Flashback Friday: When Sohail criticized Aishwarya Rai for not acknowledging her relationship with Salman Khan

Sohail Khan had lashed out at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan post her break-up with Salman Khan when she had addressed the media and said that she ended her relationship with Salman after she endured his alcoholic misbehavior. Read details
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Friday spells Flashback Friday and it means that we dig deep into the archives to look for a ‘Flashback Friday’ story and bring it to the table. And today, we decided to talk about the incident when Salman Khan’s younger brother, Sohail Khan lashed out at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for publicly talking about Salman Khan post their break-up. As we all know, it was during the 1999 film Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam that Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan started dating each other. After this epic romance drama, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were next seen together in the 2002 film Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, in which Aishwarya Rai played the role of Salman’s girlfriend.

Soon after, the grapevine was abuzz with the news of friction in their love-affair. While all their fans were busy conjecturing about the break-up, it was only a few weeks later that Miss World and now Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan confirmed her break¬-up with Salman Khan. In an old interview, after breaking up with Salman, Aishwarya Rai had put the onus of the break-up on Salman Khan as she had said, “I stood by him enduring his alcoholic misbehavior in its worst phases and in turn I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical and emotional), infidelity and indignity. That is why like any other self-respecting woman I ended my relationship with him.” Aishwarya’s statement clearly didn’t go down well with Salman Khan’s family, and later, Salman’s younger brother and actor-director Sohail Khan had come out in the open slamming Aishwarya for her comments. Taking a potshot at Aishwarya, Sohail had said, “Now she weeps in public. When she was going around with him when she used to visit our home so often as part of the family, did she ever acknowledge the relationship? She never did. That made Salman feel insecure. He wanted to know how much she wanted him. She would never let him be sure of that.”

Besides slamming Aish for never acknowledging her relationship with Salman, the Hello Brother director, Sohail Khan snapped at Aishwarya for her alleged affair with Vivek Oberoi as he had said, “Aishwarya Rai was in constant touch with Salman till recently on the mobile and that's what upset Vivek.” On the work front, Aishwarya was last seen in Atul Manjrekar’s Fanney Khan opposite Anil Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao.

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One thing is really surprising sooner or later all
Salman's ex gfs missed him badly .

Your pathological liar Aishwarya really is shameless. She has no shame is using other people's names to lie. Remember when she said that Sanjay Leela Bhansali made Padmaavat for her and only when she rejected he gave it to Deepika. Bhansali gave a statement that he never offered Padmaavat to Ash...it was made only for Deepika. Then she said Mani Ratnam is making a movie just for her because Mani likes her. Mani Ratnam's wife released a statement that Mani has not planned any movie with Aishwarya. Why does she lie so much?

Oh, so Aishwarya was double timing both Salman and Vivek. Then she double timed both Vivek and Abhishek. Later she double timed both father and son (Abhi and Paa). She's a pro at handling men. Must have been her family background...

Oh, so Aishwarya was double timing both Salman and Vivek. Then she double timed both Vivek and Abhishek. Later she double timed both father and son (Abhi and Paa). She's a pro at handling men. Must have been her family background...

Aishwarya has always cried about what others do to her. She never tells what kinds of bad things she has done to others. Her fans are quick to call others as evil: Salman, Vivek, Rani, Sushmita, and now Bachchans. Why is it always the other party that is considered at fault? The only common factor among all the above mentioned people is Aishwarya. She does seem like a difficult, rude, overbearing woman who likes annoying others...that loud donkey like laugh is intolerable (of course to her fans she's humble, sweet, down to earth lol). All her boyfriends (Salman, Vivek, Abhishek) were happy and successful before Aishwarya entered their lives. It seems too much of a coincidence that all of them went through a difficult time with their personal and professional lives taking a dive while Aishwarya was with them. Her fans love to play the woman card (blame it all on a woman) to draw attention away from her doings. She knows this well and gets away every time.

