Happy Birthday Paresh Rawal: Bhool Bhulaiyaa to Hera Pheri, classic comedies that celebrate his antics

Happy Birthday Paresh Rawal: Known for his acting prowess and versatility, the actor turns a year older today and to celebrate him, we are celebrating his classic comedy films today.
Happy Birthday Paresh Rawal: Bhool Bhulaiyaa to Hera Pheri, classic comedies that celebrate his antics Happy Birthday Paresh Rawal: Bhool Bhulaiyaa to Hera Pheri, classic comedies that celebrate his antics
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Paresh Rawal turns a year older today and as the actor celebrates his 65th birthday in quarantine, one cannot even fathom the contribution he has made to the film industry. He kickstarted his journey as a supporting actor in Arjun in 1985 and the very next year, it was his film Naam that garnered him a lot of adulation and went on to become a much-loved hit. Like any other actor, his journey in Bollywood has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride and today, he is celebrated for all the good work he has done and the journey he has taken up until here.

On the special occasion of his birthday, we decided to write a little something and in such grim times, celebrate comedy and his comic timing. The face of comedy films in Bollywood would have been rather different if it wasn't for actors like him and he has, indeed, managed to bring about so much on the plate. While we celebrate him today, we thought it is only instrumental to also celebrate the comedy that resides in him, through his films.

5 films from Paresh Rawal that will forever be celebrated as the finest comedies:

Andaz Apna Apna

His dual role in the film Andaz Apna Apna has definitely won fans over and even after all these years, we cannot forget the roles he played -  Ram Gopal Bajaj and his evil twin Teja. While we obviously have to credit him for managing to pull off two roles in the film, we cannot emphasize just enough how he has managed to make all of this so hilarious and today, it is therefore celebrated as one of the classics.

Hera Pheri

The Hera Pheri franchise is a film that is an absolute gem and one cannot ever get enough of this for all the right reasons. When we think of Paresh Rawal, there are so many instances when we also think of him as Babu Rao, and to be able to do that, and make a film synonymous to a name, is indeed a huge achievement. While he has many such films to his credit, this film with Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty continues to be one of the best when it comes to comedies.


Hungama saw the veteran actor take on the role of a businessman, Radhesham Tiwari, and even though he moves to the city, there is little change that he brings about to his life when it comes to the one he was living in while in a village. None the less, apart from a character that has been chalked out well in terms of visuals, it was the simpler and smaller things that made this movie an absolute fun watch.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Paresh Rawal has a way with the screen and his presence can simply not be ignored, or missed out on. He has a camera presence that is sure to have your attention, and for good or bad, he always owns it when he is at it. In this horror-comedy, the actor takes on the role of a family member who resides in the property that seems to have brought about the entire chaos, and with his beliefs and his thought processes, he wins over the audiences, successfully. Even today, nothing changes that.

OMG - Oh My God

One will probably call all of his roles an absolute favourite because that is exactly how difficult it is to pick one. His role as Kanji Lalji Mehta in this film is not just relevant and makes a statement about one's belief in God, but it also does so through comedy and we don't think there is anyone else who could have pulled this off so well. This movie is more than just one to entertain because it might turn out to be quite the lesson as well.

Here's wishing the actor a very happy birthday!

Anonymous 1 year ago


Anonymous 1 year ago

I like him very much but when he joins politics with BJP and started to support their illegal activities so now i dont like him at all.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Happy birthday sir. Your comic timings are such a relief for eyes. Long live sir. Stay blessed...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Happy birthday sir.We are so proud to see your movie. Your each role defined unique styles of acting.Keep entering us like this.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Just yesterday I was talking about his performance in Chup Chup ke along with Rajpal Yadav. It's sad that these powerful character actors don't get their due. Happy birthday Paresh Rawal.

Anonymous 1 year ago

in Hungama,Hera Pheri,Andaz Apna Apna,Chup Chup ke he was hilarious.he is someone who leaves his own mark on audience mind.happy birthday.

Anonymous 1 year ago

Happy birthday Paresh sir