Gully Boy: 5 reasons why Alia Bhatt’s feisty yet loveable Safeena Firdausi deserves her own spin off

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Gully Boy: 5 reasons why Alia Bhatt’s feisty yet loveable Safeena Firdausi deserves her own spin off

Gully Boy released in 2019 marking Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt’s first collaboration on the screen. The film was directed by Zoya Akhtar, who had previously worked with Ranveer in the 2015 release ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. Gully Boy was essentially the story of a rapper called Murad played by Ranveer who comes from the suburbs of Dharavi with music in his heart and poetry in his mind. He chooses to express himself through rap and rises out of the milieu he has inhabited all his life through sheer hard work, talent, and risk-taking abilities. Alia Bhatt played Safeena in the film, a feisty young girl with a bright future of becoming a surgeon, and someone who has lesser control over her immediate anger. 

Here are 5 reasons why Safeena Firdausi deserves her own spin-off.

Safeena is feisty yet romantic

When she hears it for the first time that a girl is messaging Murad and expressing her feelings despite knowing that Murad is in love with Safeena, she could not let it go. She jumped out of the bus, reached the workplace place of the culprit, and behaved violently with her. However, her adorability outshined her mistake in the scene where Murad comes with the intention of confronting her but ends up losing himself in her eyes. Remember, “Marr jayenga tu”. 

Safeena is brilliant and she knows it

Often in Hindi films, studious young boys and girls are portrayed as bookworms who know nothing besides their studies. Safeena is studying to be a surgeon and she is a bright student but that does not stop her from going out, falling in love, or just enjoying with her friends. She knows her priorities way too well. 

Safeena prefers career over Murad

In one scene, Safeene breaks a bottle on the sky’s head and ends up sitting in the police station for it till she is rescued by her parents. Her conservative mother decides that Safeena won’t be attending college anymore till at least she is married. Safeena begs and pleads to her parents that she will marry whoever they want to but they must not make her miss even one semester because she has worked very hard and has a vision for life.

Safeena is liberated and liberating

Safeena falls in love with Murad from the time they were 13. She comes from a family of doctors and is most certainly going to become one herself. She could not be less bothered about the family status and dynamics of Murad. She is supportive of him but still wants a secure future for him. It is evident in the scene where she asks Murad to continue studying despite him releasing a viral song. 

Safeena is necessary

The character of Safeene breaks molds of how a Hindi film heroine is seen. Safeena has a mind, heart, and a vision of her own and Murad is only a part of it. Murad’s struggle against society is portrayed in the film but Safeena’s journey is no less. She is shackling stereotypes one scene at a time but without getting completely rogue on her family and loved ones.

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