Guess Who: The producers of this action franchise are awaiting a superstar's NOC before announcing the cast

There has been a talk about two actors being in the race for the role of the main antagonist in one of the biggest action franchisees of Bollywood. However, the producers are waiting for a superstar's NOC.
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There has been a talk about two actors in the race for the main antagonist in one of the biggest action franchisees of Bollywood. Apparently the real reason why there is no confirmation on the name is that the producers of the film have to get an NOC from the star who played the antagonist in the last edition of the film. It was part of his clause when he did the film and trade pundits say that he is one of the biggest stars and  does not want anyone lesser than him replacing him in the franchise. But the names that are being considered are definitely closer to his stature. We hope the name that we are hearing now is finalised by the production house as the man has made them. 


Bring john back..i m sure he ll create a magic

What is NOC

No Objection Certificate . Apparently Yashraj needs Aamir's consent before they sign on the 4th Dhoom series villain . I don't understand why it should bother Aamir anyway whoever does the movie .

smart business move joe because there will always be comparisons and if the script is good it leaves the door open for him because amir has eye for content yrf knows it bw knows it

Kangz as villian will be the best thing tbh

Dhoom 3 was one of the horrible one in the entire Dhoom series despite it having Aamir Khan. I think YRF needs NOC from Aamir for new franchise and Aamir will get full authority to decide who the next villain will be ...

Aamir is very intelligent when negotiating terms and conditions for his films even if the production houses are as big as YRF.

Aamir’s Doom was such a crap, they better stay away from him..

srk had his own franchise , he is not sallu who destroy saif franchise ( race 3) or aamir who took advantage from abishek franchise


Agree, Kangana will make a kickass villian. High time the series is tweaked a bit to give something different, a surprise to audience. Same Ab jr. with Uday Chopra psuedo Jhonny Lever and a male villian with an arm candy is just too boring now. Dhoom 3 should be a good enough sign for Adi to change it a bit.

Next villain should be Kangana! She will be totally badass!!

Rani has been approached to play the prime antagonist in Dhoom 4

approcahed?? its a yashraj movie, ghar ki baat hai..

I agree with those saying the next villain should be a girl.

Thank goodness Tiger Shroff is replacing SRK in the Don series. SRK's career is over.

So soon fawad will come out of the closet...

They should take forward the story from Dhoom 3 where Katrina takes over the circus and she wants to pay revenge for Aamir or something. It’s time for the Dhoom series to have a real female villain instead of just playing a sidekick to the male billain. I think it’s possible.

Lets go Salman

Amir SRK....get over it PV

Srk is doing Dhoom 4 but this blind item is a lie as usual because YRF doesn’t need any certificate from Aamir. He is nobody compared to them.

Dhoom, I presume. The only options are SRK and Salman then. There is NO star bigger than Aamir Khan, really. These two are the only ones with that "star power". I didn't realize he wanted to elevate the whole franchise by signing it. Ranveer or whoever they've been name dropping won't cut it. They need SRK or Salman, then a girl as big as Katrina, like Deepika, Anushka, Kangana, to match the third. Or do two, add a lady cop and lady villainess. In terms of "star power". If they just write a cool story, people will go see via word of mouth.

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