Happy Anniversary Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja: 5 sweet moments from lockdown that are as 'phenomenal' as them

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Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's sweet moments from lockdown that are as 'phenomenal' as them

A couple who continues to redefine relationship goals with their love-filled posts on the gram is none other than Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja. Sonam and Anand have been blissfully married for 3 years now and they are head over heels in love. Today, this adorable couple completes 3 years of their marital bliss and well, there's no better way to celebrate them than with their very own sweet moments from the lockdown time since last year. Having tied the knot in a lavish and grand affair on May 8, 2018, Sonam and Anand have been inseparable. 

Despite work commitments, shoots, plans and more, Anand and Sonam don't forget to make 'everyday phenomenal' with each other.  They don't need any big gestures for it, but even something as simple as finding time on a busy day is enough for them. And looking back at their past year in lockdown, there have been many memorable moments between Sonam and Anand that have not only shown the world that they are completely in love with each other, but that they will continue to keep things as phenomenal as they are. On their wedding anniversary, here's a look back at the 5 special moments between this gorgeously in love couple during their lockdown that are pure bliss. 

When Anand ditched London for Sonam’s shoot in Scotland



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Amid the pandemic, Sonam began shooting for her film Blind in Glasgow. Since the schedule was a start to finish one, the star had to move to Glasgow for almost 6 weeks. But, being a doting husband, Anand also joined her soon and they began spending moments together post her shoot. From accompanying Sonam on the sets to meeting her cute furry co-star, Anand spent time with his ladylove and the actress cherished every bit of it. At the end of their time together in Glasgow, Sonam penned an appreciation post for Anand where she expressed her love for him with photos and videos from their Scotland moments. Sonam even added that it would have been easier for him to stay back in London and work from home. However, he chose to spend time with her in Scotland. With her sweet words, Sonam proved how 'generous' and 'supportive' husband Anand is. 

When they began New Year 2021 with a bang



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While the year 2021 hasn't been much of an improvement over 2020 due to COVID lockdown, Sonam and Anand decided to begin the new year with hope and a whole lot of love. The Neerja actress spent New Year's eve at home with her hubby and even dropped a snippet from their cozy and intimate celebration with each other. They sealed the deal with a kiss and began the year with hope. With it, they proved to the world that no matter how tough things may get, they will continue to be by each other's side and make each moment phenomenal. 

When Sonam planned a surprise picnic in London for Anand on his birthday



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When Sonam and Anand returned to London last year, they had to quarantine at home for 14 days. Amid it, Sonam planned a sweet surprise for her doting husband in the garden of their house at Notting Hill. The gorgeous actress arranged an outdoor picnic complete with all of Anand's favourite things and it was absolutely beautiful. When Anand got to know what his dear wife had planned amid the quarantine, he just couldn't stop gushing over her. Even a week after the celebration and his birthday, Anand kept sharing photos with Sonam on his handle from their sweet picnic in their garden. The phenomenal moment surely became a highlight of their lockdown diaries. 

When both spent lockdown evenings getting goofy with face pack



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Sonam and Anand didn't just serve up a mush fest in the gram amid the lockdown but also added a tad bit of goofiness with their cute shenanigans. Last year, amid the lockdown, one fine evening, Sonam gave fans a sneak peek of how she and Anand spent time amid self-quarantine and it left everyone in splits. The couple was seen indulging in a grooming session at home. While Sonam applied a face mask and held onto her hubby, Anand took on the charge to keep her entertained with his goofy shenanigans and that was what we saw in a cute photo that the actress shared on her handle. Well, clearly the couple showed us how life looked like in self quarantine with their partner and the internet loved it! 

When Anand asked Sonam to recreate their first photo as girlfriend and boyfriend on their anniversary



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Last year, on the very day of their anniversary, Anand pulled out the cutest surprise challenge for Sonam. He asked his wife to recreate their first photo pose from the time when they began dating each other. Well, taking it upon herself, Sonam too didn't shy away from planting a sweet kiss on hubby Anand's cheek in the same way she did years ago when they began dating. Anand too captured the sweet moment in a video clip and shared it on his handle with the 4-year-old photo from dating days. Seeing how their love continued to remain 'phenomenal' fans could not stop showering them with hearts. 

Here's wishing this much in love couple, Happy Anniversary!

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