Aishwarya is so nice. She created a mess for Vivek by encouraging him to hold that press conference against Salman live on TV. Then she ran away with another man and Vivek is still paying the price for her mess. What a nice sweet woman. I meant shameless cheap disgusting woman.

Ash oberio real face is out now

Ash playing family family to show of to pinkvilla trollers her life is about answering pinkvilla trollers

Abhi is jealous of Salman ha ha

Aishwarya is the shrewdest and most cunning self centered woman you will ever across ..she used men to be in Bollywood.... very shrewd family......she would have never married Abhishek if he were not Amitabh s son ....Amitabh who is equally shrewd and selfish must be regreting how his son got fooled by her beauty.

Aishwarya is a dangerous woman. When she was playing love love with Salman and Vivek in public, she acted like a teenage girl in love (she did the same behavior with Abhishek). After she got done taking advantage of them, she started distancing them and acted like she is a saint and put blame on guys. She's an extremely clever woman who knows how to fool people.

You're on a troll-roll again! Despite the not-so-clever rewording. ...your horns are showing.

So says Aishwarya's paid troll who goes on rolls to defend his/her fake plastic. The re-wording has done it's job because Aishwarya is burning sitting at home by reading these comments. Close your mouth Aishwarya, your fangs are showing. You have already sucked the blood of Salman, Vivek, Sushmita, Rani, and Bachchan family. Now go and target your next victim.

Aishwarya and her parents were releasing statements against Salman everyday and Aishwarya was bad-mouthing Salman in every media outlet. Salman's family kept quiet. They should have opened their mouth and told their side of the story so the world could see the real face of this fake bitch.

Well, Sohail didn't stay quite and told their side of story by admitting Salman misbehaved with Ash and how regressive their family is. That's the real face of the fake bitchy Khan family. PV PLEASE POST

Calm down, repeating the same nonsense in 9-10 comments won't change the truth that Sohail is admitting here about Salman misbehaving with her and she avoided being married in a horrid family.

Calm down Aishwarya, repeating the same nonsense in 9-10 comments won't change the truth that Sohail is admitting here that Aishwarya slept with Salman for 4 years (like a good slut her mother raised her to be). Khan family is thankful that cheap plastic didn't marry into their beautiful family. Vivek's family is thankful too. Congratulations to Bachchans for accepting Bollywood's fakest lowest woman as their daughter-in-law. How shameful for Amitabh that his bahu shared beds with Salman and Vivek.

Which statements? Heights of lying, just like Bhai lies in court. Salman family stayed quite because they know Salman misbehaved with her, even Sohail is admitting that here.

Are you really ignorant or are you pretending? In 2002-2003, Aishwarya and her parents used to release statements through her manager targeting Salman's character. Aishwarya, her mother and father would say negative things about Salman. How convenient of them to forget their daughter's loose character that involved sleeping with men to get movies. Oh, and were you in the court with Bhai? How do you know what happened inside? Heights of lying is only applicable to Aishwarya, who has been lying since 1990s about everything....her family background, education, eye color, film offers, and almost every detail of her life.

After 40, your personality gets stamped on your face. It's a wamp face for sure. Surgeries can't even hide it. Choooo ....chutney West has been a way too lenient with her for being an Indian

delusional paranoia: hearing or seeing things that aren't there

It was only one statement and maybe the khans did not say anything because they knew sk was at fault.... Even sohail could only blame the woman for apparently making crazy sk insecure, though with sk's record with women, I wonder how sohail could even have the cheek to say that.

The Khans didn't say anything because they respect women and understand that talking about a woman's character in public is cheap. Khan family never said anything about Aishwarya or Malaika's affair. Khan family is way above the level of that fake bitch Aishwarya whose parents taught her to use people and then bad-mouth them in public. Aishwarya fans are really hypocritical. They believe Aishwarya's statements (her sob stories have no evidence) but you guys can't believe that Sohail is telling the truth. So Aishwarya can destroy any man's life by uttering all sorts of stuff but if anyone else just mentions her name they're being called "how could he even have the cheek to say that". Aishwarya can blame anyone but no one else can talk about her. Ah, isn't she just special!

