EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif's superheroine project with Ali Abbas Zafar to be made on THIS budget!

Living one of her dream roles soon, Katrina will play a superheroine in Ali Abbas Zafar's next action series that's being modelled on her character. Read details inside.
EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif's superheroine project with Ali Abbas Zafar to be made on THIS budget!EXCLUSIVE: Katrina Kaif's superheroine project with Ali Abbas Zafar to be made on THIS budget!
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Post delivering two knockout performances in Zero and Bharat, Katrina Kaif is looking at taking up more interesting projects - ones that portray her acting prowess. In Rohit Shetty's Sooryavanshi, she might not have a huge role to play with the major chunk featuring Akshay Kumar, she has been signed on for Ali Abbas Zafar's next - a superheroine project that is currently being developed.

Katrina, in many of her previous interviews, has spoken about how she has always wanted to do a superhero film. Now, with best friend Ali by her side, she's all set to indeed essay the main part in this female centric action saga. While Ali and Kat are still tight lipped about the film, the news had come about a few weeks ago when a leading tabloid reported about it.

Now, an industry insider tells us that Ali is planning to go big with this project in hand. "The film is being planned on a lavish scale and mounted on a grand canvas. They want to establish it into a franchise and for the first part starring Katrina, they are looking at making it at a whopping budget of Rs 90 crore." If this happens, it will be one of the biggest woman centric films from Bollywood, right after Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika which was also made on a huge scale. And given that it's primarily an action film, it would be nice to see Katrina ace the space she is best at!

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Wow !! So much budget for katRina’s first female solo film . She has not been able to give hits with anyone other than seniors like khans and Akshay. All her films with new actors like Ranbir Sid aditya is a complete disaster except ajab . Now people believe she would do it alone . Lot of kamli kala chasma Chinki Chameli and Sheila may be .

Guys i dont know from where you all get this negetivity from.She is an actor who has shown drastic improvement. Maybe we should support her and about retiring she is so young to retire right now. We all should break the taboo that a women can work only till a certain age

Good story and characters are more important than budget.

Lol who is this over enthusiastic ranbir fan here saying 'Dont need'. Instead of writing these many useless comments better do something productive of your useless life and it's 'No need' and not 'Dont need'.

Ok useless Katrina fan do something productive as charity begins at home.

Bring it on kay

We loved you kat.

Bollywood Queen.

Queen of cameos, surgeries and lies.

Hope your dream comes true Katrina. You make us proud. So what if you are British we love you in the UK.You have invested in your mother's charity you've done amazing work, you have the best body, are the most physically fit and you are capable of any role. Believe that with all your being, we believe in you.

Katrina PR comments

Katrina is nothing but a joke now. Does she think public is fool to believe her PR news?only her dumb fans trust her lies.

There is some confusion as Ali announced his superhero film with ranveer and he said last year that he is working on a spin off for Zoya's character.But to be fair it is a Pakistani character and making a spin off around Pakistani character doesn't makes sense. After all we will be happy to see bollywood's first female centric action film on big budget but we can't appreciate Pakistani people.

This woman is insensitive and inhuman. People are dying and world is suffering but Katrina madam wants to be in news and fool people that she is in demand and desirable.

Katrina is such an embarrassment for her fans.

Kat fans bridging Dp when its not about her. Dp didn't support terrorists but a violence against innocent students only. Also Katina supports a criminal and her country broke our India and stolen our diamond.

Haha this is not as embarrassing as deepika's Jnu visit for supporting terriorists though !

Her over enthusiastic PR lied about a movie with Vikas and Amitabh then published a fake article about Prabhas is dying to cast her , about Krrish 4 , SLB movie song and now this. Katrina is over and this is onmy a PR stunt by her.

Yes, she is doing all the films in her imagination and PR articles. Lmao. No official announcement or hints by the makers .
Katvilla post.

You seems like a die hard fan who keeps a nice track about katrina.She is in Krish 4, she will do a song in slb film, she will be seen as zoya and she has a horror comedy and ofcourse sooryavanshi so stay happy.

Attention seeker k***u.

90 crores haha no one is stupid to invest this amount on flop Katrina knowing she is not bankable and needs a big hero to get a hit. We saw the outcome of Baar Baar Dekho, fitoor , phantom and boom.

Ali Zafar refuted such rumours and only announced Mr. India trilogy. So desperate Katrina and her over active PR chill.

Katrina is a PR queen for a reason.

Ali is not making any such film. He only confirmed Mr. India . Katrina PR is lying.

Yeah movie is in the making in her imagination. Lol

PR queen Katrina can do anything for attention.

Katrina PR starts again

Her movies without big stars are struggling to make even 25 cr. In this case, which producer is stupid enough to give her 90 cr budget? Answer is simple; HER IMAGINATION...

With just one frozen expression on her pretty face, how will any one give her the lead role ? clearly its PR gimmick.

She deserves all the happiness.

Katty I love you

Great. Happy for her

I feel this is just a PR gimmick. these actors let out such media titbits and later either deny it or say its cancelled / postponed. I feel KK should gracefully retire or switch to side roles.

Shame on Katrina PR to wish for people's death and want them to get affected by covid. What else we can expect from Katrina and her fans.
Post this katvilla.

Why don't people like you retire from the world? See, now COVID-19 is going on and it's kinda trash cleaning season for the world. Why don't you join and bid a goodbye to the world!!???

Don't need to bring Ranbir here. Khans are bankable and their flops make 100 crs. Katrina is a flop with no stardom and needs big heroes for a hit. She cant be a lead as she can't act, no expressions, robotic dance, medicore dancer (replaced by Disha and nora now)and old.

Why don't people like you retire from the world. See, now COVID-19 is going and it's a kinda trash cleaning season for the Earth. Why don't u people gracefully join and bid a goodbye to the world!!???

Are you talking bout Ranbir here? Maybe he shud retire for his career going no where. If The khans are still doing lead roles? Why not Kat?

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