Freida Pinto on Mowgli: I am excited that I get to play my part in Hindi in a big Hollywood film

Freida Pinto is in India for the promotions of her upcoming film Love Sonia and the actress talks about Bollywood, India and her next film titled Mowgli.
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Like all of us, even Freida Pinto loves India and these days, the actress is in India to promote her upcoming film Love Sonia. While enjoying the aamchi Mumbai food, rains and well almost everything Bollywood, Freida Pinto talks about the film. In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Freida Pinto said, “I promoted Trishna too which was in Hindi and English, the difference here is that I’ve been involved with and passionate about this project for the last 10 years so to finally talk about Love Sonia is very fulfilling. It feels like bringing a baby into the world.”

Next, after the dark world of Love Sonia, Freida Pinto cannot wait to plunge into the fantasy world of Mowgli. Talking about it, the actress says, “As a child I remember the jingle, ‘Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai’ and when I heard that Andy Serkis, with whom I’d done Rise of the Planet of the Apes, was directing Mowgli, I told my agent that I didn’t care if I was there for a second, I wanted to be a part of this film as Jungle Book is a story I’ve grown up on. Andy was very welcoming, saying he had just the role for me, that of Mowgli’s adopted mother, Messua. And the best part is that I get to play my part in Hindi in a big Hollywood film.”  

But talking about India, Freida Pinto says, “I come back to India quite often though not many know about these trips. India for me is not just Mumbai or Bollywood. I go up North and to the North-East where I get to see a better representation of our country, where I can be one with nature and blend with the local culture. I can never leave India, not call it my home, but at the same time, after nine years, LA is home too, and I feel as much a part of the American culture. I’m enjoying the best of both worlds.”



Morning Mumbai...4 days to go. #LoveSonia #againstallodds @lovesoniamovie

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She is talking as if she is born in USA, comeon all your life you were in India, No need to act American.

What nonsense....a decade of living and working in a different country is long enough to call it home!! You've obviously never been anywhere or you would know! Stop hating on people because you envy them!

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