Heermandi: Sharmin Segal says Alamzeb was smiling at her misfortune in rejection scene; ‘It was dark humor in my mind’

Sharmin Segal recently reacted to criticism she was subjected to for the rejection scene in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi alongside Taha Shah Badussha.

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Heermandi: Sharmin reacts to criticism for rejection scene; ‘It was dark humor in my mind’
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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi continues to be the topic of discussion even more than a month after its release. Sharmin Segal, who played the role of Alamzeb, was subjected to a lot of criticism for her acting. One of the scenes, particularly featuring her and Taha Shah Badussha, went viral, where she faces rejection from him for belonging to a courtesan family.

In a recent interview, the actress shared her interpretation of the scene as she reacted to internet users questioning it.

Sharmin Segal talks about her interpretation of the rejection scene in Heeramandi alongside Taha Shah

While speaking to India Today, Sharmin Segal opined, “Oh, is it because I smile in that scene?’ For me, Alamzeb was laughing at herself because she ran away from her house for that. It was like a sad joke one cracks on themselves. It was dark humor in my mind.”

She further explained that her character’s eyes were teary as she was sad. According to her, everyone watched the series on a “smaller screen”; thus, they might miss out on the details. However, she was smiling at her misfortune. She further articulated her belief, stating that Alam was smiling at her bad luck and not over the fact that she was rejected.

Pic Courtesy: Netflix India

Sharmin Segal takes 'constructive criticism' in positive stride


The Heeramandi actress went on to remark that humans react differently to different situations. She expressed her belief, citing how we end up smiling in the “weirdest situations” when trying to conceal another emotion. So, that was her interpretation of the scene.

Furthermore, Sharmin stated that a creative person’s job is to create, and an audience will interpret it the way they feel. She admitted perhaps she was wrong in choosing that thought and emotion, but the call about it was taken collectively with the director. Nevertheless, the actress remains positive about the feedback and criticism, which she labels “constructive criticism.”

On a concluding note, Sharmin restated that she hoped she did not have to justify her interpretation, but she did that in response to being asked. The actress pronounced how the audience has the right to interpret the scene they want to, and it is her right to interpret the scene in a particular way and offer it to the audience.


“I hope that I wouldn’t have had to justify, but maybe that’s where constructive criticism will come from and make me better my work in the future,” the actress replied.

Heeramandi was released on Netflix on May 1, 2024.

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