Harman Baweja gets engaged to wellness coach Sasha Ramchandani in Chandigarh, wishes pour in for the couple

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Harman Baweja gets engaged to wellness coach Sasha Ramchandani in Chandigarh, wishes pour in for the couple.

Actor and producer Harman Baweja, who starred in a couple of movies back in 2008, got engaged in Chandigarh on Sunday. The roka ceremony took place over the weekend as Harman and wellness coach Sasha Ramchandani got engaged. An adorable photo of the couple was shared by the actor's sister Rowena Baweja. In the photo, we get to see the couple flashing their widest smiles for the camera. 

Sharing the same, Rowena captioned it, "Congratulations you two!! Welcome to the family @sasha_ramchandani! Can’t wait for the celebrations to begin. We love you  #rokka #family #celebrationtime #chandigarh #harmanbaweja." The photo soon spread like wildfire on social media and wishes poured in for the couple. 

The Baweja's seem to be close friends with Raj Kundra and family as Shilpa Shetty's  husband wished them. Shamita Shetty, too, commented on the photo and wished them. Meanwhile, Rowena's friend and actor Sagarika Ghatge also showered wishes on Harman and Sasha as she wrote, "Congratulations Sasha and Harman." 

Take a look at Harman and Sasha's roka photo below: 

Harman made his debut in Love Story 2050 in 2008 with Priyanka Chopra and also went on to do films like Victory, Dhishkiyaaon and Ashutosh Gowariker’s What’s Your Raashee. However, his films did not make much noise at the box office. Harman was also reportedly dating Priyanka Chopra for a brief period of time. Harman and Sasha's wedding will take place in 2021. 

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Anonymous : People are toxic. Why not just congratulate the couple and give them good wishes. Congrats guys! Harman is handsome, slightly older looking but very attractive. Sasha is natural and gorgeous. Lovely couple. Best wishes for the future.
REPLY 10 7 months ago
Anonymous : This guy dumped Priyanka and Bipasha to get married with a wellness coach . Anyway congrats!
REPLY 1 7 months ago
Anonymous : But the girl is better looking than both Priyanka and Bipasha ...isn't she? He is not marrying for money at least.
REPLY 16 7 months ago
Anonymous : That’s true
REPLY 0 7 months ago
Anonymous : What happened to Hrithik Roshan look alike.
REPLY 11 7 months ago
Anonymous : Good for you Harman! Congratulations!
REPLY 9 7 months ago
Anonymous : so happy for herman... good luck and have happy life.. every one deserves to be happy.
REPLY 12 7 months ago
Anonymous : Best of luck for future
REPLY 7 7 months ago
Anonymous : He looks cute.. a bit older than his 40 years .. but still cute. Also, I remember reading this piece in some bolly magazine more than a decade back where it was said that Harlan’s mum had made PC cry in public.
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : He could have ended up with PC or Bipasha, but there weren’t good enough for me. Now, he is fat n ugly, see who he ended up with ... a wellness coach ..... ha ha ha
REPLY 4 7 months ago
Anonymous : Shame on you
REPLY 19 7 months ago
Anonymous : She looks a million times better than PC
REPLY 10 7 months ago
Anonymous : She’s natural and better looking than both PC and Bipasha and younger too
REPLY 9 7 months ago
Anonymous : As if they were ready 2 get married. Kuchh bhi .both were too ambitious to settle Down nd sacrifice their career at the time they were dating him
REPLY 0 7 months ago
Anonymous : Congrats!! Wishing you both a very happy life together.
REPLY 15 7 months ago
Anonymous : Cute couple although the man looks quite a slightly older... but they seem happy and make a nice looking couple..all the best :)
REPLY 5 7 months ago
Anonymous : Heartiest congratulations you two. God bless you
REPLY 11 7 months ago
Anonymous : omg, he's only 40 but looks so elderly. I hope he is okay healthwise. They look genuinely happy together. Happy for them.
REPLY 9 7 months ago
Anonymous : Congrats Sasha and Harman
REPLY 12 7 months ago