Elli AvRam asks people to keep faith and wishes the John Lenon song come true

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Elli AvRam asks people to keep faith and wishes the John Lenon song come true

On Wednesday, Elli posted an Instagram video of her stage combat training, and her action routine sees her kick butt and take aim with a gun with equal elan.

Her caption indicates she was inspired by Milla Jovovich's get-up and action in Luc Besson's 1997 sci-fi action thriller, "The Fifth Element", where the Hollywood star joins forces with Bruce Willis to save the earth from destructive forces. Elli says she would love to get into similar action mode and bust all that is evil in the world.

She also drew inspiration from John Lennon's immortal song, "Imagine", while penning her thoughts.



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"Current mood...Wish I could be this bad*** 5th element who eliminate all evil creatures on this planet and saves humanity. It's about innocent lives that are being used as if they don't mean anything. It's about the hate and pain that's all over the world. Pure souls being destroyed and killed."

"Is there any hope left, when all of us, who have it all, choose to give up instead of fighting for what is right? When we stop spreading love or even keep faith in love," she wrote.

"I just don't know anymore, where we are heading....being a human is a beautiful thing, but we seem to have forgotten it. We seem to have allowed the darkness and fear of life, take over. Why? Well because many of us know what happens to those who choose to do good and the right thing.....imagine if we all came together and did it though.....just imagine. Maybe John Lennon's song would finally come true then," Elli added.

Elli's action skills impressed many of her colleagues, besides fans.

"That faces, those moves," actress Toranj Kayvon commented.

Choreographer Terence Lewis wrote: "This is a new level of sexy."

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