Why do we need to discuss this now? She never admitted the relationship in public because obviously she had doubts which ultimately led her to part ways. She had to know what would work for her and only way to know that was through what wouldn’t work for her. End of story. She found her happiness and got herself a husband she can grow old with. He may not be successful in acting but in million ways he is a better choice as a husband and father of her child. It was an unfortunate episode in her life but she turned it into positive which helped her find her life long happiness.

Lol this story is too old. They are both like grandparents now. Move on! Find better movie roles for them please. It’s kangna drama time

I am with Aishwariya on this. As a grown up, I would announce a relationship to the world only if I am sure that I want to be with this person. I remember Aishwariya blushing and saying that Salman was the most sexiest man she knew. She gave enough hints but to go all out is a huge deal.

This comment is written either by Aishwarya or her PR. As a grown up, Aishwarya should acknowledge the mess she creates and stop blaming others. So she led on these men for years and acted in love with them to gain something, she made public appearances with them as a couple, but when she didn't need them anymore she dumped them like a hot potato and justified her betrayal by saying as a grown up, I would announce a relationship to the world only if I am sure that I want to be with this person. There's a clear contradiction in what she says and what she does.

So says Salman PR with 10-15 comments/replies all around the same time. LOL

So says Aishwarya's PR who is replying to every comment around the same time. LOL
Salman's PR is very busy with his upcoming movies, events, promotions, endorsements and doesn't have the time to waste about what happened in the past. Only Aishwarya's PR has free time to dig up old news from the past and then post comments blaming others.

And this person writing 9-10 replies and comments is Bhai PR. As a grown up, Salman never acknowledges the mess he creates, his papa cleans up his mess in public. She didn't make public appearances as a "couple" with any of them before marriage. They used her to be a hot property in front of media and then blame her for the mess they made.

So why was she spending four years with Salman and two years with Vivek when she didn't want to be with them? Oh yeah, she only needed them as a stepping stool and had no intention of getting married to them. This cunning woman took advantage of them, wasted their time, betrayed them, and caused them heartbreak. What a disgusting
shameless cheap woman!

Spending time with someone doesn't mean that they are obliged to marry that person,Duh! She was already successful before meeting these men, they ruined their chances by acting immature. And what a shameless disgusting cheap man Salman was!

There is a difference in spending time with someone and having a long affair with someone, Duh! Her success was only having won Miss World (Sushmita Sen got the bigger title). Three other Indian women were crowned Miss World immediately after her.... Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey and Priyanka Chopra. Aishwarya was successful in doing TV ads and photoshoots. She was a flop film actress and was dying to make it big in Bollywood. These men didn't ruin any chances...they were used by Aishwarya and thrown away at her convenience. And what a shameless disgusting cheap woman Aishwarya was and still is!

You and your Aishwarya are both clever immature drama queens who need to grow up. Aishwarya is a shameless woman who never accepts responsibility for her actions and always blames the other party. I'm with Salman and Vivek on this one. Aishwarya slept with Salman and Vivek for years. Her relationship with these men and her lovey dovey acts were public knowledge. She used to act like she's madly in love with them and never spared a moment to give her fake smiles, blushing and fake love-filled gazes. She was only using these men to take advantage of them. Salman and Vivek were the ones who gave everything to her and got nothing but betrayal in return.

Stop emotionally blackmailing girls into staying in a relationship that they don't want. Every aingle sentence of yours make me speechless.

No one is blackmailing girls into staying in a relationship. Girls like Aishwarya blackmail men to stay in relationships and make them do things by emotionally blackmailing them (Vivek is an example). Girls like Aishwarya want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to enter a man's life at their convenience and leave after getting what they want. There is absolutely no regard for another person's feelings. The way Aishwarya used and dumped Vivek is plain disgusting. However, Aishwarya fans hail her cheap behavior as some sort of achievement for women's rights.

