Guess Who? This A-Lister star keeps knocking on the actress’ room until she succumbs

On outdoor shoots, this A-Lister star reveals his predatory side and keeps knocking on the actress’ room until she finally succumbs. Can you guess who this actor in question is?
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India's Me Too movement, after a long wait of years, has finally knocked our country's doors. All thanks to Tanushree Dutta who was the torchbearer of India's Me Too movement. She came out in open to say that she was sexually harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok Pleasss. Post this big revelation, we have come across many other allegations. Prominent personalities like Alok Nath and Sajid Khan have been highlighted. 
According to a blind item in Arre, there's one more story that will take you to the edge of your seat. So, he is an A-Lister and his image right now is of someone who does films that have social messages and well, he is on a path to clean all the old-age myths in our country. He has been talking about all the social issues out in open and has been applauded for his performances in his films that speak loud of these social issues. 
According to this report, this actor who has the blanket of patriotic films is no less when it comes to harassing his female co-actors. On outdoor shoots, he reveals his predatory side and keeps knocking on the actress’ room until she finally succumbs. 
Can you guess who this actor in question is? Tell us in the comments below!


It's sad how this movement is becoming frivolous with such sensationalized reporting

Akshay and actress will be Sonakshi

Akshay or Aamir?? I couldn't tell! Both give creep vibes

Where's that hipsdontlie guy now?!.. why isn't he here writing something about akshay?..why isn't he demanding big stars to stand up to him and expose him?!.

akshay knocking on mouni roys door.

Akshay Kumar

shakti kapoor had said once that subhash ghai offered ash taal in return of sexual favors,could be true..originally taal was supposed to have cast mahima&aamir khan.shakstis is a lecherous man but what he seemed to have been saying sounded true,so its possible ash gave into subhash ghais demands

Dude she was partner of Salman Khan at that time and Subhas Ghai is still alive if you know Salman what he can do for her. Nobody touches salman’s woman in the industry.

Maybe that's why Salman slapped him..

As per the sting on Shakti Kapoor, he is seen telling a wannabe actress that Aishwarya slept with Subhash Ghai for Taal. He had no clue that he was on camera! Was he lying to get the actress into bed or was it the truth? You decide!
It must be noted that Taal catapulted Aishwarya into the top slot & she never worked with Subhash Ghai again. We wonder why

This Shakti Kapoor is a creep who cannot be trusted. Ash always had the best of offers to choose from the very beginning. Her beauty was, and is, unmatched & she wouldn't have to sleep with a Ghai to get a role. She was roped in for 'Shikhar' with ARR as MD much before 'Taal', which did not take off. Ghai finally got the dream-team together to work in 'Taal', which was a different script from 'Shikhar'. Anyway Ghai always had a bad reputation as he was linked with almost all of his heroines, before Taal. His lewd behavior with Mishti from his last film sparked few controversies too.

had read this too in many articles ..thats why salman slapped subhash as he came to know of what all subhash ghai had made ash do for the movie so ash is no sati savitri.

Why does she have to be Sati Savitri and if she wasn’t Sati Savitri does that make it ok for any man to beat her up , harass her or do whatever with her ? What ideas of human rights do you have moral police ? There are countries where even a prostitute is allowed to make a choice !!! As soon as a case is brought out first look at what the man did ,whether his conduct was criminal or not before you try to selectively decide whether the woman deserves to be heard and given justice or not. Her past relationships , what she was wearing or drinking doesn’t decide whether or not she deserves justice.

jackie shroff had sexually harassed tabu when he was filming a movie with farah ,tabus sister,this happened at danny denzongpas house.every one knows about it,farah had even filed a complaint but tabu chose to forgive&move on.jackie shroff was drunk&high n drugs at that time.

This can be Aamir and Akshay. Hypocrite men with doormat wives

To be honest, I always thought these rumours were fake or exaggerated. But if it is indeed true, then I really want to hear someone take their names & out them! Enough is enough.

