Gulzar on Me Too movement: If you think cinema is like a Bible then you are mistaken

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, veteran writer-filmmaker Gulzar sheds light on the issue by saying that cinema is not a Bible to teach people to be good humans. Read on!
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As the #MeToo tsunami is sweeping the nation, there are a lot of celebrities who are coming out in the open to extend solidarity to the victims. After Tanushree Dutta renewed the decade-old sexual harassment case against actor Nana Patekar on the sets of the film Horn Ok Please, Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Kailash Kher, Varun Grover and others have come under scanner for sexual misconduct. From Priyanka Chopra, Mahesh Bhatt, Twinkle Khanna to Sonam Kapoor, a lot of B-town celebs have spoken out against sexual harassment and the latest star to join the list of supporters is veteran writer-filmmaker Gulzar.

Talking at an event about the whole #MeToo movement, Gulzar laid emphasis on the fact that cinema is not a Bible that will give you lessons to be a good human and harassment is happening outside cinema too. The renowned lyricist said, “Cinema is reflection of the society. If we say harassment of a women or a girl is happening only in cinema, then I don’t think so. It has spread all over the society. Cinema has yet spared you where sexual harassment cases are still occurring with 4-year-old girl and a 8-year-old girl and thank God that cinema hasn’t put that mirror in front of people,” adding, “But beware, cinema has started reflecting every part of your life.”

But this veteran filmmaker has only one thing to say that amid all the controversy, do not mistake cinema to teach you only good values. “It is not that cinema will teach us good values and morals to carry. Cinema is not meant for that. If you are thinking that cinema is like a Bible which will teach you to be a good human, then you are mistaken,” reasoned Gulzar.


Bible??? Is the old man on drugs. Which place or industry or even home is even close to Bible???

But there's a difference between a place or industry being normal OR a stinking place of harassers and abusers.

He is afraid that someone might accuse him. That's it.

Wrong analogy , the events in the Old Testament are not exactly pretty .

I think most comments are biased against B town celebs and Gulzar sab has also received bashing. But as I understand what he's trying to tell us is that bollywood can't be any different than society at large. And where is he wrong saying that? Like country like people and that's true for bollywood too. It can't be utopian or biblical. That doesn't justify Mr Celeb's misdeeds, that much is already accepted by him. I don't understand, where's the contradiction???

yeah sure mr poet there is sin in cinema. keep justifying it

Public knows that Bollywood is a pervert place but it is you celebs who put on an act to show that you guys are holier than thou. Stop faking when you know what crimes you guys did. Salman, Sanjay, Amitabh and Aamir are all philanderers, hypocrites and bullies but preach as if they are saints

Who said Cinema is for values??
People are discussing basic civic behaviour at work place. Nobody discussed any movie or its messages. Nobody expects that, to be honest.
People are questioning the code of conduct behind the scenes. Are you trying to say that behind the scenes creepiness shd be as expected because its cinema field? Really??
Yes there are bigger crimes happening but how can a bigger evil justify lesser evil??
This industry gets maximum coverage, maximum national recognition so definitely they will come under scanner more.
Why don't then they refuse to speak at high end summits and conferences stating that I am not from very Biblical area, pls invite doctors teachers etc.When sth good is happening why you are trying to deviate it just to sound unique!

No place is utopia but in India there is no execution of any of the laws.. that’s why there is discrimination..

Have you read the Bible, sir?

Awaiting to see where #Me too movement leads to. Really wish the culprits shud not only be condemned fr their dirty acts but severely convicted too. Assuring a safe & secure planet for the gen next ,ths movement must not turn out to be a source of mockery at any cost. Guess more powerful names frm B town are yet to reveal in the coming days.

He has a point, however, it sounds more like a justification of sorts. I have no doubt that most of us already know that the cinema industry is no utopia, regardless of the efforts to make it appear that way. It's classification as "entertainment" has often proven to be a platform for escapism, sometimes mind-numbingly so from painful everyday issues instead of bringing awareness to societal issues. It's not an NGO, we know that. Nevertheless, that does not excuse it from glamourising vile behaviour (especially to impressionable young people who are learning and looking up to certain figures).It's true that our society as a collective needs change, and if anything, our entertainment industry sadly reflects it. But it also does not mean we should give up all our quest to have a safe country just because we are temporarily disillusioned. Yes, a lot worse goes on outside but change starts somewhere, and permeates from there. Just my random thoughts....sorry for the essay.

It’s a great essay and more sensical and logical than most of these useless statements issued by so called celebrities

Stop making excuses.. while growing up as a girl and woman I was not given opportunities.. I am not going to watch my daughter go through the same nonsense.. you have laws in society.. follow them !!

When it comes to underworld, sex abuse, misogyny, nepotism, etc... all of a sudden Bollywood starts blaming the society as a whole. But when it comes to giving opinions on any other subject they become holier than thou ! Hypocrites.

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