Filmfare Awards 2019: Ranbir Kapoor bags the Best Actor Award Male for Sanju; A third after Barfi and Rockstar

Filmfare Awards 2019: Ranbir Kapoor bags the Best Actor Awards Male for Sanju; A third after Barfi and Rockstar
Filmfare Awards 2019: Ranbir Kapoor bags the Best Actor Awards Male for Sanju; A third after Barfi and RockstarFilmfare Awards 2019: Ranbir Kapoor bags the Best Actor Awards Male for Sanju; A third after Barfi and Rockstar
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The 64th Filmfare Awards 2019 kickstarted today with a massive pump and show of performances and like every year, they've been awarding the ones who truly deserve the win. The star studded affair saw the presence of many celebrities like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and others. As they arrive on the red carpet, the audiences are overwhelmed to catch just one glimpse of them. And now that the supporting awards of the night have been announced, finally the time came for the big announcement which is the award for the Best Actor in the leading role both male and female.

While the nominations for Best Actor in the leading role (Male) had Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Ayushmann Khurrana, the big award winner of the night is none other than Ranbir Kapoor for his stellar performance in the film Sanju. Sanju was one of the massive blockbusters of last year and the performances of Ranbir Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal were highly appreciated by the netizens. And now that Vicky had also received his award for the performance as a Supporting actor, Ranbir becomes the man of the night by bagging the biggest award of the film fraternity.

The newly in love couple both alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor kickstart the new year with an added feather on their hats and now will gear up for their big release this year together. Brahmastra will release on Christmas and hopefully, they both perform this way in it the film makes them win the same way like this one. We congratulate these actors for their big win this year as they truly deserved it for their stellar performance and we're sure their fans would celebrate the win too.


That’s a weird picture!

Neena Gupta, Ayushmann and Ranveer too won awards but no article about in all the hurry burry to post n no.of articles of kjo star kids. Looks like all these were saved as drafts in advance. Nice

Rabir did mimickery and not acting.Ranveer should have won for Padmavat .biased

Ranveer should have won if there was a category like ‘best overacting’ or ‘best clown getup’


Filmfake awards ....

Paid for the award.hehe

Ranbir was pretty mediocre in Sanju n yet they gave him the award... wow

Not a fan of Ranveer but he deserved the award for the ruthless Allaudin Khilji that he had portrayed!


Now that Jitesh has done his part Kjo will reward him tonight.

Congrats Ranbir !!

Raju Raju Srivastava and Sudhesh Lehri should also win awards for mimicry.

Raj should have won

They wanted to give Ranbir a solo award so badly that they gave two critics awards. Why not two best popular actor awards if critics choice can be shared? Oh Kapoor lad doesn’t like sharing? Pillai is just following his crime master kjo’s orders I guess. Finally a photo of their kids ,Alia and Ranbir posing with their awards. Awwwwwww -_-

True. Karan will do anything for his kids. Filmfare kya cheez hai.

Love him. The best actor currently!

bleh. his acting was same old same old . all these awards are so fixed

this film was avg at best.

He deserves it great going rk don’t know y people are dying that joker to got an award ewwww

Seriously?! other than Ranbir building an impressive body and yes he was pretty good in the movie. I preferred Ranveer Singh's performance it was incredible and I am not a fan of eithers. No wonder, no one takes these award shows seriously.

Way better than overhyped drug addict who dresses like a loon, ranveer singh

not deserving, hoping for Ranveer Singh

SO well deserved

Am I the only one who thought that his acting in Sanju was more mimicry than acting !

SO well deserved!!


He didn’t deserve it. We all know how Alia and him won the award.


Why aren't they showing live transmissions? Cuz in post production work they will change skin color of everyone and cut of the public hooting on wrong decisions.

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