Hardik Pandya trolled over his ‘Aaj Karke Aaya Kya’ Koffee With Karan remark during India vs New Zealand match

Spectator trolled Hardik Pandya over his Koffee With Karan remark. Check out tweets here
Hardik Pandya trolled over his ‘Aaj Karke Aaya Kya’ Koffee With Karan remark during India vs New Zealand match
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Cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul landed into trouble over their controversial comments on Karan Johar's Koffee With Karan Season 6. The two faced a lot of criticism from the viewers after which the makers of the show had to pull down their episode from the social media and from everywhere. The episode of Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul snowballed into a mammoth controversy which also led to the suspension of the young Indian talent by the BCCI. However, the ban was lifted after a few matches. Well, Hardik is back to the field and gave a phenomenal performance even in today’s India Vs New Zeland match.

However, a few days ago, while he was hitting six after six, the spectators cheered him but what caught everyone’s attention was a banner by a woman that read, “Pandya Aaj Karke Aaya Kya?” This happened at the T20 international between India and New Zealand on February 8. The photo of a lady holding the banner went viral on the social media and each one came up with their version of reaction to the same. This was her indirect dig at his Koffee With Karan comment, “Mein Aaj Karke Aaya Hu.” 



Only cricket lovers will get the picture why Hardik Pandya is insinuated with the placard by this gentlewoman 

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Meanwhile, according to media reports, the chat show has now lost its sponsorship from Google owing to the backlash faced on social media for Pandya and Rahul's sexist remarks. The Google logo was not seen alongside the show's title as opposed to the previous episodes. During Aditya Roy Kapur and Sidharth Malhotra’s last episode, Karan did not mention Google Home but instead just said 'turn on the rapid fire lights'. 

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Karan and this guy should be equally guilty , u just can’t put anything out there on a show, as a host it’s his responsibility to see where the show is going.. well done google and this is what we look up to, you can’t put a price for doing a good thing, learn Karan uncle!!

I clearly blame Hardik for portraying himself and his profession so badly on a media platform, K.L. Rahul for being a silent spectator and Karan for abetting this trash talk with his stupid giggle!!! As for my part, I have stopped watching this crappy show after this incident as a self-respecting woman, who felt repulsed by it!

Kjo should be banned

Hardik should now hopefully realize his parents need to also get an education. We women are not pieces of meat. The reason google have taken the sponsorship away is not because Karan is at fault it’s because they clearly are an image conscious company and don’t want there name linked to this kind of trash talk. Karan could have edited this nonsense out but TRP’s were more important. Yes he already has said they are not but I don’t believe him.

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