EXCLUSIVE: Karan Johar played Cupid for Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani? Read Details

Gossip mills are abuzz with rumours of Sidharth Malhotra dating Kiara Advani. While, the duo met at one of Karan Johar's parties, it is now also being said that Karan played cupid for them.
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Bollywood actor Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt called it quits after allegedly dating each other for almost a year. While Alia moved on with her Brahmastra co-star Ranbir Kapoor, Sidharth is to said to have found solace in Kiara Advani. While Alia and Ranbir have no qualms about making their relationship official, Sidharth and Kiara both have denied to dating each other. But the duo reportedly spends a lot of time together. They are often spotted at the filmmaker, Karan Johar’s gettogether and in fact, the spark of Sid dating Kiara started from one of those intimate dinner parties.

The latest report also suggests that Kiara and Sidharth met each other at KJo’s pad, and it was Karan himself who played the cupid and brought them together. Interesting, isn’t it? While Alia and Sidharth have mostly resisted themselves from speaking about each other, the Raazi actress broke her silence on Karan Johar’s chat show, Koffee With Karan 6. When Karan asked Alia about her ex-flames current relationship status, the Raazi actress said that she has no idea. Then, the filmmaker asked her who she thinks Sidharth Malhotra should date. To which the 25-year-old actress promptly replied, "Kiara Advani."

Talking about Kiara and Sid, the actor was also one of the few birthday guests at Kiara's last birthday bash, which added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, on the workfront, Kiara Advani has quite a few films in her kitty. She will also play a pivotal role in Kareena Kapoor Khan, Akshay Kumar and Diljit Dosanjh starrer, Good News. She has also signed a Telugu film.

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kiara is trying to be Deepika, girl just have your own personality rather someone else. Pathetic

I think Sid and Jaqueline are dating or they are so good friends and Kiara is trying hard. That is why Kiara completely ignored Jaqueline in a reacent event. Kiara is new to the industry but a nepo kid with lot of arrogance unless you do not behave like that but Jaqueline is so popular yet humble.

Sid needs to come out on this guy

So many people control this guy in every possible way.

Now we can understand why Manish Malhotra is staying away from Karan Johar, guess he can't tolerate his behavior anymore, my advice for Manish is to take your daughter Roohi and leave, everyone can see how she lacks affection and being treated less to Yash, from the bad clothes and not being included in all the picters, Alia and Yash are Karan's real children so take your daughter and leave before its too late, raise her with love and affection and good morals, someone like Karan is not fit to be a partent

When people start dictating your relationships, house decor, career that's when you start losing control of your life. Favors are demanded as much as they are given. Me too is about power differential not just abuse. Feel scared for Sid!

no he is dating suzzanne

bollywood PR is stuck in the 1990s. hey karan, we arent dumb

The abuser plays match maker. Women will willingly hook up with a boy who has been wronged by men and older women. Lord!

karan makes blind items for everyone but deletes blind items about himself.
heights on manipulation

wow if only he had put this much effort into sorting out his own personal life.

There’s a blind item today about KJo setting up Sid with someone much elder....

This guy is getting on my nerves. Sometimes i really wonder what interesting Manish found in him. He accepted to have kids with him, I mean....I know Love is blind but....

Karan is like one of those annoying unmarried bua who is hellbent on getting you hitched.

Karan played Cupid between Abhishek and Aishwarya too

Better to speak about Manish and say the truth once for all instead of this rubbish. Attending all the diwali parties without him in hope people will forget about both of you that's it ? You're pathetic Karan

Karan Johar is so annoying, he sets people up and then thinks were all dying to know what's happening between Aalia and Ranbir and that stupid get together, which no one in the real world cared about.

He did that get together so he had something to talk about on his show with each one of them who came...or else how long would he talk about Ranbir and Alia!

God i beg you Karan just leave him alone! He doesn’t need your advices and choices. He said he is not ready for relationships and wants to stay single. He focused on his work completely. If he attended Kiara’s birthday once it doesn’t mean he wants to marry her. Just let him breathe. You forced him Alia and it failed now just let the guy live. he’s not your puppet
Kiara is not his type. He needs simple, carrying and lovely girl. Stop it please! PV please post the truth

just hope he marries an outsider I don't like actresses! the other day Izabelle was already commenting on one of his posts, I hope he choose a good girl outside the industry, neither models or actresses.

KJo has lost himself in setting up and breaking up people..releasing fake relationship articles on a daily basis and promoting nepo families! He should soon get back to his ‘actual’ job that is ‘Direction’!

Karan, tum dating ya marriage bureau kyon nahin khol lete?

Karan seems obsessed with controlling the personal life of his pupils, let them choose their partners or go out with whoever they want. Sid is happily alone,let him be single for God shake!

Varun is the only one who can go against Kjo.Sid is learning it.Alia can never.

He's trying so hard to set Sid with Kiara and Sid doesn't give a damn about it xd

He is interested in Kriti Sanon. Now, since Kriti and Sushant are no longer together, I bet Sidharth is going to hook up with her.

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