Have the leaked pics with Ranbir Kapoor made Mahira Khan unwell?

Mahira's makeup artist and close friend Adnan Ansari tells how the controversy has affected her.
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After the pictures with Ranbir Kapoor came out last week, Mahira Khan has been under intense pressure. She has been trolled on social media for smoking and wearing revealing clothes and today, all that has led to her falling unwell. Apparently the actress was not only a bit depressed about the negative reactions against her but also suffered a bout of high fever. Now she is recovering and expected to join the unit of director duo Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi's Saat Din, in Karachi by this week.

Says a source, “Mahira has faced severe criticism for her pictures with Ranbir Kapoor, on social media, much more than Ranbir, because she is a woman. Some feel the pictures were leaked out deliberately by a Bollywood celeb. While her close friends like celebrity makeup artist Adnan Ansari and actress, Mira Sethi, who is acting with Mahira in Saat Din, have supported her, buzz is Mahira has been quite depressed since the pics came out."

Mahira was to begin shooting for the second schedule of Sethi’s film with Karachi Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui but because she was unwell, she couldn’t turn up for the shoot. A fact confirmed by Sethi on social media on September 24, when a fan asked her about Mahira’s shoot and if she’s all right. The actress, who was shooting for the film, replied, “Mahira's not on set, but thanks for asking. We're all rooting for her.”

Adnan Ansari, who is very close to Mahira and had clicked a picture with Ranbir Kapoor at the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Award red carpet in March this year, post the Ranbir-Mahira controversy last week, had posted on Instagram, “She (Mahira) is the kindest, strongest person I know. Everybody who knows her respects and loves her. Stop judging, one picture vs her whole career. Mahira is okay, as I just read the news that she is suffering from fever.” 

When we reached out to Adnan on Facebook Messenger and asked him if Mahira was unwell he said, “Yes thanks good.” But he didn't wish to discuss anything further.
Things haven’t been too good on Mahira’s work front too as her next release Verna, directed by her Bol director - Shoaib Mansoor - has been delayed. It was to release on Eid ul Fitr as was earlier announced, but buzz
is that the film’s plotline, a one-liner was leaked by a local newsweekly in Pakistan. It had apparently made Mansoor very upset who is considering re-shooting some scenes. Verna is about Mahira Khan’s character, someone who has been sexually assaulted but who seeks justice against her assaulters.”

The source adds, “People have been speculating whether she wished Ranbir on his birthday (September 28) but while one doesn’t know whether they spoke to each other (the actor brought in his birthday on Thursday by throwing a grand bash at his Bandra residence) fact is, she has been too unwell, so it seems highly unlikely.”

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Everyone , in pak knows Mahira, is modern , educated girl, nothing like her character in humsafar and films. She promoted humsafer in totally in modern clothing and attitudes. stop , making up stories , you dont't have any knowledge about!

Ranbir is a good catch...normal for actresses buzzing around him. He needs to focus on his career instead of roaming around girls for publicity. As for Mahira, she looks the opposite of what she looked in Humsafar. Not a good example by smoking and wearing show off clothes. Her religion forbids this. So people from Muslim background will definitely not like that.

Stop it Ranbir. Why dont you gracefully accept that now you are old and young girls are no more crazy about you. They have sidharth, Tiger as new chocolate boy. U are still trying so hard.

Why should she be sad? People of this age are just getting ridiculous with their comments on social media. What she does in her personal life is none of anyone's business. She is a single mother raising her son and in the glamor world. I find Ranbir to be a soar loser for milking on this leak. People always are in a rush to judge the woman first. SHAME.

Mahira Khan is beautiful, talented, we love her, enough said. Negative mind set get a life. I hope Ranbir and Mahira will only remain friends. Ranbir, can not be faithful, lessons from sonam, deepika and Katrina, enough said!

RK is such a catch that all it takes for girls to fall for RK is something as easy as - you are very pretty! lol tats all RK has to do and girls run after him till end ...he has complimented ALL his co actors and looks like mahira took his compliment as a sign of real interest.....infact he has called deepika katrina anushka priyanka ileana beautiful lol these girls really need to up your standards a bit and be little more hard to please lol RK knows this and just makes the best of it for publicity whenever he needs it.

Ranbir is very clever !

Sorry not so clever, had 4 flop flims, there are other post of him by himself, did not break the internet. though young, but, sad to say, Khans are still kings!