Actually,you and your Bhai are pathological liars. You shamelessly lie about her sleeping with them for years, as if you were present in the bedroom with them. She didn't need to use them because she was a bigger star than them at that time... Salman gave nothing, but tried to ruin her, but she rised like a phoenix, from his mess.

Actually, you and your Aishwarya are pathological liars. You shamelessly lie about Salman hitting her for years, as if you were present in the bedroom. Aishwarya was a bigger star than them? Hahaha. Aishwarya became known only after HDDCS and her affair with Salman. Aishwarya was a flop actress with all three of her movies super flops. No one was offering her movies. She had no option but to sleep with a successful man in Bollywood and unfortunately Salman became her victim. Salman made her Bollywood career. Salman gave her 8-10 movies and introduced her to how Bollywood works. She gained access to Bollywood connections through Salman. She tried to ruin Salman and when she wasn't successful, she used Vivek to do her dirty job. Salman rised like a phoenix, from Aishwarya's mess. Aishwarya ran away to America leaving Salman and Vivek to deal with the mess she created. Aishwarya and her fans are unable to digest that Salman bounced back stronger than ever. Aishwarya used Salman to get established in Bollywood and then used Vivek to get rid of Salman. She tried her best to destroy Salman and left no stone unturned but Salman became bigger than ever. Aishwarya would have been another Diana Hayden or Yukta Mookhey (Miss World 1997 and 1999) had she not warmed Salman's bed. How low of her to accuse a man to ruin her career when in fact Salman made her career. Vivek was used by that clever woman and dumped shamelessly. Poor Vivek couldn't recovery from what Aishwarya did to her.

Nicely said.

Tbh, i do believe she was genuinely in love with him. She wemt against her parents for him, what else did salman and sohail want? Though I bet she regretted everything so much now, esp after her father's passing. Parents are not always right, but her's were in that instance.

Wrongly said.
Tbh, she was never in love with him. She was using him to get established in Bollywood. She didn't go against her parents. Her parents were involved with her in this fake drama. Anyone who knows Aishwarya and her parents knows that her parents have always been attached to her like a shadow and support her in all her cunning tactics. Her parents have never left her for a moment and control her every move. She's raising Aaradhya in the same way. Aishwarya and her family played Salman, Vivek, and Abhishek simultaneously. One has to be a special kind of cunning to play dirty games like she and her family did. They used Salman to get into Bollywood and then used Vivek to get rid of Salman and then trapped Abhishek to become a Bachchan.

You don't know that! So everytime a girl dates, she is using the man? Ash got into a relationship with them but decided they weren't the one, plian and simple. Not that hard to see too, considering how sk and vivek were acting back then. You made it sound like she and her parents sit in a circle everyday, plotting everyone's downfall. You might do that, but I doubt those busy successful people would =='

Okay, next.

Every time why tagged Aishwarya please Aishwarya moved and she is happy with new life so don't talk about flash back

Spoken like any other insecure man. There has to be a reason for a man's abusive nastiness, right? No wonder they all have horrible marriages.

Aishwarya is the one who played men, used them, and then threw them away without an ounce of guilt. She betrayed all men she was with. These men have every right to be angry. A woman comes into their happy, successful lives and plays the love drama with them for years only because she wanted to take advantage of them. After she's done, she moves on to her next target. She gets away with her nastiness everytime? Aishwarya is the abuser in all these relationships (Salman, Vivek, Abhishek). But there is absolutely no accountability for her deceiving behavior. There has to be a reason for a Aishwarya's cheap nastiness, right? No wonder all the men she used fell into destruction. Abhishek is the one who has a horrible marriage. Hopefully, he can get away from this loud obnoxious fake woman and find true love.

No, they have no right to be angry when they are admitting to misbehaving with a woman. Salman is a repeat offender and he deserved to be dumped for the mess he created. Abhishek is happily married with her while Salman will die alone...

