block, however, looks like the actor had his own obstacles while shooting for the film. In his recent appearance in the dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 4, Sanjay Dutt shared that working in the film with his father as the director was ‘a hard task’. He also shared an anecdote about being scolded by Sunil Dutt for having lunch on set. 

Remembering the experience, Sanjay said, “Working on Rocky was a hard task and especially because my father was the director. We didn't use to have lunch break. Once his assistant, Farooq Bhai came and told me that we don't have a lunch break but I could go and have something. While I was eating the food dad was ready with the shot and asked where I was. Farooq Bhai told him I had gone for lunch and my dad got angry and told him to call me right away. He started shouting at me, asking ‘Who told you to go have lunch, did I say it is a break?’ and all the stuff. He said, 'Don't think you are Sunil Dutt's son.'

He further added that when Farooq Bhai was questioned by Sunil Dutt, the former simply denied it. "I used to call him ‘sir’ on the sets so I told him it was Farooq sir who told me to and then when he asked Farooq Bhai he denied it. He started saying, 'Kids these days don't even think of asking for permission just want to get on with their own stuff'. He started saying that ‘you should have asked Sunil sir before eating, who told you to eat without permission’, and in my head I was like, ‘You told me to eat’," he added.

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