Here’s what Boney Kapoor has to say after Salman Khan says NO to his projects Wanted 2 and No Entry Mein Entry

With many projects in the pipeline, Salman Khan has said NO to Boney Kapoor’s films- Wanted 2 and No Entry Mein Entry. Salman will soon start shooting for Dabangg 3 and Bharat.
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Salman Khan’s next film Race 3 is all set to hit the theatres today. The action packed film stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem, Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol.

After Race 3, Salman Khan will head to the United States and Canada for the Da-bangg tour. After her returns he will begin shooting Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat with Priyanka Chopra and simultaneously work on brother Arbaaz Khan’s Dabangg 3 which will be helmed by Prabhu Deva.

At a recent media interaction, he had said, “There is no No Entry or Wanted sequel happening. I am doing Bharat, Dabangg 3 and Sher Khan.”

A source informed Mid-Day, “Writer Kona Venkat, who scripted Salman’s No Entry and Ready has finished writing Sher Khan’s script. It’s an out-and-out commercial drama. As soon as Salman returns from the US and Canada leg of Da-bangg Tour in July, he will start shooting for Bharat, followed by Dabangg 3. Sohail is currently busy with the pre-production work of Sher Khan. Once he is done finalizing the cast, Salman will start shooting for it.”

Salman Khan and Boney Kapoor share a warm equation. He has worked in Boney Kapoor’s films in the past and stood by his side after Sridevi’s unfortunate demise. However, with so many projects in the pipeline, Salman Khan has said NO to Boney Kapoor’s films.

When contacted by Mid-Day about this, Boney Kapoor said, “You have already heard it from Salman, so you should go with his word. I don’t want to comment on this further.”

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This Boney has lived all his life on his wife's money .

Maybe Jhanvi can act in it. I doubt with her acting skills any other director is signing her.

He knew Jhanvi would be flop so he begin working on sequel scripts for his hit films. Sure, luring Salman will definitely save the film, at least box office wise. Why not put your both flop kids in it?

Yes putting Jhanvi and Arjun would make it very funny

Salman Khan is very loyal to his brothers. Malaika is a lost woman she divorced Arbazz she is having affair with
Arjun Kapoor. Malaika left Arbaaz because of Arjun Kapoor. Boney Kapoor is Arjun father. This is Salman Khan
way of paying back.

the fact that sridevi had so many friends and supporters in the industry comes across from the fact that had she been there salman wouldve have probably not said no.
boney thrived off sridevi's hardwork, humility and good will.

Boney always came across as a manipulative man. He has admitted in interviews that he had his eye on Sridevi from the first time he saw her.

Sridevi was thrust into the industry when she was a child and became completely dependent on others – she never matured or became independent. If you see her interviews, she really did not seem to have the personality for a cutthroat industry like Bollywood. Her mother had complete control over her and her family swindled her out of a lot of money. And when her mother passed away, Boney moved in. And suddenly Sridevi was selling her own properties to save his business. Despite the fact that she could have done so much better than Boney and was better off than him financially, Sridevi was always completely in awe of him, which says a lot about her own self esteem.

The moment Sridevi was gone, her daughters started ‘bonding’ with their step-siblings, which is not normal (not so quickly). But this is Bollywood and Boney and their daughters knew that the main ‘star’ of the family was no more and they had to join with the rest of the family to create a ‘network’ and maintain some hold in the industry. This works for the rest of the Kapoor family too because – let’s face it – Arjun and Harshvadan Kapoor aren’t exactly going to maintain their family’s position in the industry.

But back to the subject – yes, I believe that Boney had a lot of goodwill because of Sridevi. If Salman wanted to do his films, he would have done them – after all, look at all the trash he gets involved with to support lost causes.

I don’t think Salman is close to boney.....if anyone noticed on sonam ki wedding...when he hugged Katrina...boney was behind...he hugged Salman n Salman mouthed all good? N then when boney was coming down the stairs Salman gave katrina a look pointing to boney...he is definitely not comfy with boney....something fishy here

Boney kissed on salman’s forehead and they hugged. Watch the video first!

Sridevi and salman are very good friends, he use to call her mam and they painted pictures together and use to gift their paintings each other and he also released mom teaser and described great work of the lady, salman would have taken a good revenge on arjun and boney if sridevi is not in boney’s life.

Jeez, makes me wonder where he suddenly got the funds to produce two big budget movies all of a suddenly! Insurance money maybe?

you better watch boney’s interviews first , he said it many times that he is working no entry sequel, wanted sequel and mr. India 2 scripts.

Don't blame Boney, we know who's fault it is. Salman is very loyal to his brothers. Anyway, No Entry SUCKS and the whole message is literally about infidelity, despicable kind of movie.

this man lived off his wife before, and now it'll be janhvi and khushi.. bless their genes

guess arjun kapoor owes his dad an apology

boney loved sridevi, but i really so think that with all her talent, beauty and humility, sri could have done better...
but hey.. when its love, i guess those dont matter.

why would and should salman work with looser boney after wht his son did to salmans family, boney surviving in industry bcoz of salman and sridevi, in future he will survive bcoz of his daughters whom sridevi raised

Result of boneys son doing Salman’s Bhabhi ... though ex

You forgot arpita, arjun played around both his sister and bhabi.

I know right? that's disgusting, I guess they have no ethics or morals in Bollywood.

And then he was bad mouthing Sri, he’s surely got the balls

Don't think this would have happened if Sridevi was alive.

boney was an unreliable shady man who only got goodwill because of Sridevi and her connections!
even anil kapoor doesnt work with boney anymore

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