Vivek is happily married. Abhishek is miserably married with her while Salman is having fun with beautiful European girlfriend.

I’m a huge Aishwarya fan but even I can see her fakness in her interviews. It’s cringe worthy watching her interviews her fake accent the big words she uses and she doesn’t even answer the question properly she goes around the question. I don’t think she is as innocent as she makes it out to be otherwise why would most ppl in Bollywood always say she’s fake and plastic. Why does Aishwarya get a pass for the way she treated Vivek???

Lol....we believe u r her fan...QueenRani

What is Aishwarya and her fans obsession with bringing Rani into everything? They just can't control their hatred and jealousy for every other actress. Then they say they're humble, sweet, down to earth.

They are not dragging Rani, they are dragging QueenRani, a user here who keeps posting these kind of messages on Aish's articles.

So much for being a fan, that don't even know that most people in Bollywood have always spoken nice about her... Nobody has ever said that she's fake... And let's not forget how Vivek behaved with his ex-girlfriend to be with Aishwarya and how overconfident he had become later...

Theres something very insincere about Ash. She doesn’t seem to have any legit relationships in the industry. I bet you we don’t know the whole truth of the Salman ash vivek story.

Typical observation of a patriarchal society. Blame the woman and not the man who is accepting he misbehaved.

Wow..but you don't see how insincere and immature Sohail's statement is..SMH

How is his statement insincere and immature? He's telling the truth. He's saying that Aishwarya used to stay at their place attending parties, spending time with Salman's family, giggling, smiling, professing her fake love (people who followed Bollywood news in 1990s and 2000s know Aishwarya did all this). Later, she went to media and started telling stories that portrayed Salman as a villain and her as a saint. Can't imagine what shock Salman's family had when they saw how Aishwarya used them and blamed them. Aishwarya lacks sincerity. The Bachchans are getting a taste of Aishwarya's deception now. They should refrain from saying anything at all because Aishwarya fans will say "don't you see how insincere and immature their statement is...SMH.

Yeah, truth that his brother misbehaved with her... People who followed Bollywood news in 90s and 2000s know how Salman behaved like a brat and villain... Even now his papa has to clean up his mess... His papa publicly praised Aishwarya later, but now she is happily married in a more respected family... But Bhai fans are too dumb to get it...SMH

U said Salman and his pr r repeating the same comment 10 times and here u r repeating ur comment 10 times.. his father didn't even talk about her after their break up.. and lol at u saying that she's happily married into a more respected family..yeah right..everyone could tell how mesrible she is and the only time she's happy is when she's with her daughter...as for the Bachchans, seriously?!..when did they become respectful?!..all of u (aish's fans) keep writing rubbish about them and how they r making her life unbearable and how they r jealous of her but now u r saying that they r respectful..u don't sound too smart urself..pv post my comment

Aishwarya got married into Bachchans and came back into Bollywood with a bang after becoming Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Had she not married into Bachchans, she would have been finished in films. She would only be cutting ribbons of Longines stores and selling Loreal makeup. Thanks to Amitabh Bachchan for giving 6-7 movies to Aishwarya and creating special categories in awards just so his bahu could get one. Stop blaming Bachchans. Do Aishwarya fans know anything else besides blaming others? You guys have been blaming Salman, Rani, Sushmita, Shahrukh, and Vivek for years and now you have started blaming Bachchans. Aishwarya is the one who made Jaya's life unbearable as soon as she got married. Aishwarya fans conveniently forget how she used Bachchans to get ahead but always complain how her in-laws are bad. Before blaming others, just see how Aishwarya is a fake, unbearable, loud, obnoxious, cheap woman who likes to create rifts everywhere.

I would love to know more tbh. Their story is very fascinating.

Aish trying to portray a perfect girl and no she is not

Can we move on from this please

he he he

Why bring up the past. All of them have moved on and are happy With their respective families

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