EXCLUSIVE: Hema Malini on hubby Dharmendra’s birthday: Our love will remain forever

Hema Malini gets sentimental on husband Dharmendra’s 86th birthday.

Updated on Dec 08, 2021 07:15 PM IST  |  1.4M
Hema Malini on hubby Dharmendra’s birthday
EXCLUSIVE: Hema Malini on hubby Dharmendra’s birthday: Our love will remain forever
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She the Dreamgirl and he a daydream. Together they made for the most gorgeous onscreen pair between the ’70s – ’80s, marking a trail of blockbusting movies and memories. Translating their reel chemistry into ‘real’ commitment, Hema Malini and Dharmendra went on to give romance an authentic flavour. Steadfast and sincere, their bond has celebrated the hues of the seasons. What’s nurtured their marriage is the mutual respect and space they accord each other… unravelling their own myth as individuals yet holding together their narrative of love… On veteran husband Dharmendra’s birthday, Hema Malini wishes for many more years of togetherness… Excerpts:

Any special plans for Dharamji’s birthday?

We’re looking forward to celebrating it together. Esha and Ahana will plan something special. Even the grandkids (Esha Deol’s daughters Radhya and Miraya and Ahana Deol’s son Darian and twin daughters Astraia and Adea) are crazy about their ‘Nanu’. The children carry individual gifts for him. Dharamji loves gifts and unwraps them with the excitement of a child.

What’s the most beautiful gift Dharamji has given you?

The most beautiful thing that Dharamji has given me is our children. Together, we have shared lovely memories through this journey.

What’s kept the marriage so vibrant?

I was born and brought up in a family, which lay great emphasis on the arts. I was dedicated to dance. My mother was keen that I pursue it always. Marriage with Dharamji was another important event in my life. The best thing was that he never stopped me from working. Dharamji too enjoys acting no matter what the conditions. His profession is his passion and he cherishes his fans. We respect each other’s work and share a great understanding between us. We’re close and yet we follow our individual paths. We give each other space, which has enhanced our relationship.

What does togetherness mean to you today?

Earlier it meant spending time with each other. Today, we’re more concerned about each other’s health and wellbeing. I don’t demand much from him. All I want him to be is comfortable and happy. If he’s feeling low, I’m there to cheer him up. We enjoy looking after each other. And in this our children are our strength and support. We love spending time at Dharamji’s farm in Lonavala. It’s a beautiful place. But being work-oriented, we can’t stay there for too long. We have to come back to our commitments.

A sterling quality that Dharamji possesses?

He’s a calm and peaceful person. At times, he may get disturbed for some reason. But we deal with things as mature people. Life teaches you to make the best of everything. Our relationship has been a supportive one.

He’s known to be extremely emotional?

Yes. He’s simple at heart and emotional. But being a Libran, balancing is my job. I am the balancing factor at home. I’m practical. I can’t remain upset for long. Because eventually everything will pass.

Hema Malini

Interestingly, you learnt Urdu during the lockdown?

I already know Urdu. I can read and write Urdu.  It’s a beautiful language. I only brushed up my vocabulary during the lockdown. Dharamji writes beautiful shayri. I understand it perfectly.

He must have written shayri for you too…

Yes, Dharamji has written a lot for me. (Smiles) But you will have to ask him for it.

Okay, the finest compliment he has paid you…

(Laughs) It’s too personal. Aapko kaise bataye?

You two made a ‘lajwab’ (matchless) pair. Don’t you wish to do films together now?

Lajawab ko lajawab hi rehna chahiye! If the film we do doesn’t come up to the mark, it will be disastrous. We’d rather let our fans remember and cherish the beautiful memories. In fact, I like all the films we did together in the past, even those that didn’t work.

Something you’d like to tell him today…

(Smiles) I’d rather say that to him personally. Our love will remain forever. Love is irreversible, it cannot change.  I pray that God keeps us together for many more years.

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