FIRST PICS: Zain Kapoor along with parents Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput and Misha leave from the hospital

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput's first picture post turning parents to baby Zain Kapoor are out. The family made an exit from Hinduja hospital a few minutes ago.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have been blessed with a baby boy on September 5, 2018. They have named the little one, Zain Kapoor. Shahid announced the good news today via Twitter and since then best wishes have been pouring in for the actor. Shahid arrived a little earlier this evening to take Mira Rajput and little boy home and the family's first pictures together were papped just a few minutes ago outside Hinduja hospital. Mira was admitted to the hospital in Khar two days ago. 

Mira, who also happens to celebrate her birthday today, seemed happy as she waved to the paparazzi holding little Zain carefully in her arms while Shahid carried Misha in his arms with a huge smile on his face. The happiness radiating from their faces is infectious and we cannot help but smile looking at the happy family. Shahid was seen sporting a Ganji and track pants while Mira wore a top and jeans as they made an exit from the hospital. Later, Ishaan Khatter and mother Neelima Azim met the family at Shahid's house. 

Check out the pics right here:


Shahid will be taking a paternity break for over a week or more to be with Mira and spend time with his toddler. The actor had reportedly asked for a month-long break but the schedule of his upcoming movies didn't allow him an extended break. Nonetheless, the doting father is making sure to spend time with his family and both the kids. Shahid has Batti Gul Meter Chalu releasing this month on September 21. In the movie, he stars alongside Shraddha Kapoor and Yami Gautam. He will soon begin shooting for Arjun Reddy. For the same, he is growing beard. 


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cute..wud love to see zain's face soon.

It's media who set the trend of taking pictures of celebs with newborns, media has been more active about such events around the time aishwarya gave birth and since then it's been goin on..

lol at the comments. Who can forget how Mira allowed Misha to play with electric sockets behind a curtain just to have a video for insta? Poor Zain!!! May God protect you baby

At least she is holding her child unlike Kareenas who is raised by nanny

Atleast kareena is not worthless like puppy money is, she lives in shahid money at the conditions of producing babies every year.And atleast kareena admit she has nannies unlike Mira who wants the mother India title.even being jobless woman, she can't look after her kids.pv post without being biased.

And mira doesnt have a nanny right? She doesnt do anything and still has a nanny but Kareena works.

Pv post this

And Misha was raised by Mira only. Mira never left her side. She doesn't even have a nanny. All the pics we saw where there was a nanny was of course photoshopped by Kareena and she added a nanny with Mira and of course all the pics where we saw only Mira and Shahid was again photoshopped by Kareena who removed Misha from the pics. Shamira are the ultimate parents. They always bring their kids everywhere <3

Mira looks beautiful, congrats to them

Kareena ko shayad koi flim nahin de raha hai..baithkar yahan par faltu comments kar rahi hain ki woh kitno mahan hai aur mira ne uski copy kia hai..
Kareena go do another 30 bench presses and let the steam out

Good news, Takht & was offered Anurag's next. I am surprised that you are not aware of this despite spewing your venom on Kareena topics Mira. Go and feed zain now I know the nannies are with him.

OMG..Anurag's next??? Wooooohooooo!! Bebo I cant believe ACTUALLY listened to us?? your fans??

They were insecure the fact kareena showed taimur face the first day itself, they cant bear it and have to copy her.shahid and Mira took digs at her everytime still they copy her a lot..

For your kind information, Kareena did not set any standard. The Bachchans were photographed when they walked out of the hospital with Aaradhya in 2011. Celebs being photographed is not called setting standards

Congratulations! They are so confident this time around!! Blessings to the kids!

They did not show misha face and hide her for so long, why different standard for the baby boy? Stop copying saifeena.

Mira was not this healthy during her first delivery and Kareena is no one for people to copy her. Stop with these illogical comments

Look how Mira is holding a newborn? This is what happened when you're forced to produce kids every year.

its actuly sweet of her to hold the baby.. She must be tired too but she still did..

Saif had 3 kids, just telling you

why are they behaving like the Royal family? lol

Like the name Zain but why such tiny baby in her arms, guess baby carriers not common in India.

She is more bothered about posing for paparazzi
And in one photo has held d new born puppy so casually
Pinkvilla plz post

Why not covering his face like you guys did with Misha? Always copying Kareena and saif.

Wow, Mira looks sooooo fresh and fit even after delivering a baby just 48-50 hours back. Amazing.

First baby everyone is too cautious as it is overwhelming. Now they are pros. Good luck to them and loved the name Zain.... Zain Kapoor has a nice ring to it.

They are finally changing their old mindset of hiding kids face or they are just copying what others are doing. the only thing others are secure.

Ya really!! Am sure there are a lot of insecurities that Kareena has too, else why would she be always bitter about shahid and his life..

Kareena has never said anything about them but Mira has always taken sly and subtle digs at her owing to her insecurities. I don't know why Shahid-Mira/Saif-Kareena are comapred. They are not even in the same league.

They are very much in the same league except that shahid and Mira are younger..

Didn't kareena indirectly say that Mira shouldn't have a second child, who in thier right mind would wish something like that, shows how insecure kareena is...

Mira looks like a cute big baby holding a baby.

Kareena has set a standard, everybody is copying her.....walking outta the hospital in regular clothes and not covering baby’s face and head.

A very nice standard, won't even carry her own sad... Kareena only had the baby because she had to not because she wanted too...

At least she was with her baby on his first birthday and not partying at a wedding in Hong Kong rofl

So u really didn’t see Misha’s first birthday pictures or u conviniently chose to ignore it..

Oh I saw the pictures they posted for the world to see, but I also know how they rushed to catch their plane few minutes after!

So they did celebrate the birthday, shouldn't matter a day or two in advance and what does a one year old knows about birthdays anyway..


want to see his face!

only Misha looks upset. she knows they are going to leave him with the nannies after the photos.

Copying saifeena. Why not play hide and seek this time.

Think before you point fingers at others. Do you know that Mira had a difficult pregnancy the first time. May be they needed privacy during that time and now they are comfortable as she is healthy by Gods grace. Kareena did not set any standard and neither is she an inspiration to anyone. Stop showing your jealousy towards the cute family of Shahid and Mira

Well, all the Bwood leaving hospitals after delivery since Kareena’s is done a la Kareena style so she certainly has set a standard and inspired the others, it has nothing to do with jealousy unless you’re denying this fact.

True...kareena will never have a second child.

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