Here's what Kangana Ranaut has to say on Taliban taking over Afghanistan and world politics

Updated on Aug 19, 2021 11:03 AM IST  |  227.9K
Here's what Kangana Ranaut has to say on Taliban taking over Afghanistan and world politics.

In the last few days, the world has kept a close watch on the developments happening in Afghanistan. As the Taliban took over the country and US withdrew its troops, it was chaos all around. Citizens of the country scrambled to flee the country as nations geared up to evacuate their embassy staff and citizens. Several videos of the citizens flooding the Kabul airport, climbing and jostling to get into a flight and even chasing a US flight, shook millions across the globe.

Several personalities called this humanitarian crisis something they'd never seen before. Back home in India, many celebrities took to social media to also share their thoughts on the crisis. One of them was Kangana Ranaut. The actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her thoughts on the Talibans and the Afghanistan issue. She also touched upon world politics. 

Kangana Ranaut wrote about how "America gets out of the picture conveniently" and how Pakistan has "applauded this move" of Taliban taking over. She said, "Welcome to the world of communists" as she referred to "Talibanis not Paksitanis" as India's neighbours. 

Take a look at Kangana Ranaut's post below: 

On Tuesday, Kangana revealed that she faced some hacking issues as she kept getting logged out of her Instagram account. She wrote, “Last night I got Instagram alert as someone tried to hack my account in China, the alert disappeared suddenly, and this morning all my stories about Talibanis has disappeared. My account was disabled. After calling Instagram people I could access it, but as I try to write I am getting logged out of my account again and again."

"Took my sister's phone to do this story, as she has my account opened on her phone as well. This is a very big international conspiracy... Unbelievable."

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Anonymous : Pti Imran did applaud lol
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Anonymous : Did she dare say the United States got out of the country conveniently... we were there 20 years way too long stick to your two-bit acting that nobody wants to see anyway you lunatic you.
REPLY 4 4 weeks ago
Anonymous : Woman who farts from her mouth.
REPLY 4 4 weeks ago
Anonymous : Please tell her to shut up . She knows nothing about Afghanistan and it’s 40 years of war . Let me correct her . Pakistan has not applauded . Pakistan always asked for a negotiated settlement . An actress turned Foreign relations expert . Lol
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Anonymous : She’s right always
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Anonymous : strange
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Anonymous : Mongrel on the loose again
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Anonymous : Blabbermouth .
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