No one hate ranbir in Pakistan...they admire him and call him superstar...that why mahi was after him...all paki actresses envy her for getting close to him and srk...
But in India every one is aware of ranbir ways and flops...that's why they were worried about mahira...but it's good that this pics exposed paki actors hypocrisy...

another, jealous person, can handle that mahira worked with srk and has ranbir as friend. What hypocrisy, she wear western clothes in Pakistan, all over the media, google. she just did stunning photoshoot, it is also posted on pv! You can just burn in jealousy forever! Mahira is very much loved, hateful minds that don't have anything keep posting on pv, to create a negative narrative. MHIRA POWER 1000, you are zero!

All developing countries take money and Aid from America. America does take it back in many forms. Name me one country which didn't lol. Accepting the truth will make you progressive, denying it will make you look foolish. Pakistan has provided it services in lieu of American aid. Pak was created and funded by Britain and America to stop the red army and hence the services were provided. Why cry and name China only? lol

These 2 dramaqueens are made for each other, people who are saying these two are friends...FYI the shirt which RK was wearing on his bday, Mk wore the same sometime back
PV...please post these

i also hav a shirt exactly like tat... so RK wearing my shirt ? lol mahira stop lying to yourself. RK just was being nice

RK casually put her in the pretty actress list aur madam chal padi..lol ...the dubai show videos were embarrassing she was almost attacking RK trying very hard to attract RK attention

Why don't you get a life, or get Ranbir , you want him more then anyone else, let's hope, he will open his door for you this time. Also, get glasses, there is a distance between them, in the video, he looked, heavy, she looked beautiful. Lastly, he was only asked about BW actresses, He choose to say her name. Can you handle the truth, or have some one call you head doctor!Plus, her being in the video, it broke internet, did not happen with any one else!

If ranbir had click these pic like he done to Katrina, then mahria's fans will not watch his movies either! pak hate him for dating mahira, because the prefer the man be a Pakistani and woman be india, so he really will not gain any new fans.

She is beautiful, and talented, it is a fact. She is a natural beauty, and will never rearrange her face for any one, people that give a negative comments, have themselves, poor body image, it has been proven, case studies. So , when you points at others looks, you are really talking about , you're self.

They both said that they are friends, even in the picture it looks like friends, they have a respectful distance. Mahira dress just fine, even the back is low like a sari bolus. who ever click , got interest because of pak and india, never seen ranbir movies before, he is average looking. I am sure he is talented. This is what mahira had said that he is talented. Interested, I seen a thing or two, he is! Mahira is not, she really want to pursue her acting, plus, I am sure, she aware of his past, she will never rush into any thing! I hope they stay friends, do a project when things are better for the two countries.

if you see her pose in all the pics in NY i don't think she wants friendship with RK....it was more lol

He was clearly not into mahira. He got those pics clicked and leaked for reason only he knows! mahira got into a mess thinking the kapoor lad is actually into her as he mentioned her in a list of pretty ladies! nobody to blame. hope mahira recovers soon

You are so into Ranbir, that you can not handle that he is interested in Mahira. LOL, Mahira khan was listed as sexiest woman in south Asia list. Every where she goes and articles about her, first thing is mentioned is that she is beautiful. It is laughable, that you think, if Ranbir said she is pretty, she will be blown over by this. Yes, you keep telling you're self this.

just go see how she is sitting in front of RK and dubai videos less sad better lol the person has commented correctly. RK intact has casually frnd zoned her and even said he only knows her for last few months lol

This women has done it all. Good looks, love, education in the US, divorce, a child and lots of success in her career. She is so open and honest in in her interviews...which I like.... Lots of love to her...

Ranbir first leaked his pic with Katrina ( if you remember), which successfully had on news for good few days NOW

He must have thought to Do it again, using mahira. Which got him in talks of not just Indians but also Pakistanis ... I was fan of his work, but now this guys character came in his ways of talent. No longer interested to waste any time on his movies

I don't find her beautiful at all, she lacks that grace.. that fat nose and fat lips are just not attractive

Damange control.. she knew what she was up to, desperate much..

Honestly I think this was all done by Ranbir to stay in the news, he must be badly hurt that his films are flopping, he has no hit film on his hands to be released and he is fat and ugly right now. Katrina is still doing well, looking good and not hurting in any way, he has to do something to stay in the news and he then threw a big party after the fact. He's the only common denominator in any celebrity going on vacation and having these really "private" pics released. Celebs can spot paparazzi a mile away - it was clear that these pictures were taken using a phone and he just had someone on his team go and click them far away.

Pv only posting negative comments, why?

