Farah Khan’s reaction to brother Sajid Khan's sexual harassment allegations leaves Twitterati fuming

Farah Khan faces the heat on twitter for her reaction to brother Sajid Khan's sexual harassment allegations.
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Ever since the MeToo movement has taken over the internet, many names from the industry itself have come out. Some names have literally left everyone shocked. Among others, filmmaker Sajid Khan, who has directed many films including the Housefull franchise, was accused of sexual harassment by three women including a journalist and an actor. Ever since the news has hit the web, many from the industry itself have expressed their disturbance over it. Sister Farah Khan too reacted to the allegations saying she is shocked and if true, she doesn't know how will Sajid ever make this right. 

Her tweet read, "This is a heartbreaking time for my family.We have to work through some very difficult issues. If my brother has behaved in this manner he has a lot to atone for.I don’t in any way endorse this behavior and Stand in solidarity with any woman who has been hurt." Ever since Farah tweeted this, she has been facing the heat from the Twitterati who are calling her a hypocrite for "acting that she wasn't even aware of this."

Check out a few reactions here:

Meanwhile, Sajid has stepped down as the director of Housefull 4 which stars Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh among others in lead roles. Akshay tweeted that he has asked the producer to take cognisance of this stall the shoot for sometime. Bipasha Basu too has said that she vowed to never work with Sajid again after Humshakals because of his lewd nature on the sets. 



look at these two fat and ugly twins talking smack. no one would look twice at you thats why you both hideous animals enjoy the power trip. sajid is a sexual predator and farah is a bully. at least you'll have each other in hell. Farah take a moment to look at your daughters faces tonight and apologise to them for the horrible karma you and their mama have brought upon them.

Farah and Sajid are pure scum and I am so glad he is getting what he deserves! The silence from Akshay, SRK and Karan Johar is deafening!

Farah might not be aware of her brother's behaviour towards men. No brother tell his sister that he is harassing or raping a woman.

So what did you , your perverted brother and Khiladi kumar discuss. Let’s just pretend we are supportive of me too for now because everyone is pretty angry. Once everything cools off let’s get back to making movies. I don’t believe Farah and Akshay that they are against Sajid at all. This is all eye wash till things cool off. Leopard doesn’t change its spots. Akshay stop saying you are Mata Bhakt while exploiting women. Karma will get you one day soon.

You know women are shamed and ridiculed if they come out with stories of sexual assault or rape but in my thinking it is the man who should be ridiculed and shamed. Imagine what kind of loser do you have to be- of low self esteem or self-worth- to exploit someone's vulnerability. I cannot imagine anyone who has any sense of self worth wanting to force themselves on someone. A strong man shows strength. A weak self loathing, sadist try to inflict pain and suffering of those weaker than then.

Farrah is a huge joke, even if no one came forward with accusations against Sajid, even the general public know what a foul mouthed pervert he is..have you seen his behaviour at the promotions and parties plus award functions which he’s attended..please go away and stuff a ladoo down your mouth

Where is her husband Shirish Kundar? He is always giving his gyan on twitter. Cat got his tongue now?

Shut up Farha. Go away and stop pretending you care about women. Your opinion is useless.

Aur banao Bollywood ke logo ko mahan. The craze in India is unbelievable. High time we understand and don't give these people too much importance. Most of them are fake and opportunists and we consider them 'role models'! A big joke!

Exactly we are empowering these morons. For an example a mediocre movie like "dhadak" was a success because of all hype around jhanvi. Inspite of all nepo debate an average movie becomes successfull. We are too obsessed with celeb culture.

Why Karan Johar is so silent in all this? Usually, he shows up everywhere in everything.

Cos he's next.

Karan is the most powerful influential and prolific sexual predator in the Indian entertainment industry. He masters the art of exploiting young men and using them as his toy boys.. Sidharth Fawad Ranbir Varun have all been his victims

This will be interesting if the sexually exploited men come out against the so called powerful men in the industry. But I am not sure if these guys will have the courage to speak up. Himat chahiye....mardhon maine woh himat kahan joh aurat maine hain.

Omg such a shame ...

Seeing the cringeworthy way Farah was throwing herself at Ed Sheeran makes me think she might have some kind of similar tendencies

Having affairs is not the same as being a rapist. Plenty of BW actors have been accused of affairs, but while its immoral, they were consensual relationships. Rape is rape.

This is because these heroes choose their heroines based on the favors these heroines give and because these heroines want the role they do what they have do.. just think if the heroine was getting nothing in the movie.. would she still sleep with him??

The gossip gang of bollywood know all. Kareena and Ranbir and Karan. So in a way everybody knows every thing on inside.

Is she seriously expecting us to believe her bullshit? I have got nothing to do with Bollywood and I have known about his behaviour for years just by reading blinds. I m sure it's the same for the other readers here too. This guy should go to jail.

Much as he should be in jail, given our legal system it wont happen. Look how long how much crap had to go down before Jessica Lal got justice - and she was KILLED in a room of witnesses with forensic evidence.We, as a population should stop giving these so called "powerful" people the importance. Celebs are just like any one else, why are they considered some gods and role models?Fpr my part, i will be boycotting all of this perverts movies (not hard, considering it is Sajid Khan )

I have never like this crass woman and her unfunny jokes. She cares two shits about the victims. She is just scared now. Both siblings are dirtbags and should be boycotted.

Hrithik should also be given notice for havimg multiple affairs and acting as a saint


Its amazing how some people trying to drag Hrithik into this!

Affairs are allowed as long as you dont hurt anyone... they are not a me too movement

It's not possible to know to what extent one person may go although they may be related. Sexual harassment and assualt happens without notice and usually in isolated places. But sajid khan's perversion was too apparent to be ignored and brush it aside assuming he just had a dirty mouth. They are power drunk and believed what ever they do is right!bollywood has been running like a glamarous brothel and has lost all sense of morality due t obig stars being the main perpetrators.

Yes Farah is a bully. She tried to bully and belittle Rajkumar Rao in some interview game show. He gave it right back to her and she was shut off

Height of hypocrisy! When the insiders of Bollywood industry knew about his despicable behavior, she, Akshay or Riteish weren't staying in a soundproof castle that they were totally unaware of his cheap nature?! It is just that they chose to ignore that time, so that makes them equally complicit!!!!

Sajid Khan didnt have a very happy childhood. In spite of it, he grew up as dirt.

So lot of us haven’t had great childhoods we make the best of what we get.. we don’t go around harassing other people..

Kangana should also be given notice for harassing Hrithik.

No brother tells his sister that he is abusing women in his life. It could be possible that she is not aware about it.

The entire industry knew about this and even outsiders.. there was so much hungama with Bipasha and she still didn’t know??? She’s living under a rock??

And that's putting it lightly, let's just say. Farah herself is one of the biggest bullies I've ever come across, and everyone knows about this but brushes it off and calls her "outspoken". No no, she's a bully and her mouth is dirtier than the Citarum River. This whole family is so bloody messed up! Putting others down constantly just to feel better about themselves. Your time's up!

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