Ekta Kapoor apologises on behalf of Kangana Ranaut, delegation of journos accept it but will continue ban

The delegation of journalists had demanded an apology from the 'Queen' actress on Monday and had also planned to boycott the film's promotions if Kangana failed to do so.
News,Kangana Ranaut,ekta kapoor,Judgementall Hai KyaThe delegation of journalists had demanded an apology from the 'Queen' actress.
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Kangana Ranaut created a stir when she recently got into an argument with a journalist at the song launch event of her upcoming film Judgementall Hai Kya. The verbal spat quickly turned into a heated argument with scores of other journalists supporting the scribe in question. Apart from Kangana, producer Ekta Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao were also present. The delegation of journalists had demanded an apology from the 'Queen' actress on Monday and had also planned to boycott the film's promotions if Kangana failed to do so.   

Taking the turn of events into account, Ekta Kapoor's Balaji Telefilms have released an official statement. It reads, "A lot is being reported about the debate that ensued between our film JudgeMentall Hai Kya's actor and journalist Justin Rao, at the film’s song launch event on July 7th, 2019. Unfortunately, the event took an unpleasant turn. While the people involved in it fairly held their own perspectives but because it happened at the event of our film, we, as the producers, would like to apologize and express regret for this untoward incident. We would like to maintain that our intention was not to disrespect or hurt anyone's sentiments. Our film JudgeMentall Hai Kya releases on July 26th and we urge the media to not let this one incident hamper the team effort that has gone behind making the film." 

The delegations of journalists have now responded to Ekta Kapoor's statement through The Entertainment Journalists Guild. They said, "The Entertainment Journalists Guild appreciates Ms Ekta Kapoor's support and standing for what is right through her official statement. However, we will continue the ban on Ms Kangana Ranaut across all media platforms." 



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i think its publicity stunt no idiot will fight in front of everyone like that

For those of you who keep on defending Kangana hear this: She didn't even let the reporter finish asking his question. She immediately jumped on him and started blaming him (and possibly other journalists) for starting smear campigns and writing badly about Manikarnika. Kangana, we all know you put your heart and soul into the film, but not everything works out.Failure is a part of success: deal with it. That journalist has done a right thing, trying to clear his stand. I'm glad he is being supported by EJG, because someone as simple as a journalist, and someone as powerful as a celebrity, most often the celebrity is able to get support and not the journalist. True - some journalists are idiots and ask stupid questions and purposefully DO try to defame celebrities, but it is unfair to label all journalists like that. And Rangoli, you CANNOT keep siding with your sister forever. When are you going to break free from her and have your own opinion. And if this is your opinion, then you really need to get your eyes and ears checked. Your sister was obviously very rude and brash to that journalist, and she deserves that boycott...I want to see you try to shut down their voice...NONSENSE

she’s now paying for social media trends to make it seem like she has supporters, haha!

They made it into a mountain because it's her! I have seen Salman, Ranveer, Jim and others be so rude to journalist they just laugh it off. Misogony at its best.

I agree. Also the India media has no boundaries.

Is kangna a kid? Why Ekta is speaking on her behalf? Grow up little vamp and take responsibilities.

No they didn't made it a big fuss but Kangana did. See the video. She loves to fights and abuse everyone all the time for no reason. Don't drag other civilized stars here. She is wrong and you and her team must admit it.
post these facts

When actors play roles of Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters they are hailed as heroes but when an actress plays a freedom fighter she is called jingoistic. Face of real India.

are they though? how much is kangana paying you? it’s not enough

kangana is an actor, she may have played a freedom fighter but she isn’t one and the movie didn’t do as well as expected, get over yourself woman and accept the outcome gracefully. They can tell the difference between reel and real, she should too.

This Entertainment Journalists Guild was formed this week after this incident which says a lot about their intentions. As for Manikarnika being a flop - tell us the name of any other female only led Hindi film that made 100 crores other than Tanu weds Manu, Tanu weds Manu returns and Raazi. That makes Kangana a top actress, PERIOD.

How does these 100 crs film makes kangana a nice, decent and a genuine human being? Its your character that lasts not your 100 crs films. Lol she is not a top actress. She is not even an A list actress.
Post this

Oh really? So who is your 'nice, decent and a genuine' human being in movies? "Being human" Salman? Funny that you expect nice people to be in movies lol.

What is wrong with you?! This wasn't even about Manikarnika! Like all issues between stars/media AND Kangana, majority of them are going on in her head! And this is one of them! That interviewer didn't even get to finish his question, because she started brashing at him!

veere di wedding

did it cross 100 cr though? it barely recovered costs

Ekta should drop kangana from the promotions and let Rajkumar promote the film.

Side note: what is Ekta wearing? Embarrassing

Lol, Kangana needs to stop using public platforms to settle scores.

She doesnt know power of media. And her sister is trying to give it a religious and political colors!! Her tweets are soo venomous !!!

Now the world and media will be a peaceful and a positive place.

Ban her sister from twitter too. Please.

This step by the media was necessary.

Public is with media.

Ekta deserves that. She backstab her childhood friend Hrithik.

Great! Never take panga with the media. They have a power to make and break you. They banned Amitabh bachan for 10 years after which he apologised.

Kangana's PR is running a paid trend on Twitter.

Truth is out. Ekta too knew Kangaha misbehaved and lied .

Kangana's career is finished.

Ok Jaadu, your family is finished as well

HI psycho stalker. Stop talking to your PHANTASY in public. He and his family ISNT finished. You and your family is FINISHED. Your father disowned you already .
PV post this please be fair to all

Pinkvilla you too should not post anything related to kangana. You are a part of media too.

Ban kangana till she apologize.

Karma hot ekta and kangana both.

Lol she is worried about her film only.

Kangana should apologise not Ekta.

Greatest job by the media ever.. Big round of applause.. Show her her real place, my dearest Indian media..

She did NOT apologize on behalf of Kangana

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