Fan calls Katrina Kaif- Salma Khan ‘Saas Bahu’; Here’s how Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan reacted

Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan Sharma shared a photo of Katrina Kaif sharing a warm hug with Salman Khan's mother Salma Khan on the sets of Bharat in Malta.
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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif will reunite on screen with Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat. The actors have wrapped up the Malta schedule of the film. Salman Khan’s family had accompanied him for the shoot. The film’s director Ali shared a still of Salman and Katrina on social media yesterday. Today, Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma took to her Instagram account to share a photo of Katrina Kaif hugging Salma Khan warmly. The photo is beautiful as Katrina and Salma Khan are caught sharing a candid moment on the sets of Bharat in Malta. 

Arpita Khan later deleted the photo as reportedly Katrina’s bridal look from the film got leaked. Before Arpita deleted it, fans commented on the photo about how Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif should get back together. One fan posted, “Saas Bahu Goals” and Arpita Khan had the perfect reaction. When another fan tried to troll Katrina Kaif, Arpita gave a savage response to him. Arpita Khan and Katrina Kaif are quite close. They are often spotted in Mumbai hanging out together. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have remained good friends after their break-up.


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What are your thoughts on the photo and Arpita’s reaction? Let us know in comments.

Bharat also stars Sunil Grover, Tabu, Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi. The film will release on Eid next year. The makers had earlier signed Priyanka Chopra for the film, but she had to opt out of the film due to her engagement with Nick Jonas.


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Race 3 was flop now there’ll be lots of dinner and lunch to save salman’s career

I really think arpita n alvira n family doesn’t want iulia has bahu....clearly she is doing something wrong...but Salman is happy with iulia....Salman friends welcome iulia....Katrina has no problem with Salman-iulia....that was evident in ramp walk...iulia was sitting in front n Katrina was holding Salman...n one point she sent a smile towards the direction of iulia....but Salman family not ok with maybe they want katrina to come back to his life....katrina isn’t able to say no.....
Also Salman-katrina Jodi sell off well so iulia knows good for his boyfriend....

what savage reply? anyone's got it?


So sad how Salmans family treats Lulia... shes been wonderful

Aint's gonna happen, unless Iulia breaks up with Salman. Salman and Iulia are solid. Kat just wants a man with money.

Whats the point of impressing arpita and all, when the man in question (salman) is not bothered at all with kat. he ignores her and makes fun of her,

Desperate times!!!

I wonder what Iulia thinks about all this dramma

There is nothing for Iulia to think about Salman is loyal to her and that's all that matters. Katrina knows all theses PR drama can keep her in news but not in Salman's heart. She has been trying for 3 yrs now to get back with Salman and nothing has happened. Salman and Iulia are secure and solid, all theses drama doesn't do anything.

Just feel so bad for Lulia :( :(

Isn't that Alvira in the pic and not Arpita? Alvira is married to Atul Agnihotri. Arpita is Salman's youngest sister.

Very nice article

she looks to old to be bride! having said that if she haddent left salman for rk she would be good for him but now is his fan i feel the kapoor will be HAPPY if salman takes someone they thougt was not good for their family lol

oh its Katrina who is too old to be a bride (rolling eyes)

maybe salman cant get better then someone rk left

She is another Sangeeta Bijlani for salman’s family. Iulia is with Salman for the last 8 years. Sangeeta Bijlani lived with Salman for 7 years and Katrina lived with Salman for 5 years before started dating with Ranbir Kapoor. Unless Iulia is leaving galaxi apartment Salman is not going to break up with her. It’s always the women in Salman’s Life who left him. He cheated on them though.

I don't understand what is wrong with salman khan and his family , I mean how can they be so lovey dovey with katrina who clearly dumped salman and went off with ranbir whom at that point she thought of as a better younger option , and now after honestly being humiliated by him or I can say Karma hitting her right in the face , she came running to salman. Fine Salman can stay cordial with her , no need to hold grudges and all , but why so much love for her . Maybe the family really badly want her to be back with salman , as in his age probably they feel he won't get a better match , or I dont know what , but if a girl had done something similar to my son or brother , after all the love and support , I would have never seen her face.

May be Salman didn't want to commit. If she had done a wrong, Arpita wouldn't have to invite Kat in her wedding.

Is not it clear that she has not cheated salmam, may be breakup but not cheating, she is good thats y everyone is good

The same woman who was crying everywhere about DP and RK doing movies together while being exes is doing 10000 movies with her ex who has a gf. Lol

Salman has self respect.

Arpita has even unfollowed Lulia

But Salman follows Lulia not KATRINA.

She never followed her. She hates her from the begining.

Does this mean Kat succeeded in her mission to break Lulia Salman?

They should just seriously get together and get married. Nothing wrong in it!

in Katrina dreams.

Dekhte Rehjao ge...

ok kat :P btw didnt u said the same for RK?

Rk kat r still together

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