EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan to step down as host of Bigg Boss Season 14?

Salman Khan has finally decided to discontinue as the host for Bigg Boss 14? Read exclusive deets.
EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan to step down as host of Bigg Boss Season 14? EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan to step down as host of Bigg Boss Season 14?
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Salman Khan hosted reality show Bigg Boss 13 came to an end just last night with Sidharth Shukla declared as the undisputed winner. While Twitter has been for the longest time blaming the channel for being biased, it had been reported earlier that Salman Khan was not too happy with it. Salman has earlier expressed his veiled disappointment during the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes as wel about the same. But looks like the finale has really got to him. 

If reliable sources are to be believed, “Salman Khan felt that the channel was a bit biased towards Sidharth Shukla throughout the season. The superstar was left angry after the channel decided to pick Sidharth as the winner. The shoot was infact delayed post this (the reason why the winner announcement happened post 12:00 AM). However, Salman has now made it clear to the channel that he won’t be a part of the show any longer.” Well, reports of Salman not doing the show is not new but looks like the entire personal angle brought in this season has really affected the superstar. This season has been one of the most successful ones which even led to it getting extended by five weeks.

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Meanwhile, Sidharth Shukla was declared winner for this season, while Asim came second followed by Shehnaaz Gill at the third position. The fourth place was taken by Rashami Desai followed by Arti Singh. Paras Chhabra came sixth as he walked out of the show with the money bag of 10 lacs. Bigg Boss 13 started in October 2019 and ended mid Feb. The reality show was going to get extended by two weeks more but due to non availability of Salman’s date, it was decided to not extend it anymore.

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better actors to host Bobby, sunny, Sanjay, john, sunil ,rohit

it's a big no jo ko if salman host BB 14, he should retire, he has ruined many careers n talents,

Felt cheated after the results. Actually nobody deserved to win...A show where aged people do not know how to behave n yet holding trophy...amazing....actually he won the most worst behaved contestant award....

definitely salman is ruining his image to host this kind of foolish show:(

Whether Salman was biased or colors ultimately it was the audience who was fooled. Dsnt suit artist of Salman's status imitating Asim,pointing out him being without socks on national TV whereas Shukla never wore socks during weekends. Salman picking on contestants except Shukla.Doesn't speak high about a senior artist.if channel was making him do all this he'd quit.

Agree totally

Salman is bigger than BB so he should have done the right thing by making Aasim the winner as Siddharth didn’t deserve the title at all.Totally biased show.

Shukla deserved it..
He was the only one who was not fake through out the season..the show is not biased at all.. aftrall it depended upon public votes...
Agar Asim ko jitate to show biased hota

Abe salman khud b biased toward sidhart.n if merel show
Is biased then was salman puppet host.

Sid is not desrving winner??? oh really?entire season revolves around him . each and every contestants journey is incomplete without him ,ex - Asim sana, rashmi, ariti, paras mahira etc etc , asim is famous for his friendship or enimity with Sid , sana is famous with cute equation with sid , rashmi has different eqation with Sid ,and others also , he never played for himself always played for his team . he is the best task player , his strategies are awesome , he never did any bad or unfair sanchalan in game , his entertaining factor is awesome , few weeks back TRENDS are there is social media that Salman is biased towards sid and now salman is angry , please choose 1 option , from day 1 he was the most popular among all contestans ex ormax or latest voot contest or even jio contest , he is the best . just best

You are absolutely right. Without Siddhartha Bigg Boss 13 is nothing.

They will put a question mark in the end and fool people....this is how paid media fools the world .
They would out anything and put a question mark in the end....so it's a question guys not a statement

I think Ranveer Singh or Karan Singh Grover

Thoda aur paise barhane ki ninja technic

How can you say bb is biased?

ASIM is the ultimate winner. Biased show


Better take it before Radhe movie Or else it will affect your movie. U r a dabaang hero in real and reel life... Sadly this season you don't lived to ur expectations

Salman Khan is very good but We don't want to see Biased host again seriously. BB was too biased not only this time but also too biased at BB11's time. I hope it will not again happen.

Salman Khan is very good but We don't want to see Biased host again seriously. BB was too biased not only this time but also too biased at BB11's time. I hope it will not again happen.

Bakwaas article for publicity.shame shame.

The yearly drama begins now.

Always he brings his eye candies from out side in to the show and favours them for example- gautam gulati, ashmit latel, hrishant goswami, the list goes on till the latest 40 year oldy sidharth shukla

Pls step down, dont want to seea biased host yet again

Salman is not biased. The show is biased. Why to blame someone else. If he would have been biased then he would also make rashmi win as he earlier told that he knows her from long back.

If salman is not biased then Was he puppet

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