Pv is also controlling like/unlike button. PV should post all comments. Censoring it would not give the clear picture to celebrities which they deserve to know. Censor comments from people posting over and over from same Ip address.

Because PV gets only negative comments for Mahira which she deserves.

FYI Mahira only have haters. I think PV get lot of negative comments but they are modest and post some. You should be thankful Mahira!

Mahira is relevant because of status as an actor in pak and being in movie with srk, and now this linkup with ranbir. Second, girls that are pretty and beautiful, are the ones that do beauty Ads, and given leading lady roles. Beauty is subjective, but she does fit most people definition of beauty. Pak and India, added attraction. Lastly, Ranbir support statement, is obvious that they are friends, so they do know each other. But, Mahira in her interview has said couple months back she is not interested in marriage for next 2-3 yrs. So, plus, she already has a beautiful son, so, her biological clock is not ticking. Last, I still thinks, they are only at the friends and getting to know stage, I hope they stay friends, and work rather pursue romance. The reason being that ranbir is 35yrs old and set in his ways. They together would have to many complications.

I think we are giving too much importance to her.

Meanwhile, Neetu Singh has given Deepika a call to compliment her on her Padmavati poster just like how she posted a Ranbir - DP Holi pic when she found out about Katrina. :D

Anything to stay relevant!!

LOL, you would know about relevant, keep posting on her post. get a life!

Wait Mahira and Ranbir !? Whaaaaaat!! lol never imagined them together maybe their just friends but when and how ??

Please stop with I am a Pakistan narrative,there are many photo shoot of Mahira ,with western clothes, there are video with humza and sherryar alone playing around, and their photo shoot are very sexy looking, not to mention her hot tv ad with fawad khan, so, mahira's images totally of today's girls. She will be back on her shoot, soon! Some people are having a problem because Indian and pak and different Religon, issues, because they think, the picture means more then friendship! So, get a sense of humor ,live and let live!

It's a common strategy, I don't buy it.

I am Pakistani and reading about Mahira feeling sick or unwell ....did not move me at all. She's not "new" to the world fame that she had absolutely no idea at all that she would be judged or that pics could be taken when you're out and about in the open.

Hang on, the photo with her posing with friends in tank top and jeans. Was that an old pic or taken after the pics with RK. Only she looks fine in that pic...Dosnt even appear affected by the whole hoo haa!

It has to be true if it's upsetting her so much. Celebrities just laugh off fake link-ups.

Stop the lies, Mahira doing fine, trolls are not fun, but it is part of the deal! She knows this! Look at srk, Ranbir, deepika ,and Katrina's post, they get far wrost! We ❤️ Mahira khan!

No body cares about false narrative being created by people based on their own delusional minds. Ranbir and mahira are top artists in their countries. There link up was exciting, for what ever reason you would want to give! They both have films coming out, and other projects they are working on! Both have fans and haters, I think Mahira has a t shirts,that she wears,that says' There always will be haters! So, she and Ranbir will be friends, any thing else, is to early to predict! I would love to see them do a project for their fans! Now that would be lovely!

Let's see how she does the damage control for her career in Pakistan. The audience there is very unforgiving once the mask is pulled off an actor. Fawad was very conscious of that fact with his female-fan base in a conservative country to not do 'bold scenes' in bollywood. Imagine where a male artist self-censors himself, one can only imagine for Mahira who mostly plays characters who are very self-righteous with moral high ground.

Live and let live ..

Mahira played many different type of roles, Montto movie she played a very. Questionable ,characters , plus she is good friend with fawad,playing his wife in the movie, so , what are you talking about!

Uff she is such a beauty! Can’t take my eyes off her.

Another lie...anyways for the sake of your sanity and your son' run away from this guy

like mahira is dudh ki dhuli... oh well people have milked it. ranbir defended her when need be and she will get well and work.. move on people

Ranbir goes for the depressed type

The issue is not that she was caught being with RK but the fact that actors lie, is what bothers the public, there is no need to put up a charade of innocence just be who u are, at least u owe your fans that much!

You are only speaking for you're self. There are pictures of mahira with other co actors, males, goggle it, every one knows that are just friends. Also, all her interviews are out there, she is always very much comes across as today's girl. Plus, she wears western clothes in many of her events, she was wearing backless gown for BIFA awards, and look at her stunning fashion shoot pic on PV. SO, this whole narrative is only in you"re head!

Mahira who ? Like really? Mahira who from bollywood ???

