Farhan Akhtar locks script for Shah Rukh Khan's Don 3; doesn't need Priyanka Chopra's character?

Farhan Akhtar has apparently locked the script for Don 3 and the film is expected to go on floors next year and is likely to release in 2020.
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Farhan Akhtar's directorial Don starring Shah Rukh Khan became a huge hit just like the original. The film also had a sequel titled Don 2: The Chase Continues leaving us all waiting for the third instalment. With minimal development on the third part, fans were left exasperated. However, seems like there is some good news here. 
According to a report in a leading daily, Farhan Akhtar has apparently locked down the script for the movie and has also got an approval from SRK. The daily quoted a source saying, “He had bounced the idea off to SRK, who liked it. Farhan had taken a break from acting and channelised all his energy into developing the script for this film of the Don franchise. He has finally locked the script and things are moving in the right direction.”
The report further reveals that the actor-director will also star in the third instalment. Regarding this, a source revealed to the daily, "Farhan will also act in this film. He will play a desi top cop to Shah Rukh’s Don. Since a portion of the film will be set in India, Farhan will be seen donning the policeman’s uniform in the film.” 
However, those who loved Priyanka Chopra as Roma, you are in for a disappointment. If the report to be believed, PeeCee's character won't be needed in Don 3. “The storyline is such that it doesn’t need Priyanka’s character. It’s likely to have a new cast, which will be locked soon," the source added. 
The film is expected to go on floors next year and is likely to release in 2020. 

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This will become the best DON ever. Thanks Farhan, Ritesh and Gauri.

Farhan has already denied this news so insecure Gauri should stop spreading rumours

SRK trying to use an old franchise to get a hit but he’s so forgone it’s still going to flop

It’s not don without the two main characters ( shahrukh Khan or Priyanka ) .. it’s not gonna be don if it’s without either of them, they might aswell call it something else. If the story doesn’t continue from the last don why the heck would they call it don 3 ?

Jai Gauri Ma

No Roma, No Care

Please dear God, no more sequels. Remember back in the day when media wondered what certain successful movie sequels would be like - especially those films released in 90's and early 2000's. Well, were are living in that particular hell now!

Farhan said Don 3 rumours aren’t true. He said media should stop making things up and giving false hopes to fans of the series. Don 3 isn’t happening.

Farhan denied this news

Thanks Farhan you ROCK .

Slow clap.....Love, Gauri's girl gang.

Farhan said none of this is true so insecure Gauri and her girl gang should stop spreading false news

Well now that Priyanka is doing movie with Salman, SRK is out to get PC.

New blood woo hoo

PC would be sobbing!

No she wouldn’t

FarhaN wants this movie to be what dhoom is to Abhisheks career!

FarhaN wants this movie to be what dhoom is to Abhisheks career!

LOL Priyanka fans burning.....love it!

Clearly no big actress wanted to play second fiddle to this old man. He will be 54 by the time this releases!!

jUST more excited for junglee billi's role

Simply cant imagine Don 3 without PC as junglee billi roma

No fun in Don 3 without our junglee billi

How can you have a Don without Roma ? It may not be an author backed central role ,but she takes the movie forward with her scheme for revenge . SRK not taking Priyanka confirms all the gossip ...or maybe he's scared she will steal another jacket ;) .

The jacket which she referred belonged to shahid i feel not srk

Nope , definitely SRK , he's been clicked wearing it too. She's not too bothered about Shahid where as there's a lot of angst for SRK.

Eliminating PC simply confirms his affair with her.

Eliminating PC simply confirms shades of Harvey Weinstein.

At this stage in her career doing second fiddle character is suicidal for her. Priyanka and deepika are two actresses who are nowadays cast first and then the male lead is chosen. Though not a fan of Deepika s acting chops but both the ladies are big deal now! .

Priyankas career is supported and paid by married men. Don`t call this an achievement!

Nah, that’s just what you would like to believe to make yourself feel better every time Priyanka accomplishes something

Congrats gauri ! U won this round as well. Lets see how PC retaliates

Simply cant imagine Don 3 without PC as junglee billi roma whilw who is gauri to decide is she the producer or gonna pretend to be for red chillies

Don 3 to be stand alone film.

Don is nothing without his Junglee Billi

Duh. SRK wouldn't let her be in it, and she wouldn't have time to do it anyway.

Duh, Priyanka would die to get this role. Thank god SRK kicked her out! It's her own fault!

Simply cant imagine Don 3 without PC as junglee billi roma while its ritesh to decide BEING the producer OF THE FILM N PC THE REIGNING QUEEN

Hahaha great Farhan! Love his answer!

Farhan tweeted saying none of the Don 3 news is true

Good. Don is about Don. It doesn't matter who the supporting actors are.

You don't get it. Bajirao was nothing without Kashibai and Mastani. SRK in at least 3 films was nothing without Kajol. And in Don2 Roma fed his magnetism. No Roma, no thrill. Stuff your Don3 IDC now there is no Jungli Billi, forgetaboutit.

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