Happy Birthday Karan Johar: Varun on his love life to Priyanka, Kareena’s bond; How KJo made stars open up

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Happy Birthday Karan Johar: 5 times KJo proved that he is an ace question master

Karan Johar – the name is all about ruling the silver screen with heartwarming and larger than life stories. The producer cum director, who is the head honcho of Dharma Productions, has given the audience several iconic movies which have managed to rule millions of hearts. But apart from this, Karan Johar has also turned out to be an equally amazing host and his popular chat show Koffee With Karan is proof of this. The ace filmmaker has been hosting the chat how for almost 15 years now and it has been among the most loved celebrity shows.

For those living under the sun, Koffee With Karan is a celeb based chat show wherein several A-listers were seen gracing the show over six seasons. And while this chat show has endless fun moments, Karan is also known to make celebs spill their deepest and at times darkest secrets on the Koffee couch which often makes it to the headlines. Interestingly, KJo is celebrating his 49th birthday today. So on the special day, we have come up with some iconic moments from Koffee With Karan where he proved himself to be an ultimate question master:

When Karan Johar quizzed Varun Dhawan about Natasha Dalal

During the sixth season of Koffee With Karan, while Varun was at his quirkiest best, KJo quizzed him about his frequent hangouts with Natasha Dalal and asked him if he was dating her. To this, the Student of The Year happily agreed and even went on to state that he does plan to marry his ladylove. To this, Karan even mentioned that it will be an emotional moment for him, “I will feel like I am giving my son away”. Interestingly, Varun and Natasha had tied the knot in January this year.



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When Deepika Padukone made an eye-catching statement about Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s affair was one of the most talked about love stories in Bollywood. Although it didn’t last long, this couple did manage to grab the eyeballs with their steamy chemistry. While rumours were abuzz that the two ended on a sour note, KJo did make sure to make the actress spill the beans through his smart questions during her appearance on KWK3. Karan had quizzed Deepika about one advice for Ranbir, to this, the actress stated “endorse a condom brand”.

Salman Khan admits being a virgin

Salman Khan’s love life has always been the talk of the town. So when the Bajrangi Bhaijaan star graced Koffee With Karan season 4, KJo made sure to ask questions regarding his love life. Karan quizzed about his personal life, his wedding plans and of course his idea of being private about his personal life. To this, Salman replied saying he wants to save himself for the one he marries. Surprised by Salman’s statement, when KJo asked that if this means if he was still a virgin, Salman nodded with a positive answer.

When Kareena Kapoor Khan made Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s relationship official

Ranbir Kapoor doesn’t like to speak much about his love life. Yet, his love affairs have been the talk of the town. Amid this, Kareena and Ranbir graced the couch on KWK season 4, Ranbir’s relationship with Katrina was a hot topic of discussion, indirectly though. During the show, KJo asked who would Bebo prefer to have a gay encounter with, to which Kareena said, “I will be more comfortable with my sister in law, so I’ll say Katrina Kaif” and this left Ranbir startled.

Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor’s enmity turned into friendship

Kareena and Priyanka’s animosity has always managed to make the headlines. The divas were seen saying catty things about each other which resulted in animosity and it all happened during the previous seasons of KWK. However, when Bebo and PeeCee graced the show in KWK6, he made sure to address the issue. And when he quizzed the ladies about it, Priyanka stated, “We didn’t even know each other. We never spent time enough with each other. By the time we did, we really started to get along. But till we didn’t do that, it was just weird energy created.”

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