Here's how Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are planning to make their wedding a private ceremony

As per reports in leading daily, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are taking utmost care in safeguarding their privacy at their wedding ceremony.
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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are finally set to tie the knot this year in the month of November, as per reports. The couple will enter marital bliss on November 20 and the wedding is likely to take place at Lake Camo in Italy. DeepVeer has been indulging in a lot of PDAs lately and it can be seen in the comments section of their Instagram page. Every day, the couple is making their wedding rumours stronger by showering their love on each other constantly.

Now, as per reports in DNA, Deepika and Ranveer are planning to make the wedding more private. As per reports, the couple has apparently asked their guests not to get their cell phones to the wedding so as no photos or videos get leaked before they officially announce it. Talking about it, a source stated to the leading daily, "They have asked guests to not bring their cell phones to the ceremony. Considering the fact that it will be a destination wedding, there will be fewer people and all the arrangements will be in place. While the two, in all likelihood, will share pictures with their fans eventually, they hope this step will help them guard their privacy."

We got to see a lot of photos and videos shared by family and close friends during Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma and Sonam K Ahuja-Anand S Ahuja's wedding. This might have led Deepika and Ranveer take a step to have a guarded wedding ceremony.

We have to wait and watch until then!


As they, wish. :-/

This whole privacy thing baffles me. So what if a few ppl take some pics here or there?? What’s the big secret??? You’re public figures. We already know what there is to know so why now the sudden secrecy?? Tbh I find their relationship strange. Ranveer is too in your face and deepika is too dull. Weird combo but wish them well nonetheless

they’ll probably send a press release a few days after it happens. better that way as they are pretty low key overall. I felt bad for Anushka with all the guests posting live updates

Someone on their teams is talking and obviously everyone wants to know cuz they’re all commenting! can’t wait to see their pics!

Yes they have been leaking info about their sham of a wedding since months before the event. That how to keep thing private (*eyes roll*)

So they will sell photos to a big magazine later. Most likely the magazine is sponsoring their wedding.

Nope. Sonam already did that.

They need to stop leaking news and commenting on each other’s pictures. Hardly anyone cares. It just looks desperate and embarrassing

We have the exact date out, the number of guests coming and now their so called no mobiles rule - and they have the audacity to say they are having a private wedding.

Most bollywood stars are too fame hungry to choose the private route. They love the attention and compete with one another

How is this a private wedding when they are leaking everything about their wedding??

If it’s private how do you have all the information months in advance?

People incited to the wedding are talking to the media.

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