Gauri Khan dedicates her FIRST ever AWARD to Shah Rukh Khan, says ‘This one is for you’

Gauri Khan was bestowed with ‘Excellence in Design’ Award. Karan Johar presented the award to her at the Hello! Hall of Fame Awards. She dedicated her first ever award to husband Shah Rukh Khan.
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Gauri Khan and Shah Rukh Khan recently attended the Hello! Hall of Fame Awards. Shah Rukh and Gauri walked hand-in-hand at the awards ceremony. Gauri was bestowed with ‘Excellence in Design’ Award. Karan Johar presented the award to her.

Gauri has been designing spaces since quite a few years. Her business has rapidly expanded and celebrities like Varun Dhawan and Ranbir Kapoor are her clients. She also opened her flagship store in the city recently.

Gauri Khan accepted the award from Karan and said, “For the last thirty years, I have attended so many award functions with my husband and this is the first time that I have received an award and he is sitting right here, this one is for you”

A charming Shah Rukh Khan stood up and beamed with pride as Gauri received her first ever award. Isn't this too adorable?

In an earlier interview, Gauri had said, “I’m sure I will reach a position in my life where people will understand it’s not about being Mrs Shah Rukh Khan, but about the work I do. It may take a few years but I’m ready to wait. I want people to know we mean business.”

Talking about Shah Rukh, she had earlier revealed, ‘’Shah Rukh himself, if he wasn’t an actor, would probably have liked to become an architect or interior designer. He’s totally into buying property, building and decorating… very passionate about it. I have no doubt that if he was given any space, especially an office, he would make the swankiest one ever, much better than I ever could! Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the time to do this, but he does have the vision.”




Either this woman is a genius or she is pathetic considering they have nothing left, Shahrukh cheated on her with PC and clearly, their relationship is so cold and yet she still isnt leaving him!! Must be staying in for all those millions and billions!!!

She is a nobody without him and she knows that’s why she can’t leave him even though he had affair with pc and other women.

SRK and Akshay looks way older than Aamir and Salman

So sweet

ambitious hook-up queens , take note. Don’t sell yourself cheap. At least buy a Hollywood career from the affair

Very soon we will have Mira getting an award and she would dedicate it to Shahid too :) #bollywoodwifeclub

She is nothing without him

It was s very inexpensive trophy for SRK to buy for you dear. Calm down.

How lovely, the Bollywood brigade are coming up with new awards to present themselves with...they should include the categories, preen, self important and majorly narcissistic!

She is all happy as he broke up with Priyanka af bought her a fake award. Zzz

She got the award because of him, what would she be if she wasn’t married to him.

She be you pc troll! She is in real time is mrs srk, one and only! Enough said!

Naturally, who is she otherwise without him?

Gauri looks the happiest when she is with Shahrukh. I am sure their kids had an important role to play in saving their marriage. Gauri should have made a career for herself a long time ago, she had the money and access to all sorts of help and facilities. Anyway, her hard work can't be ignored in making Shahrukh what he is today. I wish she had not gone under the knife, she has ruined her naturally pretty face and I also like it when her face is not oily.

Of course, have you read anybody in the profession or any Bollywood celebrities to congratulate her on line but her husband fans?

leave aside whom she dedicated her first and last award, it's reticulated enough she was awarded an excellence in design award

She should've said " this one is for u oriyanka"

Sharukh cut down on cigarettes it’s runing your health and looks

Congratulations! Srk and Gauri very good looking couple!

Male superstars have everything in life.. they can be married, having affairs with other woman and still wives applaud them! All for money and social stratus. Just look at her.. she ruined her face to look younger for him. Sad.

Guard doesn’t look like Gauri anymore! As for Mr Khan he should really go easy on those cigarettes of his

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