EXCLUSIVE: Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora buy a house together?

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been spotted together on a number of occasions. Reportedly, the two also plan on tying the knot soon.
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Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been spotted together on a number of occasions. While the rumours have been rife about their relationship, the two have always kept mum about it. However, lately, they have not shied away from being papped together. Last night, Arjun and Malaika were clicked with Karan Johar after a dinner. Not just that but the much-in-love couple is also spotted visiting each other at their plush residences. Reportedly, both Arjun and Malaika even plan to tie the knot soon. But there is no official word on it.

Amidst these appearances together, we have exclusively learned that Arjun and his lady love have invested in a flat together. A source close to the couple revealed some details to us. “Arjun and Malaika have together purchased a flat in a plush society near Lokhandwala Complex. It is their joint investment together. Whether they plan to live in or no is entirely up to them. But they are surely getting a space for themselves. Currently, the interiors of the house are being done and both Malaika and Arjun are looking into the details,” reveals our source. 

Well, we wonder is this their new pad?! Guess, only time will tell the truth!

Meanwhile, recently, on Koffee with Karan, Arjun Kapoor was asked if he is single, to which the actor candidly confessed, “No, I’m not single.” When KJo further quizzed him if he would be introducing this new partner to his family anytime soon, to which, Arjun quickly added, “Clearly, it has just happened.”

On the work front, Arjun Kapoor will be next seen in Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar with Parineeti Chopra and India’s Most Wanted.

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well apparently malaika and arbaaz had an open marriage anyway? so then it isn't cheating is it....but arjun dating arpita and THEN hooking up with malaika is seriously awkward. can't believe the rumours always turn out to be true!

Was just watching Salman’s rapid fire round when he was on KWK the first time...to one of the questions he answered he can’t choose between Varun, Aditya Roy Kapur and Arjun Kapoor as he has seen all of them growing up and specially he trained Arjun Kapoor in person to enter the industry. Feel so sad and disgusted!

Wish Sridevi was alive to see all this drama.

Name for this relationship? Booty Call.
Trashy ! Trashy !

This is just disturbing for many Indians as it is very different from our traditional culture. Arjun was the boyfriend of Arpita but then he started dating Arpita's sister in law (who was married with a teenage boy). Malaika was carrying on this affair from 2013-2014 and decided to get divorced from Aarbaz in 2016. Khan family knew everything and kept quiet. They never bad-mouth Malaika or Arjun. Aarbaz is such a gentleman...he never said anything bad about Malaika even though he knew his wife was cheating on him with his sister's ex-boyfriend who is much younger than her.

Arjun is such a hypocrite. All his life he publically criticized Sridevi for breaking his parents marriage and causing pain to his mother Mona. He should be criticized in public for what he has done. Jhanvi and Khushi should give interviews criticizing Arjun just like Arjun did to criticize their mother.

Lucky Arjun!

Lucky Arjun!

This is probably going to be my last comment on this hideous relationship. I don't have a problem with anything except how this relationship started. Cheating is never ok!
I am sure Malaika and her minions follow this page regularly.So here goes, How you gain them is how you lose them.

Spot on! And also this is how Katrina lost RK!

he was already banging her before she broke her marriage.If i was arhaan , i would be ashamed to look this woman my mother.I'm sure he is being bullied right now, and hypocrite arjun don't care, well the mother does not even bother.

What is the source of Malaika's wealth? She is always sporting very expensive designer gear and she's never been an actor or big showbiz persona or any such thing! One wonders...

She co produced Dabangg with Arbaaz and earned enough moolah for a lifetime! All this reality show judging only helps her stay in the limelight and satisfy her separation to show off!

1. She does item numbers.
2. She is a judge on few TV shows.
3. She has been a host on a few Bollywood stage shows.
4. She has been saving her money for a long time since 2009.
5. Now she owns a fitness place for excersise and yoga
6. She did get lot of money from a Divorce Settlement. Also, Salman has been very generous
taking care of his brothers, their wives and kids.
7. Malaika will open a resturant soon.
8. Most of the designer clothes she wears to the parties/ON TV shows they are loaned by brand name companies she has to return those clothes she cannnot keep them.

9. Once in while she will get some clothes as a exchange for being on event.

She also runs a business with Bipasha and Susanne. She shd be fine.

She’s been judging shows with Karan Johar and Kiron Kher for years now. India’s got talent, JDJ, started with Nach baliye. I’m sure that’s gotta account for something! In fact I think she’s done more work than ex Arbaaz.

Arbaaz has producer Dabang. That alone is more than Malaika will ever make judging stupid shows forever

People fall in love with people outside their marriage all the time. Arbaaz is ok with Malaika as is her son. The rest of you can relax

hahaha i agree.
people fall in love with people outside their marriage all the time.
but if arjun is ok with that.. and is part of that... why was he never ok with sridevi?

if i were in arhaan's place i have not idea how i'd deal with such negligent parents and now potentially, step parents too.

Look at shaid kapoor

there is a god arjun, and he is watching.

and karma will make sure arhaan khan hates you as much as you hate(d) sridevi.

Arjuns hate did no harm to sridevi so I guess Arjun will survive Arhaans hate.

Malaika acts as if she has no child and is not concerned about him at all.such a disgrace she is.Im feeling bad for the son.

Why is she making such coy, innocent faces these days? As the famous Hindi proverb goes - "Nau sau chuhe kha kar billi hajj ko chali"

Person who said what did they do must be an aware of the incident they did she was sleeping with him when there wasn't any trouble in her marriage that to when arJun was dating her sister in law arpita at that time I think arbaaj didn't left her at that time because he didn't wanTed people to disgrace his sons mother let people caLl her whore but since arbaaj found new girl then they publicly open there relatownship so that people will think that arbaaj has move on why should not they but it is about that it is about charecter and moral

Wow!!! Please use periods moving forward. And his name is ArbaaZ/ArbaZ!! Not ArbaJ Hahahhahaha Sounds like s villager

ArbaaJ hahaha

Mr.Kapoor once dated Now Mrs.Sharma, nothing wrong. But he now dating her SIL is just disgusting. No you can’t keep more than one relationship in the family, no not that kind. My sympathies are for her young son, whose parents are busy parading their young partners, seem like they want to out do each other.

They are both adults and single. If they make each other happy who is anyone to judge?

NOW they are single.
when they began the relationship malaika was very much married.
and sure, they are entitled to their happiness, but wasnt sridevi too? was arjun happy for sridevi? i dont think so

I hope they be happy. I don't think there's any thing wrong in it.

this is too gross

Let them buy a house who cares

Wont last....

Wont last....

Her son should move in with his grandparent and leave this trashy woman with her newly found love

hahah i doubt mal would be investing her own money in a common property....shes too smart.

Let them be happy. May be Arjun loves 'deep throat'. LOL

Why the hate? Let them live their lives

Wouldn't they get married before buying a house together? It seems odd to invest in a house when you don't even know the relationship will last.

How could she even thought of him to begin with

I hope karma gets this trashy couple soon. These morons deserve some epic humiliation !

Why? What did they do? She is divorced and he is single. Why are you so angry? Not good for your mental or physical health. PV please post.

Lol you are too mean!

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