#GlobalPrayersForSSR: Sushant Singh Rajput's sister posts heartbreaking prayer observation video for late star

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#GlobalPrayersForSSR: Sushant Singh Rajput's sister posts heartbreaking prayer observation video for late star

Since it has been two months since the world said goodbye to the talented Sushant Singh Rajput, his family announced a global 24-hour spiritual and prayer observation for the late actor. In the midst of fighting for justice, Shweta Singh Kirti took to Instagram to ask fans to join them today, i.e. August 15 on Independence Day by sharing a photo with folded hands. "It has been 2 months you left us Bhai and we are still fighting to know the truth, to know what actually happened that day," Shweta wrote on IG.

"I request you all to please join us for Global 24-hour spiritual and prayer observation for Sushant Singh Rajput so that the truth prevails and we find justice for our beloved Sushant. #GlobalPrayers4SSR #CBIForSSR #Warriors4SSR #justiceforSushantSinghRajput #godiswithus," Shweta added. Today, at 10 am, Shweta posted a video from the prayer observation where family members gathered to pay their respects to Sushant. In the heartbreaking video, you can see the grief-stricken look on his father KK Singh while his sister sings a bhajan along with everyone else. "ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम् ‬उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात् Please post a pic of yours with folded hands and join the campaign #GlobalPrayers4SSR today. #CBIForSSR #Warriors4SSR #JusticeForSushant #Godiswithus," Shweta wrote as her caption.

Check out Shweta Singh Kirti's IG post below:

#GlobalPrayersForSSR was instantly a trending topic on Twitter as fans flocked social media by sharing their photos with folded hands demanding justice for Sushant.

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Meanwhile, Shweta also revealed that her late brother received a Certificate of Recognition from California Legislature Assembly for his contribution to cinema.


Anonymous : we r praying with the family.
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : His dad is 74..74..he is not even able to pick himself up ...he is that old ..Rhea didn’t Even reply to his messages ..this is what her family had taught her ...to disrespect elders ..she is lowest a woman is ...I am feminist..she makes me hate women ...my soul is crying seeing the family
REPLY 14 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea is like Indrani Mukherjee
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : it's very odd that I started listening to the same bhajan before heard it on Sushant prayer meet. Listening to it now, reminds me of Sushant..strange n odd.
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : Those criticising their dressing sense, if these gals were as corrupt and fake as the white suit rhea, they would have gotten rid of Rhea right away. Poor girls are simple and straightforward and do not know that some people fall for white suit dupatta drama than anything.
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : There's NO ONE wearing shorts in the video! Those commenting on someone wearing shorts to grieve are crazy.
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : The mystery of the two bodies not yet solved, Sushant was lying straight so how does the video show a body lying sideways being taken to ambulance?
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : Maybe Bollywood is helping Rhea because they know the real killers.
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : thiose giving lectures on wearing shorts and pray. Please do it in your homes. In our culture this is just not done. Grieving doesn't mix with makeup hair straightening and using filters and big rock on your fingers for picture after only brothers death. Call it old fashioned or what not....this is not a true picture of a sister. And she also used her brother money for her US life otherwise what is that husband of hers job there and she a diploma holder. No need to act like Rhea but a simple attire and behaviour like other sisters is enough
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : Sushant has many sisters. All of them have different personalities and dressing sense. One sis is a tomboy, another stylish, another more elegant and simple. This prayer meet is for justice for sushant and catching his murderer’s not for his sisters dressing. They don’t have to be fake like Rhea.PV please post. They are determined to fight. God forbid, if I were in their place, I will become a bloody lioness and grieve only after I have avenged my brother.
REPLY 33 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea acts like sushant’s widow, that’s what these people want.
REPLY 17 11 months ago
Anonymous : those commenting on sister's dressing r d ones for whom rhea wears salwar suit that too white and also pallu on head
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : To those commenting on his sister, at least she is being herself. Just who she is. Not like Rhea Chakraborty murdering, drugging somebody and swindling off his money and then being seen in public in white salwar kameez. It is Rhea who is a shame and disgrace to humanity.
REPLY 28 11 months ago
Anonymous : Heartbreaking to watch this. May god give them immense strength to face this pain.
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : i would have worn shorts n sat there , i wil pray way i want . i will not wear suit salwar like thea to show im sad ! people should stop being so judgmental . his sister never was public when he was alive . now she is trying to keep the energy on for investigation and celebrate her brother's life . she needs our support otherwise like jiah's case even sushant will be mystery forever . such pathetic losers some of us are to comment on her right nw
REPLY 29 11 months ago
Anonymous : shame on people who r commenting on sushant's sister . i wear jeans tshirt al d time even at weddings .i have never posted my family's pic on any social media. am i a traitor ? my makeup and clothes and posts on media decides my sincerity ?
REPLY 24 11 months ago
Anonymous : This specific woman who is his sister is in it for the fame and followers she is getting online. One day after he died he started posting on facebook engaging with fans. If my brother was hostage for One year and he died I would reflect and reevaluate how I as his older sister failed him. My best friend died of cancer and took me long time to get back to my usual self. As fan of sushant i refuse to believe her PR
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : somehow that sister's dressing and her seating position looks so fake. She is milking this whole controversy for limelight
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : Pls use chasma
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : Can't even imagine the father's pain.
REPLY 23 11 months ago
Anonymous : how were they holding back their tears ! i could not. looking at uncle is killing :(i see every father in him
REPLY 31 11 months ago
Anonymous : #justiceforsushant
REPLY 24 11 months ago