This is MeToo India. Akshay is Canadian.

Akshay is an Indian resident! Citizenship & Residency are two hugely different things. Residency is calculated based on how long you live in that country, the income you generate and receive in that country and a lot more. Educate yourself please.

Deshbhakt uncle. Akshay Kumar. This is hardly surprising.

Cancel Akshay’s Canadian citizenship immediately..

I now think that the other BI was about akshay not Salman..I now belive that it was reshma doing, she clearly knew her client's time's up so she decided to divert the attention from him and given that Salman did that before it wouldn't be difficult for people to believe this about him, it was even mentioned in BI..but before Salman did that because he was in a relationship with a woman who wasn't returning his calls (not saying it's right though), she wasn't some costar that he was eying for sex..notice how this BI doesn't say married like the other said unmarried and I think that it was added on purpose so that people would think of Salman..not a Salman fan but I think it's unfair to drag him into this if he has nothing to do with someone mentioned he was dragged into the Jia khan suicide case even though he had NOTHING to do with it so maybe (maybe) he's also dragged into this to divert attention from big stars as we all know he's most talked about..this movement is about SEXUAL HARASSMENT so we should keep the focus on that not other things if we want to see a real change.. dragging someone into it just because u don't like him is NOT gonna make that change happen.

Why is it a should look at the way he talks about women- get waxing done, you have a moustache...he is mysogynist to the core.

iam afraid unless&untill the victimes come out in the open&blame them..these allegations will not be taken seriously in btown.

Only Akahay kumar we can raveena shilpa puja batra etc etc

Timesup Akshay !!

Both character matches Mr.Akshay or Mr.Amir

Chi Chi Kumar...Akshay kumar.

Akshay . The thing is most of the names tumbling out are already well known offenders so there are no real surprises here . If asked he could say the women were more than ready to cooperate & he's not entirely wrong in that !

Aamir or Akshay both them film hve socially relevant themes

Now its Sajid khan's turn to take a stand against another predator. Tit for Tat ! I m waiting for Twinkle's reaction.


I hope any actress would come forward and expose this pervert

Nooo not Akshay!! This is so sad!!!

Hum hain seedhe sadhe Akshay.

Mrs Funnybones husband.

So does that mean he slept with Mouni Roy?

I think so...
Akshay is the biggest playboy of industry

Of course that’s why she dumped her bf mohit Raina...

Wowwwww that’s premature isn’t it. Why isn’t Mouni speaking out?!? I guess she’s gotten a few film offers and doesn’t want to lose out in them. She’s the compromising type

Mouni is sleeping with producer Dinesh Vijan also. By the way, he will be named next. Quite a creep he is. Made Diana Penty’s life miserable during cocktail. That’s why she left Bollywood for a long time. Anyone who worked on Cocktail can confirm this.

Yes I heard Dinesh Vijan tries to hit on every girl and makes lewd jokes. But mouni will not speak right now beacauae she got a movie out of him. But the girls who he has wronged should speak up.

Kirti Sanon is sleeping with Dinesh Vijjan these days. This chic has such low standards. First sushnat , now dinesh vijan...what are offenders to others are dating standards to her.


Ohhh...that's the reason he was saying proven offenders.

Akki but who is actress????

Ash Kay kumar

This is a no-brainer really .....our very own Sabse bada Khiladi...Akshay Kumar !!

Why did this take so.long to come.out.....Akshay Kumar..!!

Akshay kumar

the ultimate khiladi of them all mr akshay kumar

Akshay Kumar...


Akshay is a bigtime pervert ...needs to ne taught a lesson...boycott his films...we as audience also need to take a stand against these men...

Omg. Akshay

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

It has to be Akshay or Salman!


Stop including Canadians in MeTooIndia

Amir or Akshay

Akshey Kumar and Sridevi

lol sridevi was superstar by the time akshay entered industry, he wouldn’t even dare to talk infront of her.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar..

Akshay Kumar

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