Half Yearly Report 2020: Kareena Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Neena Gupta: When 10 powerful women wanted all to Woman Up

Woman Up, a special series by Pinkvilla that kickstarted in the Women's Day Week of 2020 (from March 1 onwards), had 10 influential women - Taapsee Pannu, Prajakta Koli, Neena Gupta, Rashami Desai, Jacqueline Fernandez, Dia Mirza, Ekta Kapoor, Farah Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan coming together and raising a toast to womanhood.
Half Yearly Report 2020: Kareena Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Neena Gupta: When 10 powerful women wanted all to Woman Up
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At different points this year, we at Pinkvilla, have tried to bring to you different types of content in terms of stories and videos. During Women's Day earlier in 2020, Pinkvilla kickstarted its brand new segment called Woman Up where we invited some of the top influential women to come together and raise a toast to womanhood. From dealing with patriarchy to breaking norms, from living their life on their own terms to creating a completely new rulebook, these women have managed to valiantly fight against all odds that their life and their careers threw at them. We had some of the best voices from the country - Taapsee Pannu, Prajakta Koli, Neena Gupta, Rashami Desai, Jacqueline Fernandez, Dia Mirza, Ekta Kapoor, Farah Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan - joining us for some lovely chats. Here's a rewind for you!

Taapsee Pannu: Creating Your Own Identity

With nepotism becoming the most looked after word in the Bollywood dictionary in the last few years, after Kangana Ranaut's episode of Koffee with Karan, the focus has somehow shifted on few of the outsiders who are making it big in the industry. In their own little ways, they are the faces behind a paradigm shift within the industry at large. Taapsee Pannu who has managed to hit some major home runs last years with some terrific performances and shouldering film son her own accord, discussed how difficult it might get to land up big films if you don't have a 'filmy surname' attached to you. But she also explains why it's important for talented outsiders to never lose hope and aim at creating their own identities, exactly like how she did. 

Prajakta Koli: Living a Dream

Prajakta Koli aka @MostlySane is clearly one of the most loved and followed social media stars in the country today. Her videos are a rage on the Internet but while she enjoys supreme stardom today, it has come at a cost. Prajakta Koli opened up about her struggles at the workplace, how she was ill-treated as a radio intern. She also discusses several instances when Bollywood actors behaved obnoxiously with her. But she's living her dream and enjoys the life she's made it to be right now!

Rashami Desai: Fighting against all odds

As an actress, there are several ills that you battle at the workplace on a regular basis. Sexism and patriarchy being a common problem, several actors also face the dreaded casting couch. Rashami shared her ordeal of facing a sexual predator quite early in her career, battling financial woes and opened up about her lowest phase when she went through depression, right after her divorce with ex-husband Nandish Sandhu. 

Neena Gupta: The Modern Indian Woman

A woman who has always made brave choices- be it on screen or off it, Neena Gupta redefines the Modern Indian Woman. With thoughts as progressive as her, life decisions as calculated as hers, women truly can make a difference today. Neena opened up about the social prejudices that she had to face when she decided to keep a child out of wedlock. She also opened up about her earlier days of struggle and revealed why women should be in complete control of their lives today. 

Jacqueline Fernandez: Imperfectly Perfect

As an actor, you always have to look and behave a certain way. Sometimes, it can be an added pressure! Here, Jacqueline Fernandez reveals how difficult it is for a foreigner to live in a different country, the kind of backlash and opinions they have to battle on a daily basis. Taking the point of body positivity ahead, she also discusses how it's important to understand the difference between real and reel and reveals shocking details of an incident where someone asked her to go under the knife. 

Dia Mirza: Rising Above Social Taboos

It won't be wrong to call Dia Mirza one of the prettiest actresses we have ever had in the industry. But what do you do when you're judged for being too pretty? When you lose offers and projects because you look 'more beautiful' than the character? Aisa bhi hota hai. Dia Mirza discusses the several social prejudices and judgments that limit our society at large and also shares how people around her reacted to her separation. 

Ekta Kapoor: Creating Your Own Empire

Ekta Kapoor is bold, boisterous and every bit beautiful. There's no denying that at a time when there weren't any female producers on the horizon, Ekta came and completely set up an empire that others today are envious of. On the seventh episode of Woman Up, the ace producer and TV Czarina talks about how she was judged for her temper and no-nonsense attitude towards her work. To the extent that there were spoofs designed on her. Not just that, she also reveals the rampant sexism she had to face because she was a female producer - from people in and around the industry including some top stars.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Rewriting the Rulebook

Kareena Kapoor Khan is undoubtedly one who's rewriting the Bollywood rule-book. Never conforming to the industry norms, Kareena has created a space not just for herself, but for all other actresses to follow. From a time when an actress' longevity was defined by their marital status, Bebo has brought in a refreshing change and given it a new perspective. Whether it was her decision to get married or have Taimur, she made her choices and strongly stood by them. But has her journey been easy as is being perceived? Clearly not. From battling sexism to the pressures of matching up to the heavyweight family legion, she faced it all. And when she decided to marry Saif, she was questioned as well. Here, she talks about all of it, as candidly as ever.

Farah Khan: From riches to rags to riches

Farah Khan is one of those directors who came, saw and conquered a space that's heavily powered by testosterone. Direction has always been looked at like a man's world and Farah has managed to turn the tables and is undoubtedly one director who has seen commercial successes like no other. But her journey has been far from smooth. She reveals the struggles she's been through before she made her own mark. How they lost everything overnight and had to sell off everything to fend for themselves. She also speaks about how and when she decided to turn a director and the different kinds of ills she's had to battle. From sexism to fake friendships, she discusses how despite all that, she made her own place in the boys' only club. 

Karisma Kapoor: Staying Relevant

Karisma Kapoor truly was a darling of the '90s. She was the only heroine who delivered 15 blockbusters back to back during her prime. But then, she also made some fearless choices with a Zubeidaa, Fiza and a Shakti before she decided to settle down and embrace motherhood. That was a different era, where heroine's shelf lives were decided by their age and their marital status. Today times have changed and Lolo is making a comeback with Mentalhood. Here, we have her joining us for the final episode of Woman Up, where she reveals the kind of prejudices she had to battle because she belonged to the Kapoor khandaan and how she was ridiculed for her looks and her song Sexy Sexy. Not just that, Karisma is a happy mother of two and doing a wonderful job as a single parent. She also reveals how motherhood has changed, why she is a paranoid mom and asserts that it's not different from bring a regular mother just because she's an actress.

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Kareena and Karishma...strong and knows their minds.

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powerful woman ekta kapoor's kahani hamare mahabharat ki is non stop laughable hahaha as she ruined the mahabharat with her power