When people run out of things to say to put down Mahira, they start with their old, "Mahira who?" crap. What are you even doing commenting on a topic that deals with the person you allegedly haven't even heard of? So transparent lol

Google,Mahira, it does seems you are pretending too much,since you know how to spell her name,or may be ask someone about Mahira or Ranbir, ever heard of him?

Arey she's ranbirs new rumoured gf why will she not b on pinkvilla considering she and bira together broke whole of pinkvilla views and comment record and the whole internet only. They are the new 'it ' pair or upcoming 'it ' pair or shall I add rumoured to it :p

Pv i think you took the ranbir comment of calling you guys shitvilla as a complement. Stop with the lies sethi is acting not directing sath din, verna is releasing on time in november as confirmed by production house. You have made enough money off mk/rk pics. Stop interpretating people's tweets wrongly enough let her live in peace.

First the traditional simple girl card and now depression for sympathy card..maybe this PR work is new there but we all know these fake antics in out in BW!!! PV plz post

Lies lies lies mira sethi is one of three leading ladies. Stop spreading lies the news she is un well is fake

So MAHIRA LEAKS HER PICTURES WITH RK and now claims to get depressed....PUBLICITY HUNGRY
How many more articles is Pinkvilla going to post about Mahira ??? Are they running out of news ???/

Mahira it is big bad world out there, it is time to grow up little girl

girls never stop running after rich and hot successful guys ......lol even if its making a joke of themselves

Ranbir just had 3 fops films back to back , flop relationship, kat was the last long term relationship, how he is he successful! Mahira is not in india, if you are getting in a plan to see someone, then you are doing the chasing ! SO, joke is on him!

Kat stole his apartment. he invested all in JJ which tanked. Now he got no money and has to rely on Rishi Kapoor. At least DP didn't took his aprtment

DP only dated Ranbir for a few months. Kat lived with him for 6 years. So if she did get the apartment, then it's like a divorce settlement, totally valid. But didn't she vacate the apartment after their break up, and supposedly they were renters not owners ?

Ranbir Kapoor's future wife?

This news is as true as Mahira claims that she DOESNT SMOKE .

Pinkvilla what's your problem? Why are you sharing false news? This is a total lie. Get some life and some authentic sources.

She's from Pakistan...I don't understand PV comments rooting for her! Has India suddenly run out of beautiful women?

So we can't like how someone looks just because they come from a different country? What kind of logic is this?

You don't understand or you don't want to understand? What makes you think there are no Pakistani readers of PV? PV is a money making page and not a charity org.

I think this is all fake and so people should not forward fake gossip about her cux technically right now she is not a part of this industry so she can't keepnup with Indian pr which is quite aggressive neither can she give clarifications so i guess just because her ranbir connction as a rumoured gf pinkvilla is sharing so much about her. India kicked her out and now because of ranbir even sharing fake news now. Currently she is a part of some other film industry which is pak and not india

big lesson learnt for actresses hoping to date hotties like RK .....while the girls might hoping for something serious and hoping to rope in as RK is such a great catch...but they may face the fire when things go wrong ad they don't get the guy or the career. cant blame mahira as she really seemed trying hard for RK since they met at the dubai event....RK also listed her as a very pretty actress and she probably thought he may have a thing for her and met up with him in NY as well...but looks like RK was not and only used it as opportunity to leak those pics to his advantage. hope mahira recovers from this stress

The baldy is not hottie, you can keep him. Who told you they are/were dating? Mahira is not stupid.

She is gorgeous both inside and out. Heart of gold. Love you!

Kat leaked those pics , to steal Padmavathi thunder. Hit three birds with one, Her ex Ranbir, his ex Deepika and his current Mahira. Surprisingly Ranbir is the least affected of all.

The only one who gets affected badly is MAHIRA. Rk and DP are not an inch affected. Rk is happy and celebrating Birthday while DP is elated and flying high with all the love and praises coming in her way for the poster. Dp doesn't give a damn. The one who is crying and all alone is KAT. Every costar of kat says she plays chess and mind games with real people and life. she is not what she seems to be. Even Salman is maintaining a distance from her.

This is a pic with mahira's make up artist and friend, I guess he gave an up date. Mahira this type of story and pic are happening all the time in the show bizz, all over the world! Look now in BW they all have already moved on to dimple and sunny! So, forget about it,move on! Lesson learned! Always remember,family,friends,and you're fans loves you! See you in the movies!

Get well Mahira! BW PR is very aggressive , it is good you will be starting you are shoot. Mahira work is a great healer,so,keep working and growing as the great artists and most importantly,a great person that you are,